For a while now, I’ve been looking at finding a good holder for my iPhone for when I am driving in the car. Mainly, I needed it for GPS, so I tried out one of those dash holders, which failed, and I promptly returned. My next option was trying a vent mount, and when the Scosche MagicMount Pro vent mount was offered to review, I jumped at the chance to try it out. Let’s see how well it performed.

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Guitar players who don’t want to hide their favorite instrument in a case or on a boring old metal floor stand can now hang it on the wall in style. GuitarGrips are wall-mounted guitar hangers that are shaped like human and in-human hands. GuitarGrips come in several styles that include male hands in a variety of colored finishes like gloss, antique and graphex, to ghastly grips that look like skeleton and zombie hands. The guitar hands hold the headstock in a grip that is lined with a material that is designed to not scratch the neck of your instrument. Some of the styles are available in both a left and right handed version depending on the shape of the guitar’s headstock and there are several mounting methods to choose from depending on the wall type. Made in the USA, GuitarGrips are priced starting at $39.99 and go up to as much as $65.99 for the Toxic Zombie version. For more info visit

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One of Amazon’s worst kept secrets is now official… Amazon’s newest Kindle is the Oasis. Their thinnest and lightest Kindle ever features 4GB of storage and a 6-inch 300 ppi high resolution display with 10 LEDs that evenly illuminate the screen to allow for comfortable viewing in any environment from total darkness to full sunlight. The Kindle Oasis has a hand grip with dedicated page turning buttons on the right side that gives this eReader an unusual tapered asymmetrical shape which reminds me of Amazon’s first Kindle that we reviewed back in December of 2007. If you’re not a fan of buttons, you can still turn pages by taping the touch screen. The Kindle Oasis has battery life that lasts for as much as two months (eight weeks) when used with the included leather charging cover. Priced at $289.99 for the WiFi version or $359.99 for the 3G version, the Kindle Oasis will begin shipping on 4/27/16. For more info and to order visit Amazon.

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Over a year ago, I reviewed the small, but tough and waterproof Fugoo Bluetooth speaker. It became my choice when I need to just grab a speaker and go. It’s not the best sounding portable speaker—that honor goes to the incredible and more expensive Bowers & Wilkins T7—but it does sound great and is one of the easiest and most convenient speakers I have. The Fugoo (Japanese word for Blowfish) speaker has become a constant companion as I putter around my house and property. Well, now Fugoo has upped their game with the visually similar—and much larger—XL speaker. And what a monster it is. Although it’s not exactly 4 times larger as claimed, it’s pretty darned close. The XL is big, heavy, loud and loads of fun. However, there is an area where the smaller Fugoo has it’s bigger sibling beat—more on that later.

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You don’t have to be the brightest lightsaber in the galaxy to realize that this Death Star Waffle Maker is probably the greatest way for a Star Wars fan to start their day.  This Thinkgeek exclusive makes a 7″ diameter waffle in two parts and has a non-stick surface that will make cleanup an easy mission. For $39.99, you can get your hands on one directly from ThinkGeek

“Do, or do not…there is no try” – Yoda.  But seriously, I would try and get one if I were you.

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iPhones are renowned for offering plentiful applications, ease of use, and quality hardware. But whether you are a supporter or detractor of all things Apple there’s one thing you have to admit: they charge way too much for memory. the 48 GB jump from 16 GB to 64 GB costs $100, or over $2 per GB; the next jump, from 64 GB to 128 GB costs another $100. The memory is non-removable – and that’s not even for a phone that you can shower with (without giving it a rice nap). In contrast, some android phones support 128 GB removable storage that can be had for around $60.  iPads have had access to external memory cards through the USB port for some time, and a recent iOS upgrade has expanded this capability to iPhones as well.  Because of this recent capability or in spite of it, the interest in external card readers for iOS devices has always been high on The Gadgeteer (one post from 2014 has more than 35,000 reads), so I’m honored to be able to review the PhotoFast CR-8800. Click to read more about what I think of the hardware and software for this gadget. [click to continue…]

