iPhone 4/4S

One thing I’ve noticed about my iPhone 4 is that the battery drains at a much faster rate than the batteries in my old dumb phones did.  This is especially true now that I keep Bluetooth turned on all the time to keep the iPhone connected to my V-Tech Bluetooth home phone.  There’s nothing worse… Read More

Most cases protect the sides and backs of your iPhone 4/4S, but they usually leave the screen open and vulnerable.  The Aegis for iPhone 4/4S from TopKase has a shutter that slides over the screen when you aren’t using the phone.  The case and the shutter are made of anodized aluminum, with eight internal shock-absorbing… Read More

Bumper style “cases” are a way to customize your iPhone, without adding a lot of unnecessary bulk. Most bumper cases are made of plastic because the ones made of aluminum and other metals can negatively impact signal strength. The DRACO IV EVO bumper from DRACOdesign is a hybrid bumper which combines aluminum and polycarbonate to give you… Read More

California based EDGE design gives iPhone 4S owners who don’t want their phones to look like all the other iPhones out there, another way to customize them. Their Alfa case pairs an aluminum frame with a polymer band to create a unique look without compromising signal strength like some metal cases do. Let’s take a closer look… Read More

The Stealth Case for iPhone 4/4S from HEX incorporates a compartment that holds an RFID-enabled card to make touch-to-pay available with a touch of your iPhone case.  The Stealth is made of polycarbonate and is available in either black or white with a matte finish.  Inside is a compartment to hold an RFID-enabled card; shielding… Read More

Each Endurance Protective Case for iPhone 4/4S from driSuit Technologies has been tested under 5 meters of water for one hour before it’s sold to ensure it meets the IP-68 standards for water exposure.  The case has a hard exterior with a soft interior to provide protection against drops and shocks, too.  There’s a waterproof… Read More

This is another Kickstarter project, and this one has exceeded funding goals before the end of the funding period.  The Trygger Camera Case is a bumper-style case that includes a felt-lined sliding panel on the back of the phone.  Slide the panel up to move the polarizing filter (a color-neutral polarizing film layered between two… Read More

In the past, getting ruggedized protection for your phone meant giving up cases with built-in battery extenders.  Now, with the juice pack PRO from mophie, you can have both.  The 2500mAh built-in battery, the largest ever included in a juice pack, can be used to constantly keep your iPhone 4 or 4S topped off at… Read More

I used Apple’s Bumper Case for ages on my iPhone 4.  I liked it, but what I really wanted was a bumper-like case that also covered the back.  Tech21 somehow read my mind and produced the Impact Band for iPhone 4/4S.  The Impact Band is made of TPU with a soft-touch finish.  A band of… Read More

The Cubit Case from X-Doria fits iPhone 4 or 4S.  The body is shatterproof polycarbonate, available in black or white.  The back of the case has an open grid that can be filled with colored TPU squares that are decorative and cushioning.  The squares can be arranged as desired.  Someone suggested this was a good… Read More

I love cases, covers, and bags more than most people, but I require a lot from any case or cover.  They can’t just look nice and offer protection.  They have to also not detract from the looks of the gadget, and they need to either add no bulk or weight or have some fabulous feature… Read More

If you feel like you sit on a brick all day, check the Q Card Case for iPhone 4/4S from CM4 for a slim, light replacement.  The Q Card Case has an integrated wallet on the back that holds 3 cards and some cash.  The front has a raised rim that protects your screen by… Read More

Kids seems to be drawn to our gadgets and always want to play with them, and some parents are brave enough to let them. ;)  And there are a lot of apps, educational and/or entertaining, for kids.  Even though the game is safe for your kid, there’s nothing to stop your child from exiting that… Read More

This Rangefinder iPhone 4/4S case from Photojojo makes your iPhone look like an old-style camera.  It adds a bit of bulk to your sleek iPhone, but it does come with advantages.  The shutter button uses the volume up button to snap the picture, and you can actually use the viewfinder to frame your shot.  The… Read More

I put an Apple Bumper Case on my iPhone 4 the second I bought it.  I really like that style of case, because it provides some protection without completely engulfing the sleek iPhone inside a huge case.  I’ve admired the beautiful machined metal bumper-style cases that have been reviewed here on The Gadgeteer.  I was… Read More