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Tokyoflash Japan introduces the Kisai Maru

on November 8, 2012 12:00 pm

Tokyoflash Japan has a new watch for us, the Kisai Maru.  Maru means circle in Japanese, and the Maru displays time in an always-on LCD circle.  The inner marker on the display shows the hour, and the outer marker shows the minutes.  It also has an electroluminescent backlight so you can see the display at night.  The body is made of aluminum with a two-toned anodized finish; the clasp is stainless steel.  Tokyoflash says the watch is a unisex design and size that works for both large and small wrists.  It’s available in silver, black, or sienna.  As always with a new watch launch, Tokyoflash is offering the Kisai Maru at a special price for the first 48 hours.  As of the time of publication, you still have about 36 hours to purchase this watch for $109.  After the sale period, the price will be $149.


  1. 1
    Meister Vu says:

    I don’t understand the appeal of these watches…still don’t.

  2. 2
    Bob DeLoyd says:

    When I saw this watch with the incomprehensible dial I had to click to see if this was posted by Janet… ;)

  3. 3
    Janet Cloninger says:

    Yep, Bob, it had to be me! What can I say other than I like watches and clocks? But I use my phone to check the time. :)

  4. 4
    Bob DeLoyd says:

    HA! Now we know the truth :)

  5. 5
    Janet Cloninger says:

    The dirty little secret of a former watch wearer. ;)

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