Adding a second screen to your desktop computer setup is not uncommon, but adding a second screen to your smartphone is a completely new "thing". Meet the InkCase Plus from OAXIS. The InkCase Plus is a 3.5 e-Ink display that pairs via Bluetooth with your Android smartphone. The InkCase Plus was a very successful Kickstarter [...]

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Developed closely with Microsoft Corp. and Intel, the Nextbook Windows 10.1" 2-in-1 tablet from E Fun is the first Windows 8.1 device that can be used as both a laptop or a tablet that also has an MSRP below $200 ($179 at Walmart). It features a detachable POGO keyboard, a free one year subscription for Office 365 Personal [...]

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Iron Chest Master review

IronChest_ 2

I don't always have time to hit the gym so the next best thing I can do is workout from home. Since working out at home can become stale and boring, it's nice to have a little variety to activate the muscle confusion factor so I jumped at the chance to review the Iron Chest Master. Let's [...]

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I've been searching for a good pair of wireless earbuds for a while now. So far, I've tried two pairs out. They both were OK, but neither were too useful. The first thing that caught my eye with the Mpow Petrel Bluetooth earbuds was the wings used to stabilize the earbuds. My wired Bose headphones [...]

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Pens like other EDC gear provide a personal statement about the owner. People see the items others carry and can tell that they like rugged gear, home brew gear, gear with bling, etc. The United P2 Pocket Pen from United Machining LLC shows people that you like gear that is elegant, unique and has been designed to stand the test of [...]

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Exercise is a difficult thing to work into your life sometimes. Gym closings over weekends or holidays, changes in work schedules, and travel for work or pleasure can cause you to miss your workouts. Traveling with equipment more bulky than a few resistance bands and running shoes becomes quite bothersome as well. Enter the Koreball. This [...]

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Flashback to several weeks ago... It's 3:30pm and I race home from my day job so I can work on Gadgeteer reviews for 90 minutes until Jeanne gets home from work. I sit down in front of my MacBook Pro for some quality writing time when the phone rings. I answer the call. It's Jeanne. "Can [...]

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In keeping with the whole Throw back Thursday thing that we see on other sites, every Thursday (or Friday if we forget) we take a look at some of our older reviews to let you know if the products are still working for us or if they've been shoved in the back of a junk [...]

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In the continuing expansion of the Bluetooth speaker market, I have noticed a few trends. There are those designed for personal, near-field listening. These boost the sound from your tablet or smartphone enough that you can hear it as a bubble around your person, but those further away hear it as tinny noise. Next, there [...]

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Flex-O-Loc key ring review


Key rings have been around for quite a while and a whole lot of us carry them in our pocket or purse every day, so there can't be a whole lot new with them, right? Not so fast, gadget fan! Have a look at Flex-O-Loc. It's a short length of plastic-coated cable that can hold [...]

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When I'm considering a new pair of earphones, I usually skip the in-ear variety because they seem to always fall out of my ears and I don't like the noise isolation feature that they usually possess. When Moshi Audio approached me to ask if I would be interested in reviewing their Clarus earphones, their ear loop [...]

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Truffol Station - 01

Okay, I just recently declared the Bolse 5-port USB desktop charger my favorite gadget of 2014. Now along comes the Truffol Station 5 with very similar functionality wrapped in a handsome wood exterior. It could look great on my nightstand! Can a pretty face lure me away from last year’s true love? Let’s take a look.  [...]

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Wear all the bags!  I've always been a fan of Incase backpacks.  I've used one in the past when I used to travel daily on public transportation, and it kept my tech gear protected.  This past month Incase was kind enough to send me their ICON Pack and City Collection Compact backpack along with some extra goodies [...]

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I have a Swiss Army knife, which is pretty darn useful.  It is useful not only because it is small and easy to carry, it is also extremely useful because of all the things it can do.  So when I saw the Coolstream Car Chat+ I thought about my Swiss Army knife, because the Car Chat+ [...]

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Click through for this week's list of updated reviews. Each update is at the bottom of the listed review, so just click and then scroll down to find out if each product turned out to be a keeper or a clunker. Nike+ FuelBand review by Larry Geisz Michi Strengtholic 5600mAh battery charger review by Larry Geisz Cooler Master Duo [...]

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Living in the Midwest, we get more than our fair share of inclement weather. As I type this, in January, it is -8 F air temp with -27 F wind chill. Brisk, baby. Well, more like painful. I've tried many types of winter coats over the years, but I hadn't owned a "puffy" coat since I [...]

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The optical lenses in our eyeglasses have evolved over the years to include bifocals, scratch protection, progressive bifocals, automatic tinting in the sun and more. But the frames that hold these lenses have changed very little over time. Yes, the styles and designs have changed with fashion trends, but the physical design and components of the [...]

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Misfit Flash review

Misfit Flash-1

Another year and more fitness bands to review, or that's how it seems. The truth is, I did not plan on doing another fitness band review anytime soon. I bought a Misfit Flash on sale to replace my now defunct Nike FuelBand and since Julie had reviewed its older sibling the Misfit Shine, I didn't [...]

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The iPad is great to have with you when you know you'll be spending some time waiting.  You can read, surf, play games, or even get some work done while you're waiting for your appointment.  When you travel with the tablet, though, you like to be sure that it's protected from drops, bumps, and scratches, [...]

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If you're like me, you may have devices that have different power/data connections, the most common being the Apple Lightening connector and the more standard µUSB connector.  In my case I have an iPad mini and a Moto G phone, both of which I carry with me most of the time.  This means I have [...]

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