Perhaps you've seen charging cables with reversible USB A connectors out there, meaning that they can be successfully inserted into a USB port no matter whether they are flipped to one side or the other. But have you seen cables with reversible micro-USB connectors? Scosche has such cables that will fit into micro-USB ports no [...]

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When you look at one of your electronic devices; your smart phone, tablet or computer screen, assuming your glasses are clean enough to judge, do you react with an “ewww, gross!”?  I’m embarrassed to confess that I do.  Judging by the smudge prints on everything I own you’d think I’m channeling my inner sticky-fingered three-year-old.  [...]

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When you want a truly fast network connection, nothing beats a wired connection. The only issue with that is, traditionally, you either have to cut into walls and woodwork, or you have to leave wiring exposed and lying about. There is a third way, however - Power-line Communication. "Power-line communication (PLC) is a communication protocol [...]

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One of the more frequently used tools in a police officer's arsenal is a flashlight. I spent the first seven years of my career working in the dark and went through three or four flashlights in that time. While I'm no longer working at night, I still often find myself in need of my flashlight [...]

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With all the mobile devices in our households lying around especially when they need charging, the availability of organizers to free up space on countertops or desktops is certainly attractive. This is very true for me - I thrive on having my stuff organized and easily accessible which also frees up valuable space around our [...]

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It’s no secret that I’m a fan of Audioengine. Their products—from the small A2+ to the larger A5+ speakers— are solidly built, affordable without being cheap, and sound terrific. What’s not to like? When I reviewed the A5+ speakers, I talked about how massive they were in both weight and sound. I used to think [...]

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I have been obsessed with wireless charging ever since I got my Galaxy S6 Edge+ phone.  Cutting myself loose from charging cables is a wonderfully freeing experience, and I honestly think that wireless charging is going to be the future and all sorts of surfaces around the house, restaurants, and the office will be wireless [...]

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When the Amazon Echo was released last year, I was mildly interested but not enough to actually order one.  Then when it seemed like everyone was singing the Echo's praises, I became even more interested. But still not enough to buy one. Now it's a year later and Amazon has introduced the Echo Dot, a [...]

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I often waffle between wanting to use my device naked (aka no case) and using a big, bulky case to protect my coveted smartphone. Typically what I do falls between the two extremes with some sort of slim case that provides a moderate degree of protection without giving up too much of the devices sleek [...]

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Schlage Sense_6

Is it possible to get any lazier? I found a way.  And it's good. With the Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt I no longer have to find my house key and wiggle it into the lock when my hands are full or I leave the car running.  I don’t even have to remember a combination code. Now [...]

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As a systems engineer, I know that I.T. and remote control software go hand in hand.  I appreciate good support tools, so I had to grab the chance to review the premium version of TeamViewer, since I'm a fan of using the free version at home with friends and family. Note: Images can be clicked on to [...]

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Most travelers who are familiar with noise-canceling headphones usually think of Bose first because Bose is considered one of the best noise-canceling headphones available. However, there are many other players in this market with more coming every year. Paww is a new challenger with the Paww WaveSound 2 headphone. When looking at the box of the WaveSound 2, [...]

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If your Wi-Fi isn’t reaching the far dark corners of your abode, you know that needs to be fixed.  Most of us need internet access everywhere, all the time.  There are lots of Wi-Fi repeaters to choose from and more are coming to market almost daily. So far, there’s only one that brings actual light to [...]

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The Kanex Multisync Mini Bluetooth Keyboard is a sleek Bluetooth keyboard that has been designed for Mac and iOS devices. And by devices, I mean multiple devices. This particular keyboard can switch between as many as four different devices with a quick press of two keys. Let's check it out. My main computer is a [...]

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We live pretty far off the beaten path and get our water from a well. For some of you this may seem perfectly normal but in the greater Seattle area it's definitely not the standard. Our water is pretty hard and even with a home treatment system, we drink bottled water that we refill as needed. Our [...]

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