Galaxy ZEGA tank game review


I've always loved remote controlled toys, and my son (age 10) has always had a fascination with tanks.  Recently he made a Lego tank of his own design, complete with the treads.  When I saw the Galaxy ZEGA remote control tank game, I knew I had to give it a try. I had never heard of [...]

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Yoo RX Fitness Band review


I'm a self-proclaimed health and fitness guru and I try and hit the gym every other day and walk/run a few miles outside as well for no other reason than -  I love to feel good! However...working out and burning those calories can be tedious and down right boring at times. Throwing a fitness band [...]

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Do you want to create your own 3D videos but think it will cost too much and be too difficult? If you have an Android device with a micro USB port, the Weeview Eye-Plug camera will let you  capture your own VR movies for less than $50. But does the old saying "you get what [...]

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Why does it seem like the lightest and thinnest laptops always have the bulkiest chargers? Laptops are fantastic until you have to travel with them and carry all the necessary accessories that go along with them. If your laptop only weighs 2 lbs, but the charger and cable weigh 1-2 lbs, where's the advantage to [...]

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About a year ago, Nomad, those folks who understand wandering Gadgeteers and their need for on-the-go charging, released a product called the Pod for Apple Watch. It's basically a battery that has an internal spool to hold a charging puck (not provided) in a compact, hockey-puck sized case. I was working at Apple at the [...]

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As the many people, kids and adults alike, continue to use their smartphones and iPhones as a main source for a video camera, the HD quality resolution that the phones record is nothing less than stellar. So it is no surprise that outlets such as news stations, filmmakers, content creators and TV production houses have [...]

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A few months ago I was given the opportunity to review the VAVA Voom Bluetooth speaker. While reviewing it, I found it was a nice speaker, but had a few issues that kept it from reaching greatness. VAVA recently released their newest speaker, the Voom 20. According to VAVA, the Voom 20 "seeks to redefine [...]

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Most of us who bike, work and live in places where we have to interact constantly with motorized vehicular traffic. Since it's very important for the drivers to know you are present, safety reflectors are a part of almost every bike sold. And most of them are cheap plastic things that get easily damaged, look [...]

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I can’t tell you how many times I’ve reached my fingers out to my desktop screen expecting it to react like my phone or iPad. I’ve become so used to touch navigation I expect it everywhere. The MaskTouch, touchscreen accessory for Apple iMac proves that I’m not alone. This product was original named “Zorro Macsk” [...]

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Now that I'm considering switching to an iPhone 7 Plus, my quest to find the ultimate pair of wireless earbuds is really heating up and the latest pair that I've been testing are the Epic2 Bluetooth wireless sport earbuds from JLab. Yay or nay? Let's find out? The JLab Epic2 Bluetooth earbuds are wireless earbuds [...]

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Since moving into my house a year ago, I have been blessed with having a central air unit. From this spring on, I'd been itching to upgrade my thermostat from the original, basic model to a smart thermostat. Just before the last heat wave of the summer, I was able to test out the Wiser [...]

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Yes, I'm a little too short for a stormtrooper. But my head is just the right size for the iRestore Laser Hair Growth System hat / helmet / cap / thingy. Actually, they call it a dome. What is it and why am I wearing it? Keep reading to find out. The iRestore Laser Hair Growth System is [...]

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Managing cables and dongles is getting easier, but the curse of mobile battery usage and the need for chargers is still with us. Traveling with your full kit for a few days can really escalate that, since you usually have to dig out the chargers that live under your desk, or under/beside your bed. As [...]

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How do you easily capture events with your camera that span minutes, hours or even days without having to manually snap each image? You can use your DSLR and special software and even your smartphone with special apps. But if you want to take a time-lapse of something outdoors, you run the risk of weather [...]

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Not so long ago a group of friends and I were discussing how a vacation property we were staying at didn't have an wine aerator. One friend took a jab at another and jokingly said, "that wouldn't help the cheap hooch you drink anyway!" We all laughed and went on to talk of other things, but [...]

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