The ZAZZ Style Bluetooth speaker is only 4.7″ X 2.6″ X 1.6″ and half a pound, but it packs a lot of functionality.  It has a 3W RMS speaker for playing back your music from a Bluetooth source or from a device connected to the ZAZZ speaker with a 3.5mm audio cable.  It has a 3000mAh rechargeable battery inside that not only powers the speaker, but it can also recharge your phone.  Both of the functions combined make the ZAZZ Style Bluetooth Speaker with PowerBank the perfect accessory for your gear bag.  It’s available in all black or pink/white for $35.59 from Amazon.

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Today’s gadget deal will help you find a great pair of earphones for under $100. Don’t settle for the crummy audio quality that the stock earphones that come packed with your phone or tablet provide. For under 100 dollars you can find a quality pair of earphones that will elevate your music listening enjoyment. This list of five in-ear earphones from Faveable includes earphones with integrated microphones and one company who will send you free replacement eartips for life.

Check out Best earbuds for under $100

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Wallets! The thinner the better, right? Tell that to George Costanza. In the meantime, thin wallets have been increasing in popularity for years and Allett, who “bills” themselves (see what I did there?) as the “The Original Thin Wallet” has been at the forefront. Their wallets are thin and lightweight and designed to help reduce the lump in your back pocket. You know, the one that is secretly giving you scoliosis. I’ve checked out several slim wallets over the years, but never got around to trying one from Allett until now. Behold the thinness and durability of the mighty Allett SoftTech Nylon Inside ID Wallet. Gadget on! [click to continue…]

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ThermalStrike Heated Luggage promises to be the only luggage that kills bedbugs, so you don’t bring any unwanted little hangers-on home from trips.  I hear stories every week about how bad bedbug infestations are to eliminate and how this place or that place is infested.  You don’t always know what hotels to avoid to prevent picking up bedbugs, so you need a way to be sure you don’t bring them home with you.  ThermalStrike luggage has a “practically indestructible” polycarbonate shell, toughened telescopic aluminum handle, reinforced corner guards, and an integrated TSA-approved lock.  It also has 3600 rotational wheels, which make it easy to maneuver.  To kill any bedbugs or other insects that may be trying to hitch a ride with you, simply plug the luggage into an AC wall outlet to begin the heating process.  Its ultra-thin infrared heating system, which is TSA and FAA compliant, brings the internal temperature to 1400F to kill insects.

ThermalStrike Heated Luggage is available as a 20″ carry on ($199), a 24″ upright bag ($249), or as a set of both ($399) from ThermalStrike Heated Technologies.

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ThinkGeek has a set of plates designed by Leah Yael Levy that feature a planet from our solar system on each plate.  The Planetary Plates are 10″ in diameter.  They are made of melamine, so they aren’t microwave safe.  (There’s a bit of confusion as to whether they are dishwasher safe.)  You get a set of eight Planetary Plates, one for each planet, for $36.99 from ThinkGeek.

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When my daughter first envisioned herself at college this year, she saw herself zipping around campus on her bike, listening to music as she rides to class with a cool wind in her hair.  She found out that it was hot and humid with no cool winds, the path was uphill on her way to all her classes, and there were way more bikes than places to park them.  She still hoped at least to be able to listen to music as she walked up those hills, and she wanted some earbuds that would stay in her ears and would not get killed by the first really hot, sweaty march around campus.  The BlueAnt PUMP HD Sportsbuds Waterproof Wireless Headphones seemed to be just what she needs.  I tried them out for awhile first, though. [click to continue…]

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I have owned portable computing devices worn on the hip since I got my HP 200LX in 1994.  I remember going to Circuit City the day the first Palm Pilot was released to grab one. Afterwards I drove up to Woodstock to meet a friend and hike up Overlook Mountain in the Catskills after a nice lunch at a local bistro. Over the years I have also owned (just handhelds): [click to continue…]

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Here’s a full listing of all the news, reviews and articles that we posted this week in case you missed something.

