Chances are very high that you own a smartphone if you're reading this post. Chances are also high that your smartphone has a Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, or Sprint SIM card in it. Those four carriers may be the most popular, but are they the most economical? If saving money is a big concern for you… Read More

I have been building home theater PCs ("HTPCs") for almost fifteen years.  My current HTPC configuration includes an Intel Celeron CPU capable of decoding various AV codecs, a high end Nvidia GPU card, a large capacity hard drive, and an M-Audio sound card capable of 7.1 surround sound.  The entirety of this system is housed in a… Read More

In my quest to find a great minimalist leather wallet, I was given the opportunity to review a Benjamin Bott Design wallet called the Chickadee English Tan ultra minimalist leather wallet. When it arrived, it was love at first sight. The wallet arrived in a drawstring bag to protect it from scratches during shipping. There… Read More

In 2014 I had a chance to review the cylindrical Ultimate Ears Bluetooth speaker.  At the time, it was a uniquely shaped speaker paired with a 360-degree sound.  There have been other versions of this speaker such as the Boom 2 and the Megaboom, but the squat, softball-sized Wonderboom caught my eye.  Let's take a look… Read More

As I have said before, I have many pocket knives stashed throughout my hectic my cars, desks, tool bag, EDC gear, etc. They are a very useful tool to have around when needed. Most of my knives range in quality from good to very nice and the Zero Tolerance 0460 by designer Dmitry Sinkevich is… Read More

Charging your devices while traveling is a pain - a small one, granted.  Remembering to bring the right "wall wart" for each device is something you generally think about when you check into the hotel.  The problem only gets worse at home - with every device having its own power adapter, you quickly develop dangerous… Read More

Belts, we all have them, we use them and even abuse them at times. Like most men my age, I have owned my fair share of belts, leather, nylon, webbed, solid, and they all perform the same function, to keep my pants up. Now I won't lie to you at this stage of my life… Read More

I've been playing games for years, yet I've always used a pair of cheap Dell speakers for my PC. I never thought much of PC speakers for gaming, instead always using headsets, but when Creative offered their Sound BlasterX Kratos S5 gaming speakers to be reviewed, it piqued my curiosity, and I had to try them… Read More

Do you ever feel like you waste money on food each week because it spoils before you eat it? One solution is to shop for only what you need each day, but that can be too time-consuming. Another solution is to try a food storage system like the Vacuvita. They sent me their complete kitchen… Read More

Who doesn't need an extra power supply?  The devices we use every day suck down energy almost as fast as we can replenish it.  I've been testing these QQC Corp Q-Swap mobile power supplies for over a month, and really put them through their paces.  How did they fare?  Check this out. This mobile power supply comes with… Read More

Most of us need to stay connected to their iPhones when we exercise. You shouldn't take calls and texts on the gym floor (except in emergencies), but music and workout apps are essential to many of our fitness regimens. The Wonderful Things Factory (WTFactory for short) has designed an iPhone case that's a unique alternative… Read More

Normally, picking up a laser measure for the first time is accompanied by the thought or statement, “how far away is that [object]?” Then after a quick press of a button and flash of red light, a result is displayed that is usually accompanied by the thought or statement, “Cool!” The novelty and simplicity of… Read More

Most of us listen to some form of audio to get us through part of our day; maybe you enjoy listening to podcasts while working or streaming a specific playlist to pump you up at the gym. I personally enjoy listening to music while driving in my patrol car at work. Unfortunately, the vehicle isn’t… Read More

I’m a self-admitted night owl and most of my television viewing is done after 8:00 pm. This wouldn't be a problem if I were living alone but unfortunately for me, that's not the case. My roommate is not a night owl and usually goes to bed around 10 o’clock. This is where me watching TV… Read More

If you think that smartwatches only come from companies that have a fruit or a green robot as their logo, then let me introduce you to Martian smartwatches. While they may not be a true smartwatch with a color touch screen and the ability to run apps, Martian watches offer a basic set of functions and… Read More