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REVIEW – If you prioritize clean drinking water and use a standard filter pitcher, check out my review of the Waterdrop C1S Countertop CoreRO System.

What is it?

The Waterdrop C1S Countertop CoreRO System is a user-friendly water filtration system with 5-stage RO filtration.

What’s included?

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  • Waterdrop C1S Countertop CoreRO System dispenser
  • Drip tray
  • Filter
  • Feed water tank
  • Pure water tank
  • User manual

Tech specs

  • Model: WD-C1S-US
  • Size: (L*W*H) 15.6″ x 10.9″ x 17.0″
  • Feed Water Temperature: 41-100 °F/5-38°C
  • Daily Production Rate: 75 GPD
  • Feed Water Requirement: Municipal Tap Water
  • Power: 50 W
  • System Voltage: 100-240 V
  • Rated Frequency: 50-60 Hz
  • Feed Water Tank Capacity: 3.2L/0.85G
  • Pure water tank Capacity: 1L/0.26 G

Design and features

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The Waterdrop C1S Countertop CoreRO water filtration system is a compact and convenient countertop water filtration system that measures 15.6″ x 10.9″ x 17.0″. You can place it anywhere in your kitchen, living room, or office. The front of the system has a touch-screen control panel that allows you to view filter life, adjust and view water volume, monitor TDS (Total Dissolved Solids), save your preferred water volume, and dispense water.

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Additionally, the system comes with a drip tray that attaches to the front magnetically.

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On the top front of the unit, you will find the dispenser’s top cover, filter, and pure water tank.

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The pure water tank has a detachable design that’s easy to remove and has a capacity of 34 oz.

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Around the back of the Waterdrop C1S Countertop CoreRO water filtration system are the feed water tank w/cover and the power cord. The feed water tank has a capacity of 3.2L. It has an easy-to-remove cover and a built-in handle, making it simple to remove and refill.

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The Waterdrop C1S uses a 5-in-1 filter that reduces up to 99% of impurities, including TDS(Total Dissolved Solids), chlorine, fluoride, arsenic, lead, and more. The filter has a lifespan of 12 months.

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Setting up and using the Waterdrop C1S is easy. To begin with, you need to flush the filter before the first use. This can be done by filling the feed water tank and plugging in the system. Once done, the Waterdrop C1S CoreRO System takes over and does all the work. During the flushing process, the control panel displays the progress in percentage, which reaches 100% upon completion. The entire process takes around 30 minutes.

Operation and settings

The Waterdrop C1S Countertop CoreRO water filtration system is easy to use. The touch-screen control panel wakes when you touch it. You can select the volume of water you want from the touch-screen. Water can be dispensed manually, or you can choose from 5 presets: 4oz, 8oz, 16oz, 20oz, and max. Pressing and holding the water volume for 3 seconds increases the volume by increments of 2 for a more customizable experience.

Use and performance

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I have been using the C1S water dispenser for a few weeks and am really happy with it. It is very easy to use and consistently produces great-tasting clean water. I especially love the convenience of simply placing my 32oz water bottle under the tap, selecting the preset volume, and then being able to go about my business as it fills. Although the water flow isn’t the fastest (it takes around 80 seconds to fill my 32oz water bottle), the fact that I don’t have to stand there and watch it or pour it myself easily makes up for it.

I noticed a couple of things. The pure water tank is designed to be removed and sized to fit perfectly in the refrigerator. However, the website doesn’t mention that the dispenser cannot be used if the tank is removed. I found a workaround using my old pitcher (minus the filter) to fill it with water from the pure water tank and store it in the fridge. Another option is to purchase an additional pure water tank for $25 on Amazon, which I plan to do because it will take up less space in my fridge. Additionally, I wish the feed water tank were larger so I would have to refill it less often.

What I like about the Waterdrop C1S CoreRO System

  • Easy to use
  • Compact design
  • 5-stage filtration
  • Detachable pure water tank
  • Five preset volume options
  • Customizable volume options and the ability to save favorites
  • 12-month filter life

What I’d change

  • Larger water feed tank
  • Ability to use the unit when the pure water tank is removed

Final thoughts

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Overall, the Waterdrop C1S Countertop CoreRO water filtration system is an upgrade from a standard filter pitcher and is worth investing in.

Price: $199
Where to buy: Waterdrop &  Amazon (save 5% with code: WDgadgeteer5  expires on 4/26/2024)
Source: The sample for this review was provided by Waterdrop.

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