Keep your pants from falling down without a belt

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NEWS – Hate belts but don’t want your pants sagging? Then check out the BeltBro which isn’t even a belt in the traditional sense of the word. BeltBro is an elastic band that you wrap around two belt loops and then cinch tight with a Velcro closure.

Not only will it keep your pants tighter around your waist, but you won’t have to unbuckle a belt to go to the bathroom, or take off a belt when you go through TSA at the airport. Genius right?

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The BeltBro straps come in a pack with 3 sizes to accommodate different belt loop spacing and are available for 1-inch belt loops and for 1.5-inch belt loops. The 1-inch belt loop pack is $15 and the 1.5-inch pack is $20, which might seem a little pricey since you can just go to your local fabric store and get some elastic and Velcro and make your own, but if you’re not a maker, then head over to and order a pack (if you use this link you’ll save $5).

5 thoughts on “Keep your pants from falling down without a belt”

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      1. Using two of them is the way the manufacturer promotes… it’s demonstrated in the main video on their main site. 🙂

        PS – It’s not designed for people who care about how it looks. It’s designed for those of us who experience physical pain from belts. This simple product eliminates that. I didn’t even need to buy one… I just use my existing belts differently now.

  2. I have them and they don’t work very well. I hate belts but couldn’t wait to get home to grab my belt after being out using this for a day.

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