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Hello loyal Gadgeteer readers. It's Saturday evening, so you know what that means... t's time to catch up on any articles from the past week that you might have missed. We had a little of everything this week, from my EDC update and T-Mobile coverage articles, to a headphones, earphones, and dash cam reviews. Click [...]

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Today (January, 23rd) is National Handwriting Day, an annual celebration which was started three years ago in 2013 by Moleskine. To celebrate this occasion, you're encouraged to temporarily put down your smartphones and computer keyboards, and use your favorite pen and notebook to write a note. Then use your phone to take a picture of your [...]

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How many devices do you own that require charging via a USB cable? As you can probably imagine, I can't even count all the devices that I have at my house. We have charging cables in the kitchen, cables in the bedroom and cables in the Gadgeteer HQ office. There has to a tidier and easier [...]

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Back in 2014, Dave Rees wrote about his positive experience when he switched to T-Mobile. He would regularly suggest that I also try T-Mobile's Test Drive kit, which at that time provided an iPhone and a SIM card on loan for a week's worth of testing. In May of last year, I finally ordered my [...]

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The Quiver Pro is a specially designed 100% American leather holder for the iPad Pro & Apple Pencil. It fits over existing iPad Pro covers like the Apple Smart Keyboard and Apple Smart Cover, and provides a convenient way to carry and store the Pencil stylus along with the Apple Lightening Cap, power adapter and [...]

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I was brainstorming for article ideas yesterday, when I realized that I haven't posted an EDC update in almost year.  It's time to remedy that situation! This will be part one of my EDC update as I audit what I carry each day and decide if there are items that I can drop and items that [...]

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For those of you like myself, who enjoy using a paper journal / notebook, do you love the notebook that you're currently using? Joe and Ryan of First Draft Co. set out to create a notebook that they would love to use. They sent me one of their US made notebooks to see if I would love [...]

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If I can find one product that can do five things, the minimalist in me will choose it over five separate products that can only do one thing each. That's why the Kickstarter project for the PACE lid caught my eye. The PACE lid replaces the existing lid of wide mouth Nalgene, MSR, and Klean [...]

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January is already halfway over, are you still keeping up with your new year's resolutions? If one of your resolutions for the new year is to make sure you read every single thing we post here on the Gadgeteer, then bravo for you! To help you out, I have created a neatly organized list of [...]

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Have you ever found yourself needing to view your mobile device hands-free? Maybe you're at a coffee shop enjoying a cup of joe and a scone, but also want to watch a video while you're eating and drinking. The Tiltcard is a credit card sized steel stand that props up your smartphone or small tablet [...]

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TEC Accessories is now offering a new version of their PicoPen which I reviewed back in 2009. Their original EDC pen was made of stainless steel and was pretty tiny. This new version is the PicoPen Ti and it's longer, wider and stronger. Let's take a look. The new PicoPen Ti is noticeably larger when [...]

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Cloud based security cameras like the Nest Cam, Logitech's Logi Circle cam, the FLIR FX security camera and others are very popular because they are easy to setup, have a mobile app and don't require special wiring to use them. Then there are wireless IP cameras like those from Foscam that are also easy to [...]

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Cue the SNL grumpy old man voice... Why, back in my day, our sheet music was made of paper with real pages that we had to turn with our hands, and we liked it! Today, musicians display their sheet music on tablets and computers because it's easier to read with a backlit screen and you [...]

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Scosche (pronounced skosh) is starting out 2016 with a new addition to their award-winning family of magicMOUNT magnetic mounting systems. The new magicMOUNT PRO features two dash mounts versions and a vent mount version. All versions of the magicMOUNT PRO use neodymium magnets with 30% greater strength than previous versions to safely and securely hold [...]

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Virtual reality headsets like the much talked about Oculus Rift are the next big thing in immersive entertainment and education. Feeling like you're really part of a game, "traveling" to new destinations without leaving your home and learning new skills from your couch are quickly becoming a reality. Just a few weeks ago, I read an [...]

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We have our first full week of 2016 under our belts now. I hope yours was as good as mine. If it wasn't, I have something to help make it better, a list of everything we posted this week here on The Gadgeteer. There's news and reviews on your favorite topic - gadgets! So click through [...]

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I'm a huge fan of Keyport's Slide key organizers and carried the Slide 2.0 for a couple of years until I began a minimalist phase and switched to something even smaller than the Slide. My alternative solution worked ok, but I missed the Slide. That's why I was very excited when I found out that [...]

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Last week I told you about a jump rope that doubles as a charger by charging its internal 1800 mAh lithium-ion battery as you twirl the rope. If you like jumping rope, that's an interesting alternative to a traditional backup battery. But for those of you that prefer to walk, bike or run, the AMPY [...]

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The G502 Proteus Core is Logitech's best-selling gaming mouse and things just got better. Their new G502 Proteus Spectrum gaming mouse features Logitech G’s Delta Zero™ optical sensor technology which offers a DPI range of 200 to 12,000, 11 programmable buttons, and advanced surface and weight tuning, so you can customize the mouse to your [...]

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If you've dreamed of being able to control your home with just your voice, Simple Control and an Amazon Echo will give you that power. Imagine sitting on the couch and being able to turn on the TV just by saying "Alexa, tell Simple Control to turn on the TV" or being able to turn [...]

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Samson has announced an addition to their line of mobile friendly microphones with their new Go Mic Connect. The Go Mic Connect features a clip that adjusts to allow for easy mounting to the top of your laptop's display or monitor. It has a cutout on the bottom edge of the clip that prevents it from [...]

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This week at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada, Griffin Technology unveiled their new Travel Power Bank for the Apple Watch. This small keychain sized charging dock features an all-in-one 800 mAh battery and charging cable that will be perfect for travellers who want to keep their Apple Watch charged through a [...]

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For your next party, you can set up your own soda dispenser using this easy to use Creative Dispenser adapter. Just remove the cap from your favorite 2-liter carbonated beverage, screw the Creative Dispenser adapter in its place, flip the bottle over and place on a flat surface. Now all you need is a glass [...]

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How is your new year's resolution to get more fit and lose weight working out for you so far? Yeah, same here. Maybe you need a fitness accessory to help motivate you. Last week I showed you a jump rope that can be used to charge your gadgets and today I have another jump rope [...]

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I love fried foods, but I know they aren't healthy for me. Is there a way to have the same flavor, taste and texture of your favorite fried foods without all the unhealthy oil and grease that goes along with them? The Gourmia GTA2500 air fryer, roaster and cooker has that claim. They offered to [...]

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