Work Sharp now has a bunch of sharpener styles

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NEWS – Work Sharp has more than one trick up its sleeve! I reviewed the Work Sharp Mk 2 tool and knife sharpener back in the spring of 2021. The Mk 2 is still the fastest, most effective sharpener I can imagine using. It produces super sharp edges on any knives with non-serrated blades and takes only a small fraction of the time compared to manual, stone sharpening.

I needed to refresh the edge of my current primary carry knife and started honing it on a stone. After a few minutes of work and it still wouldn’t slice the edge of paper, I set up the Mk 2 and in about 2 minutes I was done and had a paper-slicing edge back on my knife.  I’m terrible at stone sharpening but the Work Sharp makes me look like a pro.

I’ve used the Work Sharp to sharpen 5 sets of family member’s kitchen and carry knives to their amazed appreciation.

I’ve discovered Work Sharp now carries a very broad range of sharpener styles from bench type, to field hand-held, to kitchen versions.

They even sell a high-end Benchmade pocket knife, should you need something to sharpen.

All their products can be viewed at Work Sharp and Amazon.

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2 thoughts on “Work Sharp now has a bunch of sharpener styles”

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  2. The guided field sharpener is an great tool! Put the edge right back on just about anything without destroying the edge.

  3. Purchased the Work Sharp Mk2 last year after reading the review.
    Now all the techs at my office bring me their knives to sharpen.
    Best sharpener I’ve ever had!

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