KidSafe Case for iPhone 4/4S from TRTL BOT

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Kids seems to be drawn to our gadgets and always want to play with them, and some parents are brave enough to let them. 😉  And there are a lot of apps, educational and/or entertaining, for kids.  Even though the game is safe for your kid, there’s nothing to stop your child from exiting that game and going somewhere else – or to stop him from accidentally deleting things from your device.  Thanks to TRTL BOT, you can protect your iPhone while keeping your child safe, too.  The KidSafe for iPhone 4/4S is made from recycled, BPA-free plastics.  It snaps on the back of your iPhone while you’re using it.  When the child will be using the iPhone, simply flip the case around and snap it over the front to make the iPhone’s Home button inaccessible.  The KidSafe is available in black, white, or green for $24.95.

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8 thoughts on “KidSafe Case for iPhone 4/4S from TRTL BOT”

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  2. Janet Cloninger

    @MJ True enough, if he’s at the home screen. But it would be hard for the kid to get to the home screen if he was handed the iPhone after his app was already started. The 5-finger gesture to return to the home screen doesn’t work on an iPhone, or at least I’ve never gotten it to work.

  3. Yeah, I thought about that after posting my initial comment. Then the main concern would be whether a buggy app crashes and returns the phone to the springboard.

  4. This might defeat a 2 year old (who would only be watching videos anyway), but a 5 year old would see her parent snap the case off, and probably mimic that action, and viola, home button is back in view. Kids are far too smart these days.

  5. Why do we keep giving kids such expensive things to play with? When I was a kid I never had anything like an iPhone. I wanted a PDA for school in 2003 and it took me over a year of begging to get one for Christmas!

  6. @Mikey : I noticed some parents give their kids an smartphone/tablet to keep them occupied. What they want is a uncomplaining baby-sitter that is available anytime, anywhere. I see them all the time : in restaurants, cafes, in cars, anyplace where the parents want some peace and quiet.

    They just whip out the tablet/smartphone, put on some cartoons or games, and their kid is quiet for 30 minutes or more. In my days ( which is several decades ago ), going to a restaurant was a treat, and we’ll soak it all up, not bury our heads in some distraction ( granted, we didn’t have tablets back then).

  7. Chris, I guess I can see that but an iPhone is fragile and is just asking for trouble. Then again, I tend to not share well with others! Personally I am an Android man.

  8. @Mikey : I’m an Android guy myself ( Galaxy Note FTW ), but I also have an iPad 2 and a couple of iPods. Apple does make some really good stuff. Most smartphones, whether iOS or Android, are fragile in tiny, inquisitive hands. All it takes is a 3 foot drop from a chair and it’s screen repair time. Still, I guess kids know fun when they see it, and parents cannot resist those imploring eyes and pleading voices.

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