Did you know a donkey’s mouth is 20 times cleaner than most keyboards?*

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*That’s what the folks at AM Labs postulate, anyway.  There’s no data that actually quantifies and compares the cleanliness of the two, but you have a pretty good idea from just looking that your mobile devices and computer keyboards and screens have “schmutz” on them.  They have oil from your skin, dirt, dust, and grime from the environment, and germs, too.  They look nasty, which can reflect badly on you, and they can pass along germs to you from others who may have borrowed your device.  The products produced by AM Labs are designed to remove the schmutz with “completely non-toxic and alcohol-free” solutions that won’t damage your devices or harm your skin.  The solutions aren’t gentle to germs, though; a single swipe removes up to 99.9% of common household bacteria on the surface.  And the microfiber cloths remove smudges and smears, so your gadgets and gear look good as new.  

AM products come in a variety of convenient forms: from wet wipes, to microfiber cloths and gentle microfiber sponges, to spray bottles wrapped in the microfiber sponges, to giant spray bottles for cleaning TVs and large computer screens.  There’s even a refill pouch of solution for all refillable products.  Prices range from about $10 for a pack of wet wipes to $30 for the biggest pump and sponge kit for cleaning giant TVs and big computer monitors.  Learn more and purchase these products from the AM Labs website.

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3 thoughts on “Did you know a donkey’s mouth is 20 times cleaner than most keyboards?*”

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  2. If I let a donkey lick my keyboard would my keyboard get 20 times cleaner? or would the donkeys mouth get 20 times dirtier? Or a combination of the two? Would it be a 50/50 split? or do we have to do some high level math to figure out the donkey to keyboard dirtiness curve?

    dirtyness = ((donkeymouth/4) * 1.77) / ((Keyboardfilth/9.2) * (breadcrumbdensity*CCofdandrif)/4.77mhz)

  3. This is Probably true. I actually am very clean with keyboard. I bleach it all the time. and keep out particulate matter. I hate touching dirty keyboards. During flu season I have a pocket keyboard/mouse with USB receiver I use when working on users machines.


    I like it because it requires no drivers or pairing. Just plug in and go.

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