I’ll admit it, I’m a productivity and to-do app junkie. I’ve used nearly every major to-do and task manager available and followed them through their development and new versions. But none so closely as Culture Code’s Things.

Finally, after literally years in a tight-lipped closed beta, Things 3 is now available on the iOS and Mac app stores.  [click to continue…]

What’s the worst tech catastrophe that is only a few minutes or hours away from occurring to you every single day? A dead smartphone battery! If you’re not near an outlet, the threat of no juice is a real nightmare. Am I being melodramatic? Only barely. We count on our phones for so many reasons that backup battery power is a very important commodity. Just like we might carry snacks with us in our gear bag, we should also carry extra power with us for those times when we are away from the power grid and see the dreaded low battery notification. One potential solution is the TYLT FLIPSTICK Portable Power Pack. Let’s check it out. [click to continue…]

It’s time for another round of quick updates to some of our past reviews. We like to revisit reviews days, weeks, months, and even years later to let you know how the product stands the test of time. This round of updates includes a review from over 8 years ago. Click through to see the list of updated reviews and then scroll to the bottom of each review to see the latest update. [click to continue…]

The first phone earpiece I got was from a company called Jabra. I thought it a funny name, but due to the build quality and excellent functionality, I came to trust that name. I was recently sent my third product from the company, the Jabra Speak 710. It’s in a crowded category, but, to me, at least, it brings some important innovations. This model is an upgrade from their 410 and 510 models that were only for phones. This unit, as we shall see, works with computers and tablets as well. [click to continue…]

Pitaka Amarid iPhone 7 Case

Take a look at your phone. I mean, really look at it. Chances are if you’ve purchased or acquired a new phone in the last few years, it’s shiny and sleek and svelte. Or at least it was until you put that bulky case on it. Do we really need to wrap our sexy communication devices in a layer of aluminum and hard rubber just to keep it safe? Case maker Pitaka is out to challenge that notion with their line of thin, aramid cases.

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In physics, the Greek letter “µ” (Mu) is used to mathematically represent the effective gravitational inertia of two objects as a single “reduced” object. I suspect the designers of the Mu locator tag were aware of this when naming their miniature loss prevention tag.  [click to continue…]

Sneakerheads rejoice there’s finally an iPhone case for you! Nike has introduced two new cases for Apple iPhone 7. Both new cases are modeled after the outsoles of two of Nikes most popular and iconic shoes. The Air Force 1 basketball shoe and the Roshe running shoe.  [click to continue…]

Chances are very high that you own a smartphone if you’re reading this post. Chances are also high that your smartphone has a Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, or Sprint SIM card in it. Those four carriers may be the most popular, but are they the most economical? If saving money is a big concern for you, I have been testing an alternative to the big four called Mint SIM. Let’s take a look.
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I have been building home theater PCs (“HTPCs”) for almost fifteen years.  My current HTPC configuration includes an Intel Celeron CPU capable of decoding various AV codecs, a high end Nvidia GPU card, a large capacity hard drive, and an M-Audio sound card capable of 7.1 surround sound.  The entirety of this system is housed in a large HTPC ATX case the design of which is to stylistically match a high end audio/video component enclosure.  Over time, dedicated TV boxes have emerged in the AV market.  The Beelink SEA Android TV box is one such example in a package at a fraction of the volumetric size of my HTPC.  In this review, we will see if the SEA can ultimately replace my HTPC as my main home theater device.

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This week we have five picks for notable crowdfunding campaigns that include an interesting design for picture hanging device, a keychain multi-tool, and more. Click through to see this week’s list of notable crowdfunding campaigns. [click to continue…]

It’s time to take your LEGO creations from the floor and table and put them up on a wall for all to see. Brik Wall Tiles are LEGO compatible peel and stick 10 x 10 inch baseplates. [click to continue…]

In my quest to find a great minimalist leather wallet, I was given the opportunity to review a Benjamin Bott Design wallet called the Chickadee English Tan ultra minimalist leather wallet. When it arrived, it was love at first sight. [click to continue…]

I love ice cream but I don’t get to eat it nearly as often as I’d like because Jeanne can’t tolerate dairy and making non-dairy ice cream at home with our own ingredients can be a hassle to drag out an electric ice cream maker and all the necessary gear. When I saw the Chef’n Sweet Spot Instant Ice Cream Maker my eyes lit up because it looks like it could be the holy grail of frozen treat makers. [click to continue…]

In 2014 I had a chance to review the cylindrical Ultimate Ears Bluetooth speaker.  At the time, it was a uniquely shaped speaker paired with a 360-degree sound.  There have been other versions of this speaker such as the Boom 2 and the Megaboom, but the squat, softball-sized Wonderboom caught my eye.  Let’s take a look.

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To add another wrinkle to the age-old question of which came first, the chicken or the egg, I present the Fred & Friends EGG-A-MATIC Chick Egg Mold.

Start your day with a healthy breakfast and a smile by placing a hard-boiled egg into this mold to turn it into a chick with attachable feet. [click to continue…]