Campark Sports Camera-01

This summer I bought my son a remote controlled car.  Soon, I thought "what if I could attach a camera to it?"  I already had GoPro cameras, but I wasn't sure mounting them to a zippy kid's toy that's prone to crashing.  Fortunately, I had the chance to review the Campark Sports Camera, which boasts [...]

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The Bellini Kitchen Master is kind of like a really gorgeous guy you always imagined would be the perfect boyfriend till he became your boyfriend, and you realized he wasn’t so perfect, though you still felt you needed to believe it because of all the wonderful packaging. Besides, everybody says he’s wonderful, so it really [...]

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Having an easy way to mount your smartphone in your car is important if you want to use the phone for navigation or for in-car audio entertainment. There are all sorts of solutions on the market to mount phones to windshields, air vents, CD slots and more. When I'm shopping for a car mount, I [...]

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Pebblebee Stone review


I'm a huge fan of home automation. Several of the lights in my house are programmed to turn on when a person walks in the room, turn off when there is no longer motion, or turn off at a specific time. Although I love my setup, some of my lights can only be turned on [...]

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  Home automation is totally my jam and I really can't seem to get enough of it.   The devices that I have so far are all compatible with the Amazon Echo and I thought this would be enough for me, however....this Koogeek Smartplug is the first device I've tried that is compatible with Apple [...]

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If you are reading this review, that probably means you have more than one remote that you use to control your home entertainment equipment. I have four physical remotes that I use when I want to watch shows on my TV. There's the DirecTV remote, my Onkyo AV receiver remote, the Roku remote and a [...]

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Levitator Standup Desk


Wow! That was my first reaction when I opened the box for my Levitator stand up desk.  Was it a desk or art?  The acrylic panels are so bright and airy, and cheerful! My office is not, it has more of a quiet and peaceful vibe to it, I wondered how the Levitator would fit in.  [...]

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There are tons of different types of keyboards out there.  Some are good for home use, some for quiet offices, and other for gaming. VicTsing Technology has come to us with the chance to review the fun looking TOMOKO 104-Key Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. I love the tactile feedback of mechanical switches, so let's see [...]

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I've reviewed a few noise canceling headphones over the years and one constant in all those reviews is that noise canceling alters the sound of whatever music you're playing—and not in a good way. It seems to be the nature of the beast—if you want to block out distracting noise, be prepared to pay the [...]

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A few years ago when I was over at my brother in law's home, he asked if we wanted some fresh apple juice. He then proceeded to juice up a batch of apples for us with a new juicer he had purchased. The juice tasted great, but then he spent the next several minutes cleaning [...]

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Over Memorial Day weekend, I went on a trip to visit the in-laws, and thought it would be a perfect chance to try out some new luggage. This time, however, I wanted to forego checking a bag and rely solely on carry-on luggage for a week long trip. Standard Luggage Co. offered their carry-on backpack to [...]

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I've been using a Roku device for several years to stream Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu content to my non-smart 55" Samsung TV in my living room. We use the Roku pretty much every weekend to watch movies or binge watch various shows like Friends, Orange is the New Black, Grace and Frankie, and others. [...]

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In an increasingly crowded world of portable Bluetooth devices, a few speakers manage to stand apart from the crowd—some for good reasons and some for bad. A company called Maqe (pronounced make) has come up with a unique way to set its new SoundJump speaker apart from the me-too crowd. Sure, it’s a gimmick, but [...]

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Have you seen the acronym IoT? It stands for Internet of Things and according to Google it means: a proposed development of the Internet in which everyday objects have network connectivity, allowing them to send and receive data. Someone at google needs to update their definitions because this isn't something we'll have in the future. It's [...]

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Earlier this year I reviewed the Toast wood skin for the Nexus 6p. Its unique material and precision design, while adding little to no bulk was just the minimalistic protection I wanted for my Nexus 6p. Add in the fact, it adhered directly to my device greatly reducing the chance of grit and grime building up [...]

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