I don't take my blood pressure on a regular basis, but maybe I should.  I have EMT training so I own a manual sphygmomanometer ("blood pressure cuff") as well as a tabletop automatic and a portable. The Koogeek BP2, however, looked so small and sleek, I knew I had to give it a try. The… Read More

Here we go again, another season, another Fugoo speaker. Fugoo is a wireless Bluetooth speaker maker that has always been just outside  the heavily advertised mainstream of Beats, JBL or Bose. That’s too bad, because Fugoo consistently makes some of the best wireless speakers available. For this long, hot summer of 2017, Fugoo has improved… Read More

What's better than a cozy hoodie jacket on a cool day? How about a cozy hoodie jacket that has lots of pockets for your favorite gear? Sound good? Then you will want to read this review of the SCOTTeVEST Hoodie Cotton jacket. Is it too soon in the review to reveal that I love this jacket? … Read More

The StarTech Drive Duplicator and Eraser for SATA and USB Flash Drives is a powerful, simple to use, and versatile tool for IT professionals or consumers who routinely need to manage a number of different types of data drives. Although it's lacking in documentation and is a bit expensive at the suggested retail price of $796.99, the… Read More

I have five quick review updates for you this week of reviews that I've posted in the last 2 years. Why go back and update old review? Because we like to follow up with updates for products that we continue to use well after the original review has been posted. This gives people a good… Read More

Most smartphones and tablets do not have expandable memory. One way around this is to purchase the device with as much built-in memory as possible. But for those of you that didn't think that far ahead when you bought your device and now find that storage space is low, you might want to consider a… Read More

Phone, tablet, phablet. The market parlance around these three items is somewhat murky, but I'm still not sure there are folks for whom a phablet isn't a better device than a phone. To test this theory, I volunteered when Julie offered the team the Gearbest Cube WP10 4G Phablet, a Windows 10 tablet with phone… Read More

I fashion myself as somewhat of an amateur photographer. I’ve been fascinated with photography ever since I took Mr. Bunton’s "Intro to Photography" class way back in the ninth grade. And like a lot of people I love taking photos with my iPhone. Apple forever changed the way we take photographs when they introduced the… Read More

Throughout most of recorded history, a pointed staff has been the preferred method of directing an audience's attention towards an item displayed during a presentation. A significant advancement came in the 1980's with the advent of the laser pointer, which allowed presenters to identify specific items on large screens from great distances.  These days, in… Read More

Security cameras and nanny cams have become a huge market. Even baby monitors have added night vision capabilities, so you can just grab your phone from your pocket, desk, or nightstand and check on anything you've decided to secure at a moment's notice. D-Link, a longtime maker of routers and wireless equipment, recently sent The… Read More

There's something magical about charcoal grilling, especially during the long days of summer. You just can't replicate that taste on a gas grill. Since 2013 BBQ Dragon has been bringing new innovations to the charcoal grilling market, and I have one of their latest gadgets on the back patio for testing. It's the Chimney of… Read More

The Pocket Shot Slingshot is an innovative, modern take on the classic slingshot design. With the addition of the Pocket Hammer handle and Arrow Cap, this reimagining of the classic Y-shaped slingshot, a circular design which replaces strong rubber bands with an elastic pouch, is incredibly effective and so much fun to use. The original… Read More

We all love our gadgets, but until the day comes when the can all recharge wirelessly, we need charging adapters and charging cables. Keeping the adapters and cables together and neatly organized isn't an easy task unless you have help like the Cord Commander. Let's check it out. The Cord Commander is a simple product… Read More

Since 2000, the SCOTTeVEST (SeV) designers have been producing their patented TEC (Technology Enabled Clothing) for those tech-heads who want to inconspicuously transport their EDC gear without the need for a bag, backpack, or briefcase. For this review, SeV has sent me their new 30-pocketed Enforcer jacket designed specifically with law enforcement, military, and gun… Read More

We've reviewed a variety of drones over the years, from the high-end Chroma 4K drone to the teeny tiny Axis Vidius drone. But this is the Eachine E55 is the first folding pocket drone that we've had the opportunity to review. And after my experience with this one, it might be the last... Let's take… Read More