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Small RC cars are fun to play with as long as the battery doesn't drain. Having to recharge them every time you want a few minutes of play time can be a hassle. This tiny solar car never runs out of juice as long as the sun is shining. It's a 4-wheeled car that is [...]

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If you own a smartphone or a tablet it's almost a sure thing that you have smudges and fingerprints on the touchscreen. Most of us rub the device on our pant leg or grab a tissue to polish off the nasty smears. If that way of dealing with this issue is just too mediocre for [...]

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Misfit Wearables, makers of the popular disc shaped Misfit Shine activity tracker, just announced the new Technical Tee. This high-performance shirt comes in sizes for both men and women and features a special pocket on the sleeve that has been specially designed to hold the Misfit Shine and Flash trackers. Made of cool, moisture wicking [...]

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One of my must-have features whenever I'm shopping for a new phone is Qi wireless charging. This feature is becoming more common on Android smartphones, but Apple hasn't added it to their iPhones yet, even the brand new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus do not have this handy feature. We've seen 3rd party covers [...]

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Over the years we've reviewed quite a few bags, wallets and covers from Saddleback Leather Company. Leather products from Saddleback are well known for their high quality construction, rugged good looks and their motto: "They'll fight over it when you're dead." Saddleback's latest product won't hold your gadgets when you're on the go, but they will [...]

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We recently had a contest where I asked everyone what they thought about me switching back to a blog style theme instead of the magazine grid theme that we've had for almost a year. There were a lot of comments with suggestions on how to improve things further. I've compiled a list which I've been [...]

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Mounted on your windshield, dash cams are small video cameras that have been designed to record what you see as you drive. Whether it captures that near miss with the deer that ran across the road in front of your car, a collision with another vehicle or maybe just a scenic drive, these cameras are both handy [...]

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Today's gadget deal will help you find a great pair of earphones for under $100. Don't settle for the crummy audio quality that the stock earphones that come packed with your phone or tablet provide. For under 100 dollars you can find a quality pair of earphones that will elevate your music listening enjoyment. This [...]

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Here's a full listing of all the news, reviews and articles that we posted this week in case you missed something. Runtastic Orbit activity tracker review LOFTEK 10 Watts Rechargeable LED Floodlight review LoFree EDGE Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker and Handsfree Speakerphone review Tomy Battroborg Warrior review Everything Tablet 360° case for iPad Air review Apple [...]

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Today's gadget deals offer savings for gaming, music, back up batteries, memory storage and more. Click through for links and coupon codes, but don't wait too long to take advantage of these offers. As always, the coupon codes won't last forever and stock may be limited. Top Deal: Today only! Sony PS4 500GB Gaming Console for [...]

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I usually don't like to post news about prototype products, but when I saw the video for the Nixie wearable drone, I couldn't help but want to show you guys. Imagine wearing a drone capable of flying and recording video on your wrist. When you want it to fly, just press a button and it [...]

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Today's gadget deal is for an ultra sleek backup battery that is only .25 thick. The Flexion is small enough to fit in your wallet and features a 2500mAh Li-Polymer battery and a micro USB cable that also comes with a Lightning cable adapter so that it can be used to charge your iPhone or [...]

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Today's featured deals include my current favorite Android smartphone, the LG G3. Verizon and AT&T customers can get this great new phone for only $79.99 with a 2 year contract. If you're not in the market for a new phone, today's deals also include savings on Samsung tablets, PCs and more. Click through for full [...]

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I love my 13" MacBook Air because it is easy to carry around and has great battery life. If you've been thinking about buying this laptop for yourself, today's deal has you covered. You can save $100.99 on a 13.3" Apple MacBook Air with 128GB SSD storage, 4GB RAM and a 1440 x 900 display, [...]

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The Dropcam Pro is my all time favorite security camera. It's my favorite because it provides the best wide angle image I've found in a security camera, it's easy to setup and has a very good web viewer and mobile app for remote viewing. Of course no gadget is ever 100% perfect for everyone and the main [...]

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The holidays will soon be here (yikes!), so it's time to stock up on flash cards for your smartphones and cameras so that you will have extra space for all the family pictures you'll be taking. Lexar is having a special 1 day sale today that offers some great deals on micro SD and USB [...]

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The PowerSkin PoP'n 2 is a backup battery for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus which features a 4000 mAh battery that can fully recharge the iPhone 6 Plus once and the iPhone 6 one and a half times. Backup batteries are available in all manner of shapes and sizes, but this one has a [...]

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The latest activity tracker to show up for review is the Runtastic Orbit. This tracker counts your steps, distance, calories burned, active minutes and the quality and length of your sleep. How does it stand out from all the other fitness tracking devices that are currently on the market? Keep reading to find out. Orbit [...]

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Minimalists like to pride themselves on being able to get by with the least amount of gear possible. That means carrying both a stylus and a pencil would be one writing implement too many. A possible solution to this problem is the Sensu Buddy Stylus. The Buddy Stylus is a specially designed capacitive stylus cap [...]

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We're all in a hurry these days and like to find ways to cut down on time spent doing things that aren't important to us versus tasks that are important and fun. One way to save a little time each day is to add a pair of Zubits to your favorite shoes. Zubits is a [...]

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