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Whether you are a seasoned athlete or a weekend warrior, chances are that you use something to carry your gear around. And that means everything from a school backpack to a duffle bag, to yes, I've seen it, a grocery bag. But I'm not going to criticize how you carry your stuff, to each their [...]

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One of the fun parts of buying Apple products is the unboxing. You just know that any company that spends that much time and effort on packaging will spend even more effort on the product inside. Bowers and Wilkins products are like that. Unboxing their many headphones is almost as much fun as using them. [...]

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What makes a great dress watch? Slim and lightweight, elegant simplicity, classic looks? I'd say all of the above. I've read that wristwatches are on the decline due to the proliferation of mobile phones with clocks which everyone seems to be carrying everywhere these days. But I happen to believe there is still a place for wristwatches [...]

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Aside from my smartphone, my tablet is the device I use most. I use it to watch movies, read books, listen to music, make purchases, etc.; hardly a day goes by when I don't use my tablet. I often run into two problems when using my tablet. One, the volume isn't always sufficient for me [...]

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It wasn't too long ago that many Bluetooth headsets came with the protruding boom mic so that you didn't have to speak loudly and so that the person on the other end of the phone could hear you more clearly as you spoke. However, it was just a look I could not get used to out [...]

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A8 HUD-01

I love the idea of a heads up display, or HUD.  Jet fighters use them!  Fancy sports cars have them!  It's the stuff of the future, right?  I jumped at the chance to try out the A8 HUD unit with OBD connectivity. The A8 HUD unit consists of a flat, smartphone-shaped bar with a large [...]

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If you ever day dream about becoming a super hero who can see in the dark, through walls, ceilings and more, the FLIR ONE thermal imaging camera will make you feel like you that super power. Just plug it into your iPhone or Android phone and you'll be able to see objects that give off [...]

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shure srh145-20

I know Shure from their line of audio gear, including the famous SM58 microphone.  But headphones?  Not so familiar.  Today I get to try out the Shure SRH145 headphones. Sensitivity:  100 dB SPL/mW lmpedance:  34 Ohms Frequency Range:  25 Hz–18 kHz Weight:  5.28 oz (150 g) without cable Cable Length:  5 ft (1.52 m) Cable [...]

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iPad owners who use the Apple Smart Cover and also like to use a stylus to take notes or draw should check out the REMORA stylus & pen holder project on Kickstarter. It's a leather stylus holder that magnetically sticks to the outside of the smart cover. They sent me one to try out and [...]

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CoocheerHomePowerCenter - 3

So, show of hands. Who doesn't have at least one power strip active in your home? Anyone? And who doesn't have at least two USB chargers plugged into those? Again, no hands? OK, I have the right audience. Coocheer has hit the trifecta of geek power needs with their latest device, dubbed the Home Power [...]

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If you have used computers for any length of time, you have experienced it.  Your computer hard drive or your cellphone dies for one reason or another, and all your files are gone, including all those photos and videos you painstakingly organized into those little yellow folders.  In fact, if you are me, that has [...]

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"But officer, he caused the accident, not me. Really, I swear!" Although you may be telling the truth, you need evidence to back up your claims when it comes to traffic accidents. One way to do that is with a dashcam. Dashcams are windshield mounted cameras that automatically record everything you see out of your [...]

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CarteBlanche - 1

Oops, they did it again. The nice people at Apple, with their new products and popularity, are inspiring an entire ecosystem to sprout up around Watch accessories. We've reviewed several here, and I'm sure that trend will continue. This latest charging stand that I was sent comes from Boostcase, and is a rather formidable presence. [...]

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The Whipping Post roll top backpack is a nice looking bag reminiscent of days gone by. This backpack is made of brown polished leather with a vintage look and feel that reminds me of walking to school a hundred years ago. The rustic bag is large enough to hold a laptop along with your daily gear. Let’s take a [...]

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Kids and many adults like myself enjoy playing with the iconic multi-colored LEGO bricks and mini figures. But if you're looking for a new construction toy that is both educational, and can also be used with LEGO bricks, Laser Pegs light up construction toy sets are an interesting choice. I was sent the 4-in-1 Helicopter [...]

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Nowadays, when you bring up the words record player people automatically assume the ones with two steel chrome turntables with some DJ, wearing Beats headphones, at a rave spinning EDM and trance music and wearing dark sunglasses in a dark club. But that's not the record player I speak about. This is the classic record player [...]

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Esorun iStand 6-1

With each new iPhone release comes a bevy of new products and cases to accommodate them. The most common new items seem to be new phone cases and with new cases come new ideas on how to use the case to better enhance your lifestyle. The iStand 6 phone case from Esorun is one such [...]

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An apron?  What?  Yes.  If you've ever undertaken a household repair project by yourself, you immediately discover that we humans are cursed with only two hands and not enough pockets.  This may be the next best thing. I just moved into a "new" home originally built in the 1930's.  Can you say "Honey-Do List?"  However, [...]

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I have trouble with repetitive stress syndrome (RSS), and I have small hands, so finding a mouse that doesn’t make my hand hurt can be difficult. On the surface, the iPazzPort Pen Mouse Pointer, Model KP-810-38, seems to be a potential solution to the problem. However, there is one issue that makes this pen mouse [...]

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I want a drone. I have no idea what I'd really use one for, but I want one anyway. When the folks at Silverlit asked if I would like to review their new SpyCam Nano, I was really excited because first of all it's a drone with a built-in camera and secondly, it's so small [...]

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