If you ever wondered about taking that step into owning a smartwatch but were afraid of the complexity and the price then I think the GW01 from Ulefone will be a pleasant surprise in the right direction. With cell phones in everyone's pocket and the progression of day-to-day technology, having a smartwatch on your wrist would be [...]

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This is Max. He's a stray cat that we've had for about 12 years or so. We think he's part Maine Coon because he's so large and has some of the characteristics of that breed. He acts more like a dog than a cat and likes to follow us around indoors and out. Max is diabetic [...]

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If you have been following any of the Tour de France as it rounds its way through Europe, you have seen a segment or two captured by a handlebar, helmet or seat mounted GoPro. These shots often capture the essence of the race: clearly depicting the speed, endurance, congestion and competitive nature of the event. But not [...]

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I have just had the opportunity to review a second Burkley case. That's an unusually generous offer from the Burkley folks, and there is a paragraph later, for those who are interested, about why that should be. How do I like it? How does it fit the iPhone 6s? Let's see. A colleague of mine who [...]

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If you’ve ever wondered how some of the products that we review stand up over time, this post is for you. This week Kathleen Chapman and I have updated some of our past reviews with new info on how well the product is still working - or not. Click through to see a list of [...]

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  If capturing virtual creatures around your town with the Pokémon Go app isn't your idea of a fun time, consider geocaching which is another outdoor hunting game. To play you'll need to use your smartphone or a GPS unit like the Magellan eXplorist GC which I'm going to tell you about today. The Magellan eXplorist GC is [...]

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Those of you with laptops know the hassle of plugging and unplugging peripherals when you need to expand the capabilities of your computer. More specifically those of you with Macintosh laptops have never had the option of an Apple made docking station. Well the engineers at OWC have designed a single cable solution to connect [...]

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In 2013, I reviewed the Meze 73 Classics headphones. I liked the sound and the use of wood for the ear cups. It helped project a warm and friendly audio quality that was easy to listen to for hours. All this holds true for the new 99 Classics headphone. Meze has trimmed their entire headphone [...]

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Dedicated point and shoot cameras (and maybe even DSLR cameras) aren't nearly as popular as they were before smartphones came on the scene. Now we mainly use our phones to take pictures because they are always with us and are smaller and lighter. But with smartphone cameras come some drawbacks like the lack of a [...]

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Every so often a product comes out that sounds in theory like a great idea but in practice it unfortunately falls short. Soundbars have been a staple ever since LCD TV's replaced plasma TV's. Why? The sound quality on LCD TV's are terrible due to their ultra thin design. When I first read the details of the [...]

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I'm still looking for my favorite pair of wireless headphones and the newest pair that I'm testing are the Jesbod QY13 Bluetooth V4.1 Headphones. They sound great when paired to my Nexus 6P, have a unique power on/off switch and great battery life. But there's always one thing that you wish you could improve... keep reading to [...]

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A few weeks back, I reviewed the Collins vertical iPad/laptop bag from Brenthaven that I'd bought a while back for my iPad Air 2. I was looking for a similar bag for my iPad Pro. They now make one in that size, but I was hesitant. The two things I had mentioned that I would [...]

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If you want to capture images and video of wildlife, you need a camera that has been designed with weather resistance, motion detection and night vision. Trail cameras are designed specifically for this task. The WildKamera Wild-Vision Full HD 5.0 trail camera is my second trail camera review. Let's see what critters it was able [...]

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Drones are becoming ubiquitous in society; you can buy them everywhere from Best Buy to 7-Eleven. There is an incredible amount of variety available should you be interested in a drone. I've had the opportunity to review drones big and small, expensive and cheap. Recently I was given the Eachine E10C mini video drone to [...]

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Imagine you’re a member of the crew of the USS Enterprise. You are part of an elite away team, along with Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock, and for some unknown reason, Dr. McCoy. Aliens are attacking your team from all sides. You need suppressing fire power to rain down from above. What do you do? As [...]

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