Microfiber cleaning cloth

All you’ll need to clean your kitchen, even your greasy stove, is some tap water and the Zabada Kitchen Glove.  The Glove is made of two microfibers: one side is for cleaning up grease, and the other for general cleaning.  The grease side is for cleaning stovetops, ovens, range hoods, and appliances; the grime side… Read More

*That’s what the folks at AM Labs postulate, anyway.  There’s no data that actually quantifies and compares the cleanliness of the two, but you have a pretty good idea from just looking that your mobile devices and computer keyboards and screens have “schmutz” on them.  They have oil from your skin, dirt, dust, and grime… Read More

If you want to increase the visibility of your product or business, consider branding a product that people will need to use every day with your product name and logo.  Toddy Gear can custom brand their microfiber cleaning cloths with your company information, so your customers will think of you every time they clean their… Read More

Most microfiber cloths keep your screens or even your eyeglasses clean, but do nothing else.  These Vintage PSA Art microfiber cloths from Declan do more.  One side has the current NYC subway map (officially licensed with NYC MTA) and the second side features images and designs from the MTA archives (circa 1930-1960).  Each package contains… Read More

We all do it… When our smartphone’s screen gets smudgy and fingerprinty (those are technical terms), we polish them on our pants leg or tshirt to clean them. Sometimes that helps, other times, not so much. Instead of carrying a microfiber cloth in your pocket for this job, you can use the back of your… Read More

Everyone who wears glasses or owns electronic devices with screens or shiny surfaces knows the problems of keeping things clean without introducing scratches. The little freebie 2”X3” piece of microfiber cloth the manufacturer sometimes provides will clean, but it’s too small to be effective. A variety of companies make larger microfiber cloths that are big… Read More

The ToddyGear Smart Cloths have a plush microfiber side to clean and buff and a patterned silky microfiber side to polish.  They are very effective for cleaning phones, computer and tablet screens, even your eyeglasses without using any liquid.  The also have the AEGIS Microbe Shield® technology to protect from germs, mold and mildew, making… Read More