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Seems like just yesterday the world was introduced to wireless headphones, now they're everywhere. So many models and price points to choose from it can literally make ones head spin. So what makes a good pair of wireless headphones? Well, that can vary from person to person. For me its a few things. Style, comfort… Read More

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If you own an Apple Watch and you're anything like me you're constantly looking for new and unique bands to show it off. If you peruse Amazon there are literally thousands of choices but most of them are just cheaper replicas of watch bands that are already offered by Apple. I present to you the… Read More

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How do you get millions of people to do something they already should be doing? Well, you turn it into a game of course. At least that's what Sencity the company behind the TetraBIN is trying to do. The TetraBIN is a connected trash bin that rewards people for tossing out their trash. It's a… Read More

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Now you can use Amazon's Alexa virtually anywhere you want using Reverb, the new free app from Rain Labs. The app connects to Amazon Echo services and allows you to use Alexa through your Mac, desktop, IOS and Android phones or tablets. And you don't need to be connected to wifi to use it. When you open the… Read More

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I have met the future and her name is Alexa. Most of us know Amazon for their great Amazon Prime shopping feature. I mean who doesn't love free two-day shipping. However, today I'll be talking about Amazon's foray into the future of voice activated technology. The Amazon Echo Dot. Specifically the second generation model. Due… Read More

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Feeling nostalgic? Then take a look at Elago's latest product for the Apple Watch. The W3 stand, which uses the Apple Watches Night Stand mode to create the iconic look of an original Macintosh monitor. With the Apple Watch in Night Stand Mode it's green font really makes your Apple Watch look like a vintage Macintosh… Read More

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Ever dream of using Alexa in your car? Now you can with the ZeroTouch smart car mount from Logitech. The ZeroTouch turns your car into a connected car, so you can send text messages, make hands-free calls, get directions and control your music. The new collaboration  with Logitech and Amazon's Alexa Service now adds Alexa… Read More

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