While it may look like a tiny plastic iceberg, the Notti Smart Light with Notifications serves many functions.  It is an LED lamp that can produce a million colors, and it can serve as an accent light for your room.  It can put on a light show for you, alert you to messages, and wake [...]

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Another day, another review of earphones with tunable filters. What was once a rare occurrence isn't uncommon anymore. RHA, Torque and others have jumped on the filter express and it doesn't show any sign of slowing down. British audio company Rock Jaw has now made the filter leap with its Alfa Genus earphone. The Alfa Genus [...]

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Summer here in NY is the perfect time for spending time outdoors. A few weeks ago I participated in The Color Run, which a 5K race that celebrates happiness through throwing tons of color and sparkles on everyone. Since I had the chance to review the Amkov AMK5000 action camera, I brought it to this run to test the capabilities! Note: [...]

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The trend for minimalist wallets continues with no end in sight. All you have to do is search Kickstarter for the keyword "wallet" and you'll see what I mean. Speaking of Kickstarter and minimalist wallets, I have a new one to show you today. It's the Decadent Minimalist DM1 wallet. If that name sounds familiar to [...]

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Buying a vacuum can be a lot like buying a new car. Like cars, vacuums are expensive, come in sub-compact, compact, mid-sized and full-sized models with all sorts of options that you may or may not need. I've reviewed quite a few vacuums in the past few years, but keep looking for my holy grail of [...]

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iClever 6 Port USB Travel Wall Charger-1

Is it me, or does just about every device I own now plug into a USB charger? My cell phone, my camera, my Bluetooth headphones, even my flashlight batteries. I love my devices, but I never seem to have enough USB ports or USB ports with enough power to charge my items in a timely [...]

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Aside from my car, I generally don't listen to music unless I have headphones on.  I don't know why this is.  I think I'm embarrassed by my strange taste in music.  Since earbuds are uncomfortable to me, I decided to take a look at the Samson SR550 Over-Ear Studio Headphones. Over-ear studio headphones Dynamic, detailed [...]

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BiasFX, an iOS app from Positive Grid, promises to turn your iPad into a world-class guitar amp and effects processor. With dozens of high-quality amp simulations, stomp boxes, and rack-like processors, this software aims high.  Does it hit the mark?  This review is guest-written by my husband, Butch, who will help us answer this question. Evaluation Setup: I [...]

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I still don't own a laptop.  Somehow, the iPad has worked out well for me.  There are times I wish it had a keyboard, so I'm always on the hunt for a decent keyboard, but not a laptop.  Is the Felix WriteOn Bluetooth Keyboard the one? Bluetooth(R) technology and a lithium ion battery with intelligent [...]

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I’m a frequent traveler, and I use my portable devices heavily while traveling, so having a good back-up battery is essential to my daily life. The iHome Omni 3,000 mAH Portable Battery fits that bill. If I get to the airport early enough, I grab one of those chairs that offer USB and standard plug [...]

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I'm a klutz. That's no good especially when carrying a $650 phone. I must have dropped my previous phone a dozen times on concrete, but thanks to its slim military standard drop tested Candyshell Speck case, it didn't suffer any damage. When I upgraded to my present phone, a Nexus 6, I was going to [...]

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As a police officer, I spend a significant portion of my day in a vehicle, patrolling. While on patrol, I enjoy having something to listen to in the background. In the past I was satisfied listening to terrestrial radio, but more and more I find I'd rather listen to streaming radio or podcasts. None of our [...]

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Over the past few years, NKMOS Design Technology has created several versions of their premium smart-device car mounts: the Ultima and Ultima S, both of which began as crowdfunded Kickstarter efforts. Late last year (2014) they began a new Kickstarter project attempting to raise funding for a high end universal tablet stand. The AirStand is [...]

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I recently bought a new Macbook Pro with Retina display, and have been looking for a dock to use with my widescreen monitor and various peripherals. There are a bunch of thunderbolt docks available by brands such as Belkin, CalDigit and Elgato, but I got the chance to look at the Kanex Thunderbolt 2 Express dock. [...]

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I love the ability to customize my iPhone with different phone cases. Normally, I stick to full body cases, since they provide the most protection and (usually) style. The drawback? You spend however much on your thin gold (or other colored) iPhone only to smother it in a bulky case to have enough protection. The [...]

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We're back with a new batch of review updates from this year, last year and even a review from 2008 for a Black & Decker tool set. Good or bad, we will keep bringing you updates to our past reviews so that you can get an idea how some products continue to perform (or not) [...]

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Last December, I reviewed the i-FlashDrive external storage for iOS device from Brando.  It was basically a flash drive that plugged into an iOS device with a Lightning connector to serve as a backup and/or external storage device, and it could work with a computer as a flash drive.  It was a convenient way to [...]

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When I travel, I have several gadgets I bring with me. For the past few years I have been using a beat-up backpack I purchased a decade ago, before tablets and smartphones were commonplace. While my old backpack got the job done, it wasn't built to organize and contain today's modern devices. I'd been looking [...]

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fluke linksprinter300-02

When it comes to home networks, I always prefer a wired internet connection over WiFi.  When you've got a bunch of unmarked cables hidden behind the walls, you need all the help you can get.  I'm not an IT professional, but I thought I'd add the Fluke Networks LinkSprinter to my "bag of tricks" when [...]

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Razer Tactical Gaming Backpack-1

If you are a serious PC gamer then you have probably heard of Razer products. If you are not a gamer, Razer is the maker of high-end PC gaming systems,  gaming peripherals and accessories for not only PC games, but also for console gaming systems. Having a gaming laptop is great for portability, but what [...]

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