The picture above might look like a Kindle or another eReader device, but it’s not. It’s the reMarkable, a tablet that has been designed especially for reading, writing and sketching. You might say “Julie, we already have tablets that can do that, they are called an iPad”. You would be right… partially. You can read, write and sketch on an iPad, Android tablet or even a Windows tablet, but the reMarkable uses CANVAS technology to create a 10.3” E Ink display that has an ultra-low-latency, pen-on-paper feel without all the digital distractions of a tablet. [click to continue…]

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Two years ago I reviewed the SnapPower SnapRays Guidelight outlet cover night light and am still using this product throughout my home. SnapPower has recently released a new version of this outlet cover night light that has been designed with child safety in mind. It’s the SafeLight night light outlet cover and it features sliding outlet covers that help prevent electrical shocks when kids try to stick their fingers or objects in the outlets. The night light feature has also been updated to allow for the LED brightness to be adjusted. It can be set to High, Low, Off and Automatic. All of SnapPower’s outlet cover products are easy to install by removing your existing outlet cover and snapping the new one in place which draws power from the existing wiring without batteries or requiring needed. The SnapPower SafeLight is available now for $17 for one and up to $140 for a 10 pack. Visit for more info.

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I love cats, and fellow Gadgeteer, Dave, has rolled his eyes over my cat stories more times than I can count. The one chore cats bring with them is cleaning the litter box. With two cats and a dog who is interested in what is in the litter box, we have to have the type of litter box that the dog can’t get into. This meant most automatic litter boxes were ruled out right away. The Litter-Robot Open Air litter box seemed tall enough that he couldn’t peek inside, and its unique design intrigued me. I had to try it out when given the chance.

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I knew a co-worker who swore by those misshapen “ergonomic” keyboards.  I never quite understood them until I saw the Kinesis Advantage keyboard about 10 years ago in person.  I was intrigued by the dual concave shape and layout.  I finally got to try the latest version, the Advantage2.
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Now that the smartphone has pretty much conquered the world, I guess it’s time that we upgrade everything else to “smart” status: our homes, appliances, cars, and our headphones. Yep. It’s time for smart headphones. Muzik One is the “smartphone of headphones” according to the Muzik website. It has a touch control panel to pause, play, skip tracks, and answer calls and four programmable Hot Keys (the dimples on the earpieces shown above). The keys may be programmed via the Muzik Connect iOS app (Android app coming soon) to integrate apps like Twitter, Facebook, Spotify, and IFTTT. Thus, by simply tapping on a Hot Key you can start your favorite playlist (if you programmed the Hot Key to Spotify) or by tapping on another, you can control the lights in your house (if you programmed it to IFTTT). The Muzik One headphones are “high-definition audio” Bluetooth headphones with a 50 foot range and will play for up to 30 hours on one charge of the battery. In addition, they have dual microphones for phone calls and voice control and use passive noise-isolation technology. When purchased, they come with swappable memory foam ear cushions (over-ear and on-ear cushions), a carrying case, a four foot long 3.5 mm audio cable, and a micro-USB charging cable. The Muzik One headphones are $299 and available in black, silver, and champagne colors from Amazon.

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For those of us that love our gadgets, but also love or need to use pen and paper to take notes the old fashioned way, the Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook could be the link between both worlds we’ve been looking for. You simply take your notes on the pad with a Pilot Frixion pen, then use the app to configure where you’d like to send the page after you snap a pic of it with your smartphone so that you’ll be able to access it via the web whenever you choose.  After you’ve done that, put the entire notepad in the microwave, or I’ve read that you can use a blow dryer for heat as well, and the ink is erased and you can reuse the notepad again and again! I feel that writing things down helps me to remember and retain the information that I need but I don’t want stacks of notebooks everywhere to reference. Filing them in various cloud applications or even emailing them is a much more organized way to keep them available. You can get the Rocketbook Wave on Amazon for $27.00 and be on your way to better organization in no time at all.


