A couple of weeks ago I told you about the Skydrop sprinkler system which uses your soil conditions and local weather to better schedule when it waters your lawn. That system was priced at $299. If you want a slightly less expensive solution, consider the Rachio Iro smart sprinkler system. Priced at $249, this system also mounts on [...]

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Food Cycler Kitchen Composter 1

I've been thinking about composting and buying a composter (or at least the materials for building one) for a long time now, yet the time, energy and space requirements have always been a discouragement for me. However, the Food Cycler CS-10 in-home composter from Food Cycle Science has brought composting back to the forefront of my [...]

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Skydrop is a smart controller that connects directly to your lawn sprinkler system using WiFi. It can measure the soil conditions of your yard like humidity, temperature, wind, solar radiation and slope along with hyper-local weather data to help create a watering schedule that will conserve both water and money by preventing over watering. Skydrop [...]

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Janet recently turned me on to the Tiny House Nation TV show on the FYI channel. While I know I will never be able to talk Jeanne into downsizing to a 500 or smaller square foot house, I can't help but dream about minimizing and simplifying all our junk. I love watching the Tiny House [...]

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PlantLink review

PlantLink 1A

I wonder if there is a Plant Killers Anonymous organization out there. If so, I would definitely be a member. "Hello, My name is Kathleen, I'm a biologist and I kill plants." As a college student I studied mostly animal biology and didn't focus on plant studies. At the time I thought, "Seriously, what does [...]

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I'm approaching this review of the Pocket Hose Ultra differently than I usually do with my other reviews. I'm going into it knowing that I will need to make at least 2 more updates before I'm able to form an opinion or make a recommendation to buy this item. We see a lot of  "As [...]

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What do you do with a sad little pencil stub, other than throw it out?  You can plant it and watch herbs or flowers grow!  Plant the Sprout Pencil nubs, you'll have edible herbs, marigold and calendula plants, or a wildflower bouquet.  Each kit comes with eight high-quality, sustainably-grown cedar pencils.  Each pencil has a seed [...]

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Ever since my cancer adventure a couple years ago (I can't believe it's been that long...), I've changed a lot of things in my diet in order to become healthier. I cut out 95% of the diet soda that I drink by carrying a Bubba Brands Hero bottle full of iced tea to work every [...]

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Last month I posted a review of the Click & Grow Smartpot flowerpot and had a positive experience with it except for one important thing... Trying to grow a plant in Southern Indiana during the winter months, even with an auto watering flowerpot, just doesn't work that well due to short sunlight hours. The folks [...]

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Gadget loving gardeners now have another way to keep their thumbs a nice shade of Green. Remember the Koubachi WiFi Plant Sensor that I reviewed a few months ago (see link below in Related Posts section)? That device sent notifications to your email and smartphone alerting you when your plant required watering. The Click & Grow Smartpot [...]

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Fish Finders, to those who don't know, are these electronic mechanisms that either assist greatly in not having to stop by the fish shop on the way home or are a blasphemy on the sacrosanct sport of fishing. Depends on who you talk to. Electronic gardening equipment quite possibly could be seen in the same [...]

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Plant Smart by Black and Decker: a whole new techie way of gardening.

Black & Decker has just found a way into my heart.   I love to garden!  I'm not the best at it.  But I really like it.   Let's face facts... when it comes to all this blather about soils and additives and enhancements to make this grow or that grow or worrying about which [...]

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