Franklin Official SCRABBLE Player\’s Dictionary Review

Product Requirements: Four AAA Batteries SCRABBLE is one of my favorite all-time games; but it wasn’t until I began to write this review that I bothered to learn anything about its history. SCRABBLE’s roots go back to the Great Depression when Alfred Mosher Butts, an out of work architect, came up with the idea to

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RoadWired Keycard Travelock Review

The Keycard Travelock, available from RoadWired  provides the laptop owner with a simple and effective way to secure their portable computer. The kit includes a 4.5″ and 60″ braided and coated steel cable along with a laptop lock designed to fit in any standard laptop locking slot. This fit securely in the locking slot on

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Julie’s Gear Diary – 2004-02-13

Happy Valentines Day! Here’s some cool news from T-Mobile. They have recently launched a new hi-fi ringer campaign for new and existing customers. Hi-Fi ringers are a new technology to T-Mobile and allow customers to download actual songs with lyrics as their ringtone; no more polyphonic tunes, hifi ringers are the real deal! As of

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RoadWired Cable Stable Review

  The RoadWired Cable Stable (Deluxe Size) is an organizer designed specifically for all the cords, adapters, and miscellaneous items that we all need to go along with our digital cameras, PDAs, and other electronic devices. This folding case will probably prove most useful for those with a lot of cords, as this is its

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Vaja Classic Leather Treo 600 Case Review

Product Requirements: Device: Handspring/PalmOne Treo 600 Mobile Phone   I had been happily using a Dell Axim for the last year or so and figured that my mobile gear situation was pretty well covered with that machine. My wife, however, knew that I was very intrigued by the new Treo 600 and went out and

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