I'm a fan of simplicity and minimalism, but also of function and durability. The fellows from Grip6 must be kindred spirits because they put these elements into the design and construction of their belts. Grip6 belts consist of only a metal plate and a strip of webbing. That's it. No traditional buckle, no holes, no flap [...]

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Preparedness seems to be on the minds and hearts of an increasing number of folks these days. Whether you are a "prepper" getting ready for the doomsday scenario, a back-country hiker or a suburban warrior, an entire industry has been built around survival and preparedness. It's not always easy to carry survival gear with us, [...]

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We've reviewed wallets and iPad bags from RAGGEDedge Gear before, and we found them to be very sturdy and well made.  The mother-and-daughter team who own RAGGEDedge Gear are expanding their line, and they are now offering belts.  These custom-sized Carbon Fiber Belts from RAGGEDedge Gear can stand up to what you're dishing out.  The [...]

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During the 90's, when cell phones were becoming all the rage, the belt clip for phones became a status symbol of sorts. Since phones started out so large that they wouldn't fit in a pocket, clipping them to a belt (or hiding them in a fanny pack) was an acceptable way to transport them. Even [...]

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I am not sure if I should cue the theme to Mission Impossible, Raiders of the Lost Ark, or MacGyver... And we all know if you are considering theme music, it is the start of a fun review. That difficult decision aside, the review item I am discussing is the No. 11 Survival Belt from Colonel Littleton [...]

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The current trend in wallets is the skinnier the better. No one wants to carry a thick stack of credit cards and cash in their back pocket anymore. It's uncomfortable to sit on and can even cause back problems. Money clips make you carry just the essentials, resulting in less pocket bulk. But the Smart [...]

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Barrett Alley Smuggler’s belt

Barretts Alley Smugglers Belt

Carrying cash and worried about pickpockets? Need to smuggle that micro-fiche past those foreign border guards? (oops micro-fiche... am I showing my age?)  The Smuggler's Belt from Barrett Alley may be your friend.   It's made of 10 oz (4 mm) US vegetable-tanned cowhide, 1.25" (3 cm) wide and hand-cut and sewn in Texas and has an individually [...]

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Fans of EDC (EveryDay Carry, the art and science of preparedness through personal gadget selection) have been using belt-mounted key holders for years.  How about one that does more than just its obvious function? Billed as "The world's most talented keychain," The Clip from LittleBonsai is a stainless steel belt clip that can hold your [...]

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Scrolling LED Belt Buckle


If you just can't find the right belt buckle, you should try the Scrolling LED Belt Buckle from Gadgets and Gear.  You'll be able to type in six of your own messages; the first can have 512 characters, but the other five are limited to 256 characters each.  The buckles are available with either red [...]

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Here's a case for those who can't carry their iPhone 4 or 4S close enough to their...  umm, let's go with heart...  The EXO7 Belt Buckle and Holster for iPhone 4/4S can either clip onto your belt (or in a pocket) or can replace your standard belt buckle.  The case is machined of either solid [...]

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Those travel-savvy folks at Tom Bihn are at it again, having not long ago introduced their new Cadet minimalist laptop bag and now three more new travel items.  The Travel Tray is a container to keep track of your loose pocket-sized items during your journey.  It collapses flat and closes with a drawstring.  One size, [...]

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Here are the items I placed in the Grab-It Pack during testing.

We geeks do love carrying around our tools and toys. Cases, packs, clothing with special pockets, and belt cases are found where ever gadget lovers congregate. Recently, a new wrinkle on the fanny pack/belt case genre has come on the scene - the Grab-It Pack. I was given one to review. The Grab-It Pack has [...]

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eholster two

Protecting and carrying electronic gear is big business! Witness the number of reviews on this site alone that cover such products. If you are such a junkie, you may want to avoid the site where the e-Holster e-Vibe iPhone Case and Wallet is sold.  You aren't likely to leave the site without buying something to [...]

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Proclip Belt Clip Holster (Horizontal and Vertical) for Treo 650 (Proclip item number 229012) vs. Seidio Shield Holster for Treo 650 I purchased two clips to hold my new GSM Treo 650 on my belt. Since the Treo 650 is bigger than my old phone, I purchased the horizontal version of the Proclip. The Seidio [...]


Product Requirements: Device: palmOne Treo 650 Smartphone The palmOne Treo 650 smartphone is an expensive device that deserves to be protected from everyday abuse. Most people that own this phone will immediately seek out a case for it. Some people are not satisfied unless their phone is completely covered on all sides by leather or [...]

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