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One of the shortcomings of my smartphone is the limited storage.  The Moto G I purchased has 8 GB and is not expandable, making it hard to carry around my media and files.  I’ve moved some music and photos to cloud storage that can be streamed, but then I’m liable to exceed my data plan and also the quality is dependent upon the strength of the cell signal.  Off loading my media to a device that streams data wirelessly seemed like a good idea and the Buffalo storage device might fit the bill. [click to continue…]

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of eBay. All opinions are 100% mine.

We recently posted a couple of buying guides featuring products easily found on eBay.  The first guide covered gear bags and accessories for the college student.  The second one covered outfitting your home and yourself for emergencies.

In the first guide, I talked about what my daughter had learned about living on a college campus and how it differs from living at home and going to high school.  In addition to not having a room to herself, my daughter’s biggest lessons came from learning how her gear bag needs differ when tramping around a 730-acre campus with a backpack filled with an expensive laptop, phone, and tablet – not to mention expensive textbooks and invaluable notes.  She needed a new way to carry and protect her gear as she walks to class in all sorts of inclement weather, especially rain.  eBay offers a variety of backpacks and other gear to keep her valuables protected and dry.  They can even keep her gear charged with the wide selection of backup batteries and charging cables they offer.  [click to continue…]

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Today’s gadget deals offer savings for gaming, music, back up batteries, memory storage and more. Click through for links and coupon codes, but don’t wait too long to take advantage of these offers. As always, the coupon codes won’t last forever and stock may be limited. [click to continue…]

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Although I stayed up until 3:00am ET to pre-order my iPhone 6 Plus from Verizon and got my order in within 8 minutes, I still was horrified to see that I could expect my new phone on October 14 instead of September 19!  I got lucky and received my 6 Plus earlier than expected, and I’ve been busy trying it out since then.  It’s a big change going from the iPhone 5 to the iPhone 6 Plus.  Do I regret my choice?  You bet I don’t!  (Lead image copyright Apple.)

The iPhone 6 Plus is Apple’s entry into the “phablet” arena.  I had originally thought I could perhaps replace my iPad mini with Retina display with the iPhone 6 Plus, but I don’t think that will happen.  Although the screen is incredibly clear and sharp, and it’s big enough to do most everything I could imagine, it is a bit cramped for typing on the landscape keyboard.  It’s better than typing on the iPhone 5’s tiny keyboard, but I don’t relish the idea of typing all my emails on either of the iPad 6 Plus’ keyboards.  Another consideration for me is finding I’ve drained my battery and needing to tether up for charging during the day.  It’s not a big deal now with my iPad mini, but I don’t want to lose use of my phone because of a dead battery.  It’s the only phone I have; we gave up having a landline years ago.  Although I don’t intend to give up my iPad mini anytime soon, I may change my mind about that in the future.  I’ll have plenty of time to play around with the 6 Plus and decide if it, or a similarly-sized future product, can be my only device before my Verizon contract is up for renewal.  I just wish Apple would listen to my cries and add full cellular phone functionality to the iPad mini!  That would be perfect for me! [click to continue…]

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I usually don’t like to post news about prototype products, but when I saw the video for the Nixie wearable drone, I couldn’t help but want to show you guys. Imagine wearing a drone capable of flying and recording video on your wrist. When you want it to fly, just press a button and it pops off your arm and flies away, tracking your movement. It sounds crazy, but I hope this isn’t a hoax because I want one now! The Nixie is drone with four propellers that is made of a flexible material so that it can wrap around your wrist when it’s not flying and recording your adventures. According to the Nixie website, this product is in early development and there is no info about when this drone will be available or what it will cost. You can sign up for notifications and check out the demo video that doesn’t really even show the product at all, but I still can’t help but want one even though I have no idea what I’d really use it for.

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Keyport recently announced the addition of new carbon fiber designs at their customers’ requests.  They have two different hydro-dipped twill weave carbon fiber patterns in silver (left) and gold (middle).  While checking out their new designs, I found they also have a new pattern called Zombie.  I like to think this one celebrates the return of The Walking Dead this Sunday!  Each Slide in these designs is $34.  Check out these new styles and the new inserts at Keyport.

