I enjoy using my Roku for watching Netflix and Amazon Prime movies and TV shows. If you would have asked me a few weeks ago if I could think of something to make the Roku better than it is, I wouldn’t have been able to come up with any ideas. That’s until I saw the Sideclick remote add-on for the Roku’s remote control. Now my Roku experience is pretty much perfect. Let me show you.

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Wow, now I think I’ve seen everything… Apparently, fingertip protectors for playing guitar, ukulele and other stringed instruments is a thing. The protectors come in a package of four and are made of food-grade silicone material that stretches to fit the size of your index through ring fingers. Each fingertip protector has an opening in the end that will allow longer fingernails to pass through. I suppose something like this would be good for beginners who find it painful when they are first starting to play a stringed instrument. But I’ve found that calluses will build up quickly if you aren’t a big baby and are motivated enough to put in the practice required to build them ūüėČ You can order a set for $4.86 from Amazon. I’ll try not to be too judgy… Ok, I lied.

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Misfit Ray review


Misfit Ray-1

Fitness trackers are getting more complicated and expensive every day. With features like heart rate monitoring, temperature monitoring as well as calorie burning calculation. Can we get any more healthy? But if you are looking for something a little simpler, something that tells you when you’ve reached your goals, but does not have that traditional display. Something that works for fashion as well as function. Misfit, the makers of the Misfit Shine, has brought out their newest fashion forward fitness tracker, the Misfit Ray

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This week’s notable crowdfunding campaigns include a couple cool pens, a smart lock, a wireless backup camera and a holder for your toothbrush. Click through for all the details.¬† [click to continue…]

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Now you can blend in with nature when you’re out in the woods trying to capture footage of Sasquatch or rabbits. The WASPcam 9906 CAMO is an action camera with a camo patterned case. This camera has been designed to be waterproof down to 98 feet without needing a special case. The WASPcam also features WiFi connectivity and comes with a wireless wrist remote that has a 15 foot range. It can record HD video up to 1440p30fps (and 1080p/60fps, 1080p/30fps, 720p/120fps, 720p/60fps, VGA/240fps) and captures still images up to 16-megapixel. It comes with a variety of mounting hardware so it’s ready to attach to your gear. The WASPcam 9906 CAMO is pricey at $279.99, but if you want to learn more, head over to for all the details.

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Bellroy continues to push the envelope of stylish, well-designed, rugged wallets for adventure-minded folks. Building on their previous Elements line, Bellroy’s latest Adventurer Collection of All-Conditions wallets¬†look to be even more weather- and water-resistant with new zippers, zipper pulls and material (they’ve added a woven in addition to the water-resistant ¬†leather) and packed with organizational features (lots more pockets and slots inside). Depending on the model, these wallets can hold items ranging from a typical daily load¬†up to an iPhone 6s Plus with accessories. Bellroy’s All-Conditions wallets are available in the above-mentioned two materials and multiple colors as well as in three sizes: Pocket, Phone Pocket and Essentials Pocket with prices ranging from $64.99 to $139.99. Trek over to Bellroy for more info.

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Choosing the right home security camera can be difficult when there are so many different brands and price points to choose from. The Nest Cam which was originally Dropcam before being purchased by Google / Nest¬†is a popular brand because they have a reputation for quality hardware, features and cloud services. I reviewed each of the Dropcam cameras that were released¬†but I¬†am only just now getting the opportunity to review the Nest Cam. Let’s take a look.

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Say what you will about Creative Labs; they sure know how to milk a product line. In 2014, I reviewed the Creative Roar Bluetooth speaker and fell in love with its ability to sound as good as the current (at the time) portable Bose speakers at a fraction of the price. Yeah, it had some weird and useless tricks it would do, but I chose to ignore those and concentrate on its great audio. Then in early 2016, I reviewed the Roar 2 speaker, a worthy successor that dispensed with some of those silly add-ons from the original Roar speaker while sounding a bit better at a 20% size reduction. Now, Creative Labs has released the iRoar, a much improved successor in the Roar line of speakers that sounds even better, but offers many more (and some useful) amenities than the original Roar ever did.

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Today we have another small selection of reviews that have been updated after months or years of use. These quick updates will give you an idea of how the products that we review stand the test of time. Are they winners weeks, months, years or even a decade after we review them, or do they fail quickly and end up being sent to the island of misfit gadgets? We’ll let you know. So click through to see the latest list of reviews that have been updated and scroll down to the bottom of the review to read the newest update. [click to continue…]

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Are you ready to buy a VR headset but don’t want to spend a lot of money just to see what all the fuss is about? The HooToo VR headset is a sub $20 headset that is comfortable, easy to use and even worked with my Nexus 6P phablet. Let’s take a look.

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Oops, I was so busy yesterday that I didn’t get a chance to post a weekly roundup with links to all the news, reviews and articles from the past week. What was I doing that caused me to forget such an important post? I was laying on the couch watching really bad movies all evening. Hey, it was very important work because now I can advise you to NEVER (and I mean never) consider watching Survival Island with Billy Zane. On the other hand, Big Eyes and Women in Gold were both worth watching. Hey, maybe I should start a movie review site next! Just kidding, I’ll stick with gadgets. Have a good week everyone!

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My son Joey is now 10, and like many his age, loves Minecraft. ¬†I’ve seen other attempts at creating educational products with Minecraft, but nothing quite like the Piper Computer kit. ¬†A “build it yourself” computer that plays Minecraft? ¬†I decided to take a hands-off approach and let my son build it all by himself. ¬†Let’s see what happens.

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I’ve talked about my love of Qi wireless charging many times over the years and I have been worried that the technology is being phased out before it ever really got started. Smartphone makers like Motorola who were among the first to add this feature to their flagship phones a few years ago¬†are no longer doing so with their latest batch of phones. The only company that comes to mind that is still including wireless charging capability in their phones is Samsung. If you’re lucky enough to have a phone with this feature, then you will be interested in knowing that Satechi has just announced their new wireless charging pad which can charge up to 1.4x faster than standard wireless charging pads. This charger is thin, flat and has an LED status indicator, which lights up in blue when the device is charging and green when the device is fully charged.

The Satechi Wireless Charging Pad is available now in silver, gold, space gray or rose gold at or for $24.99.

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It’s Friday and you’re probably worn out from working (or playing hard) all week. Here is some quick news to help you unwind and even some deals that can save you a few bucks!

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Looking for some new tactical gear for the next time evildoers have you in their clutches? First of all, you’re hanging around with the wrong crowd if this happens to you a lot. But I digress. Check out these shoelaces from ITS Tactical. Who cares about shoelaces you say. You do, when they are made of 100% woven Kevlar! They look like ordinary shoelaces, but they can be used as a friction saw to melt right through plastic zip ties. Never been nabbed by a villain? The ITS Kevlar Escape Laces may still be useful if you are aways breaking your laces because they have 360 lb. tensile strength. The ITS Kevlar Escape Laces are available in lengths of 54‚ÄĚ, 60‚ÄĚ and 72″ and are priced from $10.99 up to $12.99 for a pair. Visit ITS Tactical for more info and to order a pair.

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