ALLPOWERS 400W Portable Solar Panel review – More Power!

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REVIEW – Solar generators have become very popular in the past few years. Following closely behind is the popularity of solar panels. The efficiency has increased, providing more usability and applications for the use of solar generators. I had a chance to check out the ALLPOWERS 400W Portable Solar Panel; read on to find out why I was impressed.

What is it?

The ALLPOWERS 400W Portable Solar Panel is a portable folding solar panel featuring five sections of solar panels with a 22% efficiency rating.

What’s in the box?

  • ALLPOWERS 400W Portable Solar Panel
  • MC-4 to XT60 Cable
  • MC-4 to DC 5525 / DC 8020 Cable
  • User Guide

Hardware specs

  • Peak Power: 400W
  • Cell Lamination: ETFE
  • Cell Type: Polykristalline
  • Solar Conversion rate: 22%
  • Voltage at max power(Vmp): 37.4V
  • Open circuit voltage(OCV): 45.3V
  • Current at Max Power(Imp): 10.6A
  • Short Circuit Current(Isc): 11.45A

Design and features

I can remember when solar panels were not only costly but were also not as efficient. Over the last eight years, solar panel prices have dropped about 65%. More affordable solar panels have made them a viable source for recharging portable battery banks.

It’s heavy, but it’s powerful!

ALLPOWERS 400W Portable Solar Panel provides 37.4V of power for solar generators. This higher output shortens charging time. The advanced polycrystalline solar modules can convert up to 22% of sunlight into usable electricity, even on a cloudy day. When I first got them, I couldn’t wait to see what would happen on a cloudy day, so I opened them up, put my meter on them, and was shocked to find they were outputting 42 volts on an overcast day.

42 volts on an overcast day at 31F.

The IP67 waterproof rating is a bonus, protecting from scratches, dust, and water splashes. It’s no doubt that anything used outdoors is eventually going to encounter sticks, raindrops, or sprinklers.

The ALLPOWERS 400W Portable Solar Panel measures 40 x 104 x 2.5 inches when unfolded and 20 x 40 x 3 inches when folded. It’s hefty at 40.8 lbs, something I wasn’t expecting. However, solar panels are what they are, and you will find only slight variations in the weight between comparable surface areas.

Stores in a relatively thin format.

Using a standard MC-4 output, the ALLPOWERS 400W Portable Solar Panel can deliver 25A max current. Included with the ALLPOWERS 400W Portable Solar Panel is a MC-4 to XT60 Cable and a MC-4 to DC 5525 / DC 8020 Cable.

Cables included!

Adjustable kickstands adjust more than 25°, making it easier to get the perfect charging angle. A built-in handle makes for easy carrying, and a pocket has room for the included cables with room to spare for extension cables if you have them.

The adjustable kickstands work wonderfully.
A generous pocket is large enough to store extra things.

In my use, I got 329W on a fairly-cloudy day, and 385W on a semi-sunny day (I didn’t get a photo of that though). Being December here in Michigan, sunny days have been few and far between. This far exceeds what I was expecting with the temperature and sunshine being considered.

329 watts on a cloudy day!

It’s a pretty straightforward product. It works just like it should. There are even little loops for hanging or securing the panels in the wind.

Handy loops for securing the panel if needed.

What I like

  • Plenty of power output
  • Handy built-in pocket for cables
  • Sturdy, adjustable Kickstands

What I’d change

  • Nothing I can think of

Final thoughts

Whether you need solar panels for emergency power replacement or while camping, the ALLPOWERS Portable Solar Panel provides 400 watts of power to charge your solar generator quickly and safely. This ALLPOWERS solar panel has passed FCC, CE & ROHS professional certification. I was so impressed with the 400W panels that I’m considering getting the 100W panel for my smaller solar generator.

Price: $699.00
Where to buy: AllPowers and Amazon (save 10% on Amazon when you use the code: UBY3H4ZJ expires 1/31/23)
Source: The sample of this product was provided by AllPowers.

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  2. I am thinking of solar system for a custom built camper trailer. I have been researching everything solar. Im in need of a complete package, except batteries. Everything from sun to the batteries connections.
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    1. According to the Ecoflow website, the Delta 2 can accept 11-60V, 15A, 500W max solar input. So according to that, yes, it should work.

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