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Here’s a LEGO baseplate building surface for your iPad mini

on December 9, 2013 12:00 pm


When you get tired of playing with LEGO apps on your iPad mini, you can play with LEGO building blocks on your iPad mini.  This BrickCase for iPad mini is a full-coverage case that fits the original iPad mini. (A case for the mini with Retina display is coming soon.)  SmallWorks says the case is the world’s first LEGO brick-compatible case for the iPad mini; it’s color-matched to the actual LEGO blue base plate.  (There are also covers in red and and in a green that’s color-matched to the green baseplate.)  It has an “edge-to-edge studded baseplate building surface, compatible with LEGO, Kre-O®, and MegaBloks® bricks and elements.”  The BrickCase is constructed of polycarbonate and polyurethane and is lined with microfiber material.  The front has magnets to operate the mini’s sleep/wake functions, and it will fold completely flat to the back of the case for one-handed use of the mini.  It’s $39.99 at SmallWorks.


  1. 1
    Dion says:

    Belkin teamed up with Lego to make the iPad mini case ( and they also have one for the iPhone 5/5s and iPod.

  2. 2
    Rob says:

    This ipad mini case looks awesome!!!

    Dion, don’t you mean Belkin teamed up with LEGO to copy SmallWorks original idea??

    I bought my first Smallworks LEGO brick case back in Christmas 2010-2011. My family loved it so much I’ve bought the smallworks iPhone 5 brick case and an iPod touch case for my kids from I ordered up a Belkin case when they came out in late 2013 but it wasn’t as nice and it was $50!!!! including shipping so I sent it right back to Amazon. Everyone loves the smallworks cases and they work great for half the price. Plus the smallworks cases make the phone look like a real LEGO brick and come in better colors.

    I went to and learned that Smallworks is the creation of a 13 year old American Boy Scout who is the original inventor of the LEGO compatible case. His/Smallworks’ iPhone & iPod cases pre-date Belkin’s ‘new’ LEGO cases by several years. It seems pretty obvious to me that Belkin/LEGO copied Smallworks’ cases. The Belkin iPhone case didn’t go on sale until late 2013?? Hmm…

    The other thing I like about smallworks is that smallworks makes their LEGO cases in the USA for the iPhone 5/5s, iPod Touch 4g & iPhone 4/4s. Looks like all the Belkin stuff is made in China.

    I just wish smallworks made a full size ipad 4 case. I would buy two of them.

    I hope the Smallworks kid’s parents sue Belkin/Lego. I would if it was my kid’s idea.

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