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San Francisco based WaterField Designs is celebrating 18 years of business with an update to their best-selling Cargo bag. This bag is a combination of a messenger bag and a briefcase and features the following updates:

  • Padded laptop compartment
  • Padded iPad/tablet compartment
  • Waterproof zippers
  • Rolling suitcase slot
  • Easy-access phone pocket
  • ​Seamless leather flap
  • New ideal size

The overall style of this bag remains the same after all these years – rugged but classy. The Cargo is available in one size in Black or Grizzly brown and is priced at $349.  WaterField does not have this bag in stock right now but will be having another production run on 4/22.

We reviewed this bag back in 2002 and then again in 2005. It sure looks like it’s way past time that we do another review!

For more information about the Cargo bag, visit

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This week we have eight quick updates from Andy Jacobs who has been writing for the Gadgeteer for over six years. In that time he’s posted 300 news and reviews articles, so he knows his stuff! If you’ve ever wondered how some of the products that we review stand up over time, this post is for you. Click through to see a list of Andy’s recently updated reviews and then scroll to the bottom of each of those reviews to read his updates. [click to continue…]

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ipazzport bluetooth keyboard amazon-01

Ever try to enter in your username and password using nothing more than a handheld remote?  I have several bluetooth keyboards I could use with my various streaming devices, such as Apple TV or Amazon Fire TV, but I never seem to have one handy.  The iPazzPort is a Bluetooth keyboard that comes with two sleeves to combine a full QWERTY keyboard with your Amazon Fire remote.

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Have you ever been on an international flight and needed to use the bathrooms? You know that they’ve been used multiple times and you’ve seen how dirty they get. Well, this hasn’t escaped the engineers at Boeing either. According to the Boeing website, engineers have built a prototype lavatory that uses

far UV light, which is different from the ultraviolet A or ultraviolet B light used in tanning beds or grow lights, so it’s not harmful to humans. It is harmful to bacteria and pathogens and kills those organisms that are left on the surfaces of the lavatory… We believe that using the far UV is the key to making those surfaces cleaner… We position the lights throughout the lavatory so that it floods the touch surfaces like the toilet seat, sink, countertops, etc. with the UV light. This sanitizing even eliminates odors from bacteria so that passengers can have a more pleasant experience.

The UV light would only be activated once the lavatory is empty and the door has closed. The cleaning cycle would be completed in less than three seconds after each use. While building the prototype the engineers also incorporated many hands-free devices like “faucets, a soap dispenser, trash flap, the toilet lid and seat, door latch and a vacuum-vent system for the floor”. I’ve been on those long international flights and I truly hope they incorporate these changes into their fleet of planes – the sooner the better. [click to continue…]

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You might not have heard of Trey Ratcliff, but he’s a photographer who travels the world to capture once in a lifetime landscape and nature images. He’s also one of the people that helped bring the Peak Designs Everyday Messenger bag to life. He has a new video series called Becoming an Artist, which brings viewers along on some of his adventures while teaching them some handy photography skills. You can watch Episode 1 – The Accidental Creation of Me. This episode which is entirely shot in Africa, he tells the story of how he came to be. He ends the episode by showing the photos that will be worked on in all of the episodes in Season 1 and does a brief introduction of the tools he uses. The season consists of 15 episodes which includes RAW images and a trial version of Aurora HDR Pro. I’ve watched a couple episodes and am already hooked on his cool story telling style. Season 1 can be purchased for $59 through his site Stuck in Customs (affiliate link).

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tech21 EVO Endurance-1

Although the battery life on phones has gotten better, there are times I still find the need to charge my iPhone on the fly. In general, I do not keep a charging case on my phone mainly because of the added weight and size. There is a company out there that not only makes a case that is lightweight and has a manageable size, but also provides adequate protection to your phone. The company is tech21 and the case is the Evo Endurance charging case.

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I really appreciate gadgets that perform their intended function well, but also offer additional features that can simplify and consolidate several gadgets into one to save space, power outlets and more. The Muemma ARiNA Bluetooth speaker does just that. It’s a modern looking circular Bluetooth 4.0 speaker that provides 360 degree sound for your favorite tunes while also offering a built-in microphone for hands-free calls. No, that’s not all this speaker can do. It can be mounted on a wall or placed on a flat surface, where its bowl-like shape can double as a holder for your keys, wallet, etc. The ARiNA can also charge your smartphone and last but not least, you can customize the speaker by switching out the felted covers. The Muemma ARiNA Bluetooth speaker is priced at €159.95 – €169.95 and is available in Black, Charcoal, Grey, Red, Blue and Pink covers. For more info visit

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It’s Saturday evening Gadgeteers! You know what that means, it’s time to check out our weekly round up list so you can make sure that you didn’t miss any of our excellent reviews or news from the past seven days. What are you waiting for? Click through for the full list and have a great weekend!

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I had just purchased a Nexus 5x which incorporates the new USB-C connector for charging and I was looking for a spare cable.  Luckily I was offered the opportunity to check out the AluCable and figured that I’d scored a simple review and could crank out a couple of sentences and then I’d be done.  It is only a cable after all.  Well, it isn’t that simple. [click to continue…]

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There are few things in life better than food cooked on the grill. Whether it be a steak, chicken, burger, or hot dog, there is just something about being cooked on the grill that makes everything a bit more delicious.

Of course, not all grills have accurate temperature gauges built into them. This can be an issue when trying to attain grilling nirvana.

Fortunately, Cappec has you covered with their Blaze Bluetooth BBQ grill.

I was recently given the chance to review the Blaze and attempt to take my BBQ skills to the next level.

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If you recently purchased a new laptop, it probably came with the new industry standard USB-C port. This port will eventually replace all older USB ports and you’ll find Macs, PCs, and mobile devices alike using them – hooray for standardization! Ah, but since upgrading, perhaps you may have left behind a magnetic cable that only works on your old device or perhaps you would like to try using a magnetic power cable for the first time. No worries! Griffin Technologies is about to release the new BreakSafe Magnetic USB-C Power Cable for those of you who would like to have the ease of “snapping” on your charging cable. It not only charges your device faster, but it breaks away when placed under stress so that you don’t accidentally pull your laptop off your desk after tripping on the charging cable. When you order, you will receive a connector (12.8mm deep) that will remain inserted in your USB-C port on your device as well as a six-foot power cable which can be used with the USB-C charger that came with your device. The cable is “compatible with USB Power Delivery and is rated up to 60 watts (20 volts @ 3 amps). Please note that BreakSafe is for charging power only; data and video are not supported.”

The BreakSafe Magnetic USB-C power cable is due to be released in April 2016 (hopefully any day now) according to a Griffin Technologies press release and will cost $39.99. Apparently, their new USB-C products are the first to be covered by Griffin’s new Guaranteed for Life warranty program so keep checking in at the Griffin website for availability.

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There are many different folding keyboards on the market for mobile warriors, prepared travelers, coffee shop surfers and tiny house Gadgeteers. These small keyboards are designed to take up minimal space while still providing a comfortable way to touch type on your mobile devices. I’ve tried many different ones over the years and I usually find something about them that annoys me such as the key layout or size. So I wasn’t too hopeful when I accepted an offer to review the iClever Tri-folding Bluetooth Keyboard (IC-BK05), but after using it it for the past week, I’m surprisingly impressed. Let’s check it out. [click to continue…]

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With the proliferation of cheaper Chinese phones from companies like OPPO,  Xaomi and the recently reviewed verykool Spark LTE, there has been an increased popularity in the Western markets for these well specced but well priced phones. One of the questions you need to clarified before you put down  your hard earned (not so big as buying mainstream players 🙂 ) dollars is how well that phone will work with your local wireless carrier. This can also apply to different worldwide region variations on the same model phone (ah the wonders of a global market).  A phone that doesn’t support your local wireless carrier properly will probably just end up being a paperweight 🙂

Willmyphonework contains a database of phones and worldwide wireless carriers. It gives you the compatibility between the two.  If a handset isn’t in the list (like the verykool Spark LTE), you can request it via a Contact Us form.This is a very useful tool if you’re looking at purchasing a Chinadroid 🙂 and is well worth checking beforehand if you’re going down this path.

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I’ve been using a paper journal on a daily basis for the past year. I’d tried digital journals in the past, but I’ve always enjoyed using analog tools more than apps on my smartphone. The advantages to using a digital journal over an analog journal are the ability to archive them and the ability to search text. It’s not to say that you can’t do these things with your analog notebook. You can… but it requires that you snap a picture of the page and upload it to a service like Evernote. That works great, but it requires you to actually do it. I’m lazy, so it just never gets done. [click to continue…]

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The verykool Spark LTE SL5011 Android phone is an affordable alternative to other Android smartphones in the market right now.  We here at The Gadgeteer have received a few of these to review, so let’s take a look at this Spark LTE SL5011 and what features are packed in this 5″ smartphone.  [click to continue…]

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Hey, all you superhero fans! Add a little superhero flare to your “batcave” with this decorative Batman bookshelf. This is a handcrafted item made of wood, measures 47 inches wide x 20 inches tall x 8 inches deep, and appears to come in two separate pieces. The Dark Knight Batman Bookshelf is available in three colors (black, white, and yellow) from Promacraft for $180 plus shipping (which for me in Texas was $43 – ouch). It is a made to order item and thus the processing time is one to two weeks. If you have any questions about it or would like to order one, please visit the Promacraft website on Etsy.

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This week’s review updates are from Steve Holt and include a storage gadget, charging gadgets and Bluetooth headphones. The original posting date of the reviews range from a little over six months ago, to more than a year and a half ago. Let’s see how well these gadgets have held up over time. Is Steve still using them or have they been discarded into a junk drawer. Click through to view a list of the updated reviews. The updates are located at the end of each review page.
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[#Beginning of Shooting Data Section] Nikon D80 2009/11/08 06:43:30.6 Compressed RAW (12-bit) Image Size: Large (3872 x 2592) Color Lens: 18-70 mm F/3.5-4.5 G Focal Length: 70 mm Exposure Mode: Manual Metering Mode: Center-Weighted 1/5 s - F/16 Exposure Comp.: 0 EV Sensitivity: ISO 100 Optimize Image: Normal White Balance: Preset Focus Mode: AF-C VR Control: OFF Long Exposure NR: OFF High ISO NR: Off Color Mode: Mode Ia (sRGB) Tone Comp.: Auto Hue Adjustment: 0∞ Saturation: Auto Sharpening: Auto Flash Mode: Flash Exposure Comp.: Flash Sync Mode: Image Comment: [#End of Shooting Data Section]

When I was a senior in high school I took a physics class and absolutely hated it. I struggled to keep up with the rest of the class and ended up dropping out halfway through the year.

A few years later I had to take a physics class in college. I immediately remembered my high school physics class and was panic stricken at the thought I having to go through that again.

This time however, I loved my physics class. My college professor made physics fun by teaching things like the physics of Superman. My professor was engaging and made me want to learn about a subject I previously hated, allowing me to excel in class.

I think I’ve come a long way since that high school physics class. I love everything science and hope to get my children enthused about science the same way I am.

With that in mind, I volunteered to review the Physics Simple Machines science kit. Hopefully, it’s a first step on a long, scientific journey for my kids.

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Sena, a company known for their high quality smartphone cases, is now offering a specially designed stand for the Apple Pencil stylus. Their new Apple Pencil stand is constructed of leather and has a non-slip base. The Apple Pencil can be positioned standing straight or horizontally for easy charging. It can even hold the Pencil’s cap while you’re using the stylus with your iPad Pro. The Sena Apple Pencil Leather Stand is priced at $29.99 and is currently available for pre-order through Sena’s site, with shipping estimated for May.

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