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Today’s gadget deal is for an ultra sleek backup battery that is only .25 thick. The Flexion is small enough to fit in your wallet and features a 2500mAh Li-Polymer battery and a micro USB cable that also comes with a Lightning cable adapter so that it can be used to charge your iPhone or iPad Air. For the coupon code that brings the price of this battery down to only $14.99, follow the link below. Be quick, the code expires on 10/11.

Check out: World’s thinnest backup battery for $14.99.

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Everything Tablet 360 case for iPad Air-1

iPad cases are a dime a dozen now days. They come in many styles, materials and sizes. I have stated in other reviews that I tend to be over protective of my electronic devices, so a case is a must. I currently sport a simple, but effective case to protect my iPad Air. It  protects and also acts as a stand when using my iPad in landscape mode. In order for me to switch from this case to another one, it has to have a feature that is unique and useful for me. The Everything Tablet 360° case for iPad Air is unique in its ability to allow not only multiple viewing angles, but also allowing you to turn from landscape to portrait mode.

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Vornado fans have been around since 1945, and while the style looks very much the same today, the materials used in the fans have changed over the years.  Vornado fans use their signature “Vortex Technology to provide complete circulation of all the air throughout a room.  Twin air cones and a deep-pitched propeller compress and move higher volumes of air and push it farther.”  Vornado just released their VFAN, which reproduce their 1945 models.  The VFAN has durable metal construction (with black plastic blades, like the 1945 original), a full-action pivot head, three speeds, and deep-pitched blades to move more air than you’d expect from a fan only 13.8″ tall X 8.12″ deep X 11.8″ wide with a 7″ diameter grill.  The VFAN is available for $139.99 in green, red, or shiny chrome.  Go to the Vornado site to learn more and to purchase the VFAN.

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I recently reviewed the Eton Blackout Buddy, which is a combination night light, emergency pathway lighting, and flashlight in one compact unit.  It’s a great way to have a flashlight in your home with constantly charged batteries when you need one.  Eton’s new Blackout Buddy H2O is a perfect flashlight for your emergency kit in your car or your gear bag or bug-out bag, because Eton says the “rugged, environment-proof package means you can store it for up to 10 years without degradation.”  When you find yourself without light, you just open up the seal on the bottom of the Blackout Buddy H2O and dip it into a small cup of water to activate the battery.  The lights come on and stay on for 72 hours; if you find they are dimming, just set the Buddy in water to refresh the battery.  The light will continue to work in any weather, even if the Buddy is completely submerged. This Blackout Buddy H2O is a single-use emergency flashlight.  After it quits working, you can safely dispose of it without worry, because the magnesium-oxide battery has no mercury, hexavalent chromium, cadmium, nor lead.  Eton‘s suggested retail price for the Blackout Buddy H2O is $9.99, but Amazon has a three-pack for under $24.

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Today’s featured deals include my current favorite Android smartphone, the LG G3. Verizon and AT&T customers can get this great new phone for only $79.99 with a 2 year contract. If you’re not in the market for a new phone, today’s deals also include savings on Samsung tablets, PCs and more. Click through for full details and coupon codes.
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Coin may have been the one credit card to rule them all, but the Plastc card is the one card to hold them all. If you think I am talking some sort of Lord of the Rings cross over techno babble, I blame Julie for her first reference to this type of device. So, What’s Plastc? Plastc is a credit card sized device designed to hold the information of up to 20 of your credit, loyalty or gift cards in one secure convenient location. Similar to Coin, the Plastc card is programmed using your smart phone. The Plastc card has the following tech specs:

  • Chip and PIN
  • E-ink Touchscreen
  • Bluetooth
  • Flash Memory (up to 20 cards)
  • Rechargeable Battery (30-day charge)
  • Rewritable Magnetic Stripe
  • Rewritable RFID/NFC
  • Wireless Charging
The Plastc card has several security feature built into it such as a PIN code, proximity alerts, remote wipe and photo ID. The NFC chip and magnetic strip are disabled when not in use. The Plastc wallet app is used to program your Plastc card as well as monitor transactions and remote wipe your card. The card is designed to be charged wirelessly and will hold a charge for up to 30 days. The Plastc card is available for pre-order from the Plastc website and is slated to ship sometime in the summer of 2015.
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