Pocket knife for electricians – SOG Kilowatt

This knife from SOG Group (Special Operations Group) offers three wire stripping features from fine multi strand all the way up to cable. There is a stripper bar for wire sizes of 12-24, an adjustable spring-loaded UTP/wire stripper in the back, and hole stripper that uses the main blade. You can get one from Garrett …

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Spyderco Ladybug and Cricket Pocket Knives Review

I’ve had a thing for pocket knives ever since discovering my Dad’s small collection in his jewelry box as a kid. You know how some kids like to snoop around in their parents stuff when they’re not home? Yeah, I was one of those kids… I was fascinated by the different shapes and sizes of …

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Easier one handed multi-tool – Zilla

The Zilla-Tool is a 6-1/2″ long multi-tool that doesn’t require you to unfold it in order to use the pliers or knife blade. The Zilla focuses on the three main uses for a multi-tool: pliers, knife and screwdriver. It has tapered needle nose pliers, 3″ knife blade with combo serrated edge, wire cutter and stripper, …

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Gerber announces Crucial multi-tool

If your gadget tastes lean more toward the utilitarian, you may be happy to learn that Gerber, famous for their knives and multi-tools (and not baby food), have added a number of new items to their multi-tool family, including the Crucial multi-tool and the Curve keychain tool.  The Crucial (pictured) is a butterfly-opening pocketable tool …

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Multi-tool with a wrench – Spyderco Byrdrench

The Spyderco Byrdrench is unlike any multi-tool that I’ve seen before. The tool’s housing is two stainless halves that join creating slip joint pliers (with a large or small bite) on one end and an adjustable 9/16” crescent wrench on the opposite end. Other tools include a knife, file, hole starter and a bit housing …

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Pocket knife / lighter combo – Spyderco Firebyrd

The Spyderco Firebyrd combines three tools into one pocket sized device. You get a cutting blade, a lighter and a bottle opener. It has a notch-joint (non-locking) drop-point blade that opens/closes one-handedly. Its hollow aluminum handle holds a standard-sized lighter (not included) with peek-a-boo cutouts revealing the lighter inside.