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A few weeks ago I complained about the weight and bulk of the gear that I take with me when I travel. On my last trip to Florida, I took a 13″ laptop, 10″ tablet, my phone, various cords and AC adapters. Combine that gear with the weight of the bag that holds all of it and it was not fun lugging it through the airport from gate to gate. I in my gadget diary post I talked about how I wished I could make a tablet (iOS or Android) do everything I need while I’m away from home. When I got back home I ordered a 12.9″ iPad Pro with hopes that it would become my next travel buddy. No luck, I returned it to Apple.  [click to continue…]

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Looking for a fun gift for the kids in your family? The Geospace Ski Skooter might be something they’ll enjoy. The Ski Skooter looks like a snowboard but with a foldable handle. The handle allows kids to balance and steer the snowboard down slopes of snow, grass or sand. It also works like a scooter so that you can push yourself around on flat smooth surfaces like snow and sand. The Geospace Ski Skooter is available in blue or red from Amazon for $45.41, which seems a little expensive, but it might be a huge hit with the kids this Christmas!

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The market is pretty full of “smart” LED bulbs these days. I love the concept of these since you can adjust your indoor lighting to any mood you feel at the moment. Here’s another one to add to the list, the Ilumi Smartbulb.  I got the chance to view a couple of these bulbs so let’s see what these smartbulbs have in store! [click to continue…]

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Sometimes I find myself slumped in my computer chair and my mom’s voice pops into my head saying “sit up straight!” It can become a bad habit to slouch for those of us who sit down at a desk all day.  If you want to strengthen your core muscles, lessen your back pain and increase your productivity, this may be the product for you! With Upright, you can train for 15-60 minutes per day and improve your core strength and muscle memory so that you can enjoy a lifetime of good posture. It attaches to your upper and lower back and can detect when you slouch, giving you a slight vibration that reminds you (just like mom did) to sit in a more upright position. Using the free app and the 24/7 support, you are sure to be motivated to sit straight and alleviate your back pain once and for all. It is being offered on Amazon for $99.95 and is available for Prime shipping so you can get going right away.

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I’ve been thinking of replacing the hodge podge collection of pans in my kitchen for quite a while, but when I check the prices of nicer cookware, I change my mind because it’s tough to talk myself into paying $100 or more for one frying pan. Lucky for me, I was approached to try out Red Copper cookware from Bulbhead. I’d seen these pans advertised on TV, so was curious to see if the infomercial claims of non-stick, non-scratch were true. Let’s find out.
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Your smartphone case really isn’t something that you should think that much about. But it should definitely accomplish several things while you aren’t thinking about it.  It should never get in the way.  It should protect your phone if you drop it.  It shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg.  And it should be quality enough that it will last a long time.  I mean, after all, when you drop almost $1,000 these days for the latest and greatest phone, your smartphone case better be something that protects that investment and at least checks the box on most of those things.  So how did the $29.95 Evutec Selenium case do? Let’s find out.

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It could be argued that the Jawbone Jambox started the portable speaker craze. But did you know that the science and engineering behind Jambox’s success came from Soundmatters—a small audio company begun by a NASA engineer? It’s true. The late Dr. Godehard Guenther developed the Soundmatters FoxL speaker, the predecessor to so many speakers we take for granted today. Dr.  Guenther also introduced many other firsts to the audio market, including the world’s first in-wall speaker; in-wall subwoofer; component loudspeaker for car hi–fi; multi–channel car amplifier; and the hi–fi television monitor. Today, Soundmatters’ continued audio developments has resulted in the new Moment ultra-portable audiophile speaker.

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I have a new set of five interesting Kickstarter crowdfunding campaigns for you to check out this week. Click through to read this week’s list of crowdfunding projects that have caught my eye. [click to continue…]

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You’re back to work this morning still feeling groggy and stuffed from eating too much turkey and pumpkin pie the past few days. It’s time to start working out… your index finger! It’s Cyber Monday and you’re going to be doing a lot of mousing and clicking today to find the best deals. My first go-to shopping destination is almost always Amazon because I’m a Prime member which means I get things cheap, fast and with no hassles. Click through to see some of Amazons best Cyber Monday deals that include the Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, phones and more. [click to continue…]

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