LG G4 review


Even though I'm the Gadgeteer, I don't upgrade my personal phone every few months like some people might expect. I'm still using the LG G3 that I purchased last August. That means that in a few short weeks that I'll have been using the same phone for an entire year. Are you shocked? That doesn't mean [...]

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I was a relatively early adopter of smartwatches; I owned the original Pebble smartwatch before upgrading to a Moto 360 last February. Admittedly, I was initially skeptical of their usefulness; however, my smartwatch quickly and seamlessly integrated itself into my daily routine. The ability to dismiss calls, quickly reply to text messages, and receive notifications from [...]

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Last year, I reviewed the Phiaton Bridge MS 500 headphones and found them to be stylish (if you like red), well-made, comfortable, and sound quite good for the price. At a slightly higher price, Phiaton offers a wireless Bluetooth headphone with active noise canceling. The Chord MS 530 is more comfortable, lighter and yet still [...]

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Have you ever read one of our older reviews from weeks, months or even years ago and wondered if we are still using the products? Would you like to know more about how our favorite and not so favorite products have stood the test of time? If you answered yes to those questions, these review [...]

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We Gadgeteers carry our phones everywhere. Even using wearable tech, we still want a phone with us, especially when we're driving. The GPS/Mapping apps and constant connectivity your phone gives you can be the difference between sitting at a confusing intersection, trying to unfold that stupid gas station map and breezing through, confident of your [...]

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Marley Get Together-01b

I've been on a personal quest to find the "perfect" Bluetooth speaker.  This time, I get to check out one unit that struck me with handsome good looks from The House of Marley called the Get Together.  Do sound and function match outward appearances? According to their website, The House of Marley "is built on [...]

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SamsonGoMicDirect - 2

If you’re using your computer for any sort of sound input, you’ve probably already decided the built-in microphone is useless after more than the occasional snippet. If you’re doing voiceover for video or Skyping/FaceTiming for any kind of podcast or hangout, you need a better mic. Samson Electronics makes a full range of audio products, [...]

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In the worlds of rucking, backpacking, hiking and travel, there is an axiom: "Ounces become pounds." This is loosely translated as, "Even small, lightweight items can add up to a lot of extra weight when walking around carrying that weight for miles."  That's one reason why absorbent microfiber towels have become popular among folks who participate in [...]

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UrbanArmorAviator - 9

Ah, the quandry of cases. Designers keep making phones and tablets thinner and lighter, and it sometimes seems that case manufacturers seek to make up for this by making cases stiffer, heavier, and bulkier. With my currently active phone, I started out without a case. It was the first phone I didn't immediately entomb in [...]

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case logic kontrast-06

On the heels of my recent review of the GOcase Compact GoPro Case, we have the Case Logic Kontrast action camera case.  Yes, THAT Case Logic.  The very name conjures up memories of cassette and CD organizers of my youth.  Let's see what today's Case Logic comes up with. Compatible with up to 2 action cameras, [...]

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About two years ago I bought a fixer upper for my family and I. Unfortunately, I can't afford to hire contractors; therefore, the bulk of the "fixer upping" is left to me. I rarely mind doing the work so long as I can listen to music at the same time. In the past,  I would [...]

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choetech C0045S-01

More power!  That's the cry of today's desktop.  If you're anything like me, you probably have a tangled web of mismatched chargers, or you may find yourself looking behind furniture for that spare outlet to test out some gadget.  The CHOETECH Desktop Multi USB Power Strip aims to address this in one simple package. The CHOETECH Desktop [...]

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I was excited to receive this sample to review from ONANOFF. Being a music aficionado and an avid iPad Air 1 user, I was stoked when I read the company’s description and claim that this flat panel speaker/case, would improve the sound of my iPad Air by 400%. As you can imagine, I was a [...]

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When you don't always need to carry a laptop and don't even always need to take a tablet, it can be hard to find a single gear bag that works for you every day.  I almost never need a laptop with me, but I often want to take along my iPad Air 2, so I'm [...]

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When is the last time you gave much thought to mice? No, not the critters with beady little eyes, I'm talking about the mice you use with your desktop and laptop computers. Other than wireless, there really hasn't been that much innovation in the input device that millions of people use every day. Until now. The [...]

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When a company has a successful product launch and needs funding for follow-up products, more and more of them are turning to funding sites like Kickstarter. Kickstarter has been responsible for many successful product launches; the most famous probably being Neil Young’s PONO music player. In 2013, I reviewed the Torque t103z in-ear-headphones and was [...]

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I consider myself an ordinary person and like most ordinary folks I am always looking for ways to save a buck or two. One of my household's biggest expenses, especially in the summer, is our power bill. I do consider myself fortunate as my power bills do tend to be on the lower side for [...]

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inatek hb4009-01

So you've got two computers on your desk.  Windows, Mac, or one of each?  OK, now what if you wanted to move files between the two?  Instead of flash drives, setting up a home network and storage, or even emailing yourself a file (we've all done that before!), how about just one USB device that [...]

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As earphones become ubiquitous in our daily lives for music on the go, it becomes more important than ever to consider sound quality. Are we getting the best sound for our money? Probably not. Is there better audio available than what we get from our stock ear buds that came free with our smartphones? You [...]

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I am a huge advocate for the use of screen protectors. I have been a fan since the beginning; starting with those overpriced, thin sheets of plastics to the messy liquid applied protectors to tempered glass and now engineered systems to keep your smart device's round-edged screen safe and protected. The engineers at Bodyguardz have [...]

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