5StