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Kickstarter continues to be one of the places you find items that device manufacturers should have included with their new items. My most recent sponsored item is the ILDOCK for iPhone 7. While I don’t have an iPhone 7, I do use a 6s Plus, and really want the ability to use SD, TFT, or lightning cables with my iPhone’s lightning port. I have an Apple SD card adapter, but this little gizmo is smaller, has more ports, and looks to be much more versatile for iPhone users, especially if you’re limited to one port and no way to charge.  [click to continue…]

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At first glance, this chess set looks a bit like the traditional Staunton set.  Upon closer inspection, you’ll see that the pieces are actually formed by their names.  Even the newest beginner will have no trouble telling the queen from the king or the bishop from a pawn.  If you order these pieces, you’ll need to order both a set of white and a set of black pieces.  Each color is $95.  The Typographical Chess Set is available from GadgetFlow.

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I was not prepared for this.  I thought I was going to review a rugged Bluetooth speaker.  I didn’t expect to unpack something that looked AND felt this rugged.  This is the DreamWave Tremor- probably the only Bluetooth speaker I’ve tried that could double as a battering ram.

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This Star Trek-inspired quadcopter has four 3.5″ diameter propellers for superior flight stability;  its “six-axis stabilization allows it to be tossed into the air and throttled up simultaneously”.  The U.S.S. Enterprise Quadcopter  (15.5″  x 9.75″  x 4.25″, 4 ounces) is designed to look like the Enterprise of the 1979 movie, and it has ten LEDs that replicate the ship’s hull and nacelle lights.  It also plays 10 sounds (red alert, photon torpedoes, etc) from the original TV show.  It comes with a “four-channel 2.4 GHz remote that provides digital proportional control of rotor speed for flights from 200′ away”.  The quadcopter’s rechargeable battery provides up to a seven minute flight from a one hour charge; the remote requires four AA batteries.  It comes with a stand for displaying the ship when you aren’t flying her.  The U.S.S. Enterprise Quadcopter is $129.95 from Hammacher Schlemmer.

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Back in July 2014, Julie wrote about the Qwerkywriter, a retro-styled Bluetooth keyboard that looked like the keyboard from a 1930’s typewriter.  At the time the funding campaign was launched, the keyboard had a decorative return bar and paper platen, as well as vintage-style keys with mechanical switches for that clickety-clackety sound.  In the time since then, the Qwerkywriter has completed funding and development, and it is available for purchase from the Qwerkytoys website.

The Qwerkywriter connects via Bluetooth to computers, tablets (Android, iPads, and Surface), and phones.  It has a built-in stand that can support tablets of most every size, including the Surface Pro 12 and the iPad Pro 12.  It’s made of an aluminum-metal alloy for an authentic look and feel.  The beautiful patent-pending, ergonomic, vintage typewriter-inspired keys have a concave surface and touch-type support.  And the mechanical switches are industrial strength and provide tactile and audible feedback.  Best of all, the return bar isn’t just a decoration now.  It defaults to sending a return when pushed, but the macro return bar is programmable with up to five characters.

The Qwerkywriter is now available for $329 (normally $399).  It’s a beautiful addition to your steampunk-styled office or to your antique typewriter collection.

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Have you ever wanted to know the temperature and there wasn’t a thermometer nearby? The Sen.se ThermoPeanut is a thermometer that can go where you go or stays where you mount it. Let’s take a look at this simple little gadget.
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It’s the middle of October, and my thoughts have turned to all the gifts I have to get before Christmas this year.  While searching for ideas, I saw that LEGO is releasing a 550-piece Beatles’ Yellow Submarine set complete with the submarine and all four Beatles plus another figure on November 1 for $60.  (source: The Nerdist)

Looking at the official LEGO site shows that they have new sets to tickle the fancy of most every building-block fan.  They have a Spiderman set for $15 and a Star Wars Death Star for $500, plus volcanos, boats, and planes, trains, and automobiles (plus more) in between.  You’ll be sure to find something to please every building-block fan on your list.

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Six years ago we remodeled our basement and bought our first flat screen TV, A 55″ Samsung that we mounted on the wall. It’s served us well, but when I bought it, it was before smartTVs were a thing, so I’ve felt like my home theater setup has been lacking Gadgeteer worthy features. That is until now! I was recently offered a VIZIO 50″ M50-D1 SmartCast Ultra HD Home Theater Display with a 6 inch Android remote control phablet in exchange for a review. Let’s see if it has replaced the Samsung TV on my wall. [click to continue…]

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I’m sure you guys are getting tired of my whining about how the current crop of smartphones isn’t as “fun” as devices were back in the good old days of PDAs when new features and technology was being developed every few months. I even get tired of listening to myself because I’m starting to remind myself of SNL’s Grumpy Old Man. “…in my day, we used plastic toothpicks to type on black and white screens, and that’s the way it was, and we LIKED it!” 🙂

It’s time (for me) to stop looking backward and start looking forwards. Each new phone model that Apple, Google, LG, Motorola, etc. releases might not be exciting right now, but what comes next?  [click to continue…]

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Chatlight review

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Do you take a lot of selfies, use Facetime, or make talking head style YouTube videos? Then you already know how important good lighting is when it comes to making good videos and images. The front facing cameras built into our laptops and most of our smartphones don’t have a flash to bump up the lighting. Is there a solution? I was sent the Chatlight. Let’s see if it’s a good tool for the selfie-obsessed.
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I think it’s a safe guess that you have several power strips in use at your home or office. How many of those power strips have the right amount of outlets? Of the ones I use, they have either too many outlets causing them to take up too much space, or not enough outlets, causing me to need more power strips. There has to be a solution to this admittedly first world problem. Well, guess what? There is and it’s the STACK Modular outlet surge protector. Available in 3, 4 or 6 outlet configurations, the STACK power strips feature individual color coded blocks (modules) that provide 3-prong power outlets, dual USB ports, and surge protected Ethernet ports. Prices range from $12.95 for a 3 outlet strip up to $29.95 for the 6 outlet strip. The USB charging module and Ethernet module have to be purchased separately for $19.95 and $9.95 respectively. I like the concept of this product, but not the price. Compared to buying a 2-pack of AmazonBasics 6 outlet power strips from Amazon for $9.37, the STACK strips are very spendy. It’s also not clear if 6 modules is the maximum or if more modules can be connected together. For more info head over to The Grommet.

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After almost two months of spontaneously combusting drama, it’s official. Samsung has finally stuck a fork in the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and it’s been declared dead. My guess is that we’ll never see another new Samsung Galaxy Note smartphone model because that name just has too much negativity attached to it.

So, what do you do if you own a Note 7? Well, after you return that defective phone of course. Do you wait for Samsung to release another large screen flagship smartphone or do you take your refund money and go with another brand altogether? If so, which one? [click to continue…]

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Fits Socks review



So.  I’ve never reviewed a pair of socks before and I have to tell you this is the first time doing a review that I’ve actually been scared. When you do a review, you have to be able to use the item a lot, and then be able to tell the world how it functioned and if you liked it.  I knew that washing and drying them would be part of the review and all I could think of was I knew one of these would come up missing.  Like everyone else’s I’m sure, my dryer is on a steady diet of socks and sometimes they are just never recovered.  I am happy to say, that after a total of 6 washes, I STILL HAVE THEM! BOTH! Let’s take a look at Fits Socks. [click to continue…]

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Most multi-tools have knives, pliers and screwdrivers, but the Rule/One “multi-tool” is a multi-tool for writing and drawing that features a removable pen that can be converted into a stylus or a lanyard, and a ruler with inches on one side and metric measurements on the other side. The Rule/One has a milled aluminum body and a tear drop shape that lends itself to being a bookmark for your journal. The pen can be detached from the ruler and uses a Uni-ball Signo UMR-85 refill. You can find more info and order the Rule/One for $60 from HMM. If you want to save yourself $50 and have an actual pen shaped multi-tool, check out the Super 6 in 1 Tech Tool Pen from Amazon which is less than $10 and includes screw driver bits and a built-in level.

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