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Montre Watch it – Wear your reminders

on December 24, 2011 5:13 pm

So the other half rings you to do something on the way home from work and you write it on a Post-it which you stick on your monitor.  You leave work, jump in the car, get home and……

Yep, Post-its are great WHEN you can see them.  Worry no longer, Doriane Favre has designed the Montre watch it to jot down your note and then whack it on your wrist so your notes always with you.

Available from Paris-based boutique PA Design for 14.00 € ($18.29) for 100 sheets.


  1. 1
    Jhon says:

    This will look good with my Post-It ™ Buggy Whips!

  2. 2
    blore40 says:

    The one on my right wrist says “Look at the left wrist.”

  3. 3
    Henry S says:

    An inexpensive rubber band would serve the same purpose.

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