This past week I attended the Fiil Audio’s U.S. product launch in New York City. Fiil was debuting their signature headphones; the Canviis and Canviis Pro on-ear headphones, the Iicon over-ear headphone, and the Carat in-ear headphone.

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Why use your pockets when you can hang all your EDC gear from your belt? You know, like Batman. KILLSPENCER lets you live that dream with their new Utility Belt. See, they even used the same name. [click to continue…]

In 2015, I had the privilege (and it was a privilege) to review Master & Dynamic’s new MH40 headphone. At the time, nothing else looked like them. The MH40 has that classic, timeless look—like they’ve been around for many years, yet they were a brand new headphone from a brand new company. The MH40’s combination of aluminum and leather made you feel like you had something special when held. They are that beautiful. Also, the MH40 headphones sound as good as they look. With the MH40, Master & Dynamic hit a home run right out of the box. Since then, M&D has expanded their product line to include earphones, an on-ear MH30 headphone and an unusual Bluetooth speaker made of concrete.

However, 2015 is so yesterday and this is 2017. Master & Dynamic has entered the wireless age with the MW60 (released in 2016) and new MW50 wireless headphones.

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I am a total sucker for nice leather gear and fine woodworking. I find the old world craftsmanship and artistry very appealing in today’s disposable world. So when Julie asked if I’d like to review some handmade items from Istanbul, Turkey I jumped at the chance. In this case, Galen Leather is a small leather company that creates handmade covers, cases, wallets, and tech-accessories that they ship worldwide.  [click to continue…]

Before receiving Cubetto, the thought of teaching computer programming to our young boys, ages four and six, never crossed our minds. Even though I am an engineer, I had not yet considered how to give them some basic tools that would perk their interest in STEM subjects, specifically computers.  Our kids are as efficient as any out there on an iPad to navigate to their games or YouTube Kids, but actually learning computer logic wasn’t on our list of important things for them to be learning this summer…..until this little wooden cube named Cubetto from PrimoToys arrived.  [click to continue…]

”Sometimes, all I need is the air that I breathe…”

To some allergy and asthma sufferers, this cute line from the Hollies classic song is a way of life. What most people take for granted can be a life-long problem for others. Pollutants, mold, pollen, viruses, and dust that we breathe is five times more concentrated indoors, where we spend 90% of our time. Air filters can trap but not eliminate it. Now, there is an indoor air purifier that kills the bad stuff we breathe—dead. Introducing Molekule, the world’s first molecular air purifier.

Molekule is backed by the EPA and 20 years of academic research & development. It breaks down and destroys harmful microscopic pollutants regardless how small, including those 1000x times smaller than what a HEPA filter can collect. In fact, there is nothing left that can build up on filters. [click to continue…]

Adding extra light where none exists can be a huge hassle and expense when wiring, and new electrical work is concerned. An easier way is to add easy to install stick up lights like the OxySense T-01 DIY Stick-On Anywhere 4-LED Touch Tap Light and the Motion Sensor Night Light from OxyLED. Let’s check them out. [click to continue…]

Until humans evolve to have the ability to fly like Superman, we’ll continue to dream about flying like Superman. One way to fuel that dream is with this fun Jetpack Backpack from Suck UK. [click to continue…]

Today I’m bringing you a brand new batch of interesting crowdfunding projects. I find these campaigns through emails that have been sent to me and my own web surfing explorations. Click through to see this week’s notable crowdfunding campaigns. [click to continue…]

In January of 2017, I wrote a news post about the Joopic CamBuddy Pro. The folks at Joopic enjoyed the news post and provided me a Joopic CamBuddy as a sample to review. The CamBuddy provides WiFi control of the camera’s settings and also provides shutter release triggers from four different sensors: Light, sound, laser, and (on the CamBuddy Pro) radio transmitter. By combining the ability of WiFi remote control composure and viewing, an intervalometer for unattended time-lapse photography, and a multitude of remote triggering sensors, the CamBuddy provides capabilities that can be appreciated on even the latest WiFi enabled camera. Lets Take a look at what this gadget is capable of! [click to continue…]

I think I’ve indicated before that I’m a bit paranoid when it comes to home security. I have several cameras in and outside my house, and I’m always considering adding more. Not only are the cameras great for deterring burglars, but they often help find toys my children lost.

Recently I volunteered to review a DVR security system by Annke. It’s a four camera indoor/outdoor system with a multitude of features. [click to continue…]

I’ve been an advocate for wireless charging since the days of Microsoft’s SPOT watches. The SPOT watches were the first smart watches and some versions came with a wireless induction charging dock which felt ultra futuristic back in 2004. Other gadgets have adopted wireless charging features over the years, notably, Android smartphones which use Qi wireless charging tech. Now Logitech is adding POWERPLAY wireless charging technology to a gaming mouse pad. [click to continue…]

It’s summertime again, and that means pool parties, camping, canoe trips, picnics, and barbecues. But what’s a great summer get-together without a killer soundtrack? There’s just one problem… how are you going to get everyone to actually hear that bangin’ playlist you spent all day making?

Ditch the awkward phone-in-a-cup sound hack and stop worrying about getting that Bluetooth speaker ruined by a spilled beer… the JBL Flip 4 Waterproof Bluetooth speaker has got you covered.

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Topo Designs, makers of unique outdoor gear and apparel, has collaborated with Opinel, the venerable French knife makers, to bring us a new collaborative project. It’s a limited-edition version of the classic Opinel knife, combined with a sheath custom-made by Topo Designs for the collaboration. How cool is that? Let me tell you about it! [click to continue…]

How is everyone doing on this wonderful Saturday afternoon? The weather here today in Southern Indiana is gorgeous. But I’m not outside right now because I’m a geek and geeks shun that glowing yellow orb in the sky. Instead of soaking up vitamin D, I’m inside goofing around with gadgets because that’s what I do. If you’d like to see everything that my rag tag team of Gadgeteers have posted this week click through for the full list.  [click to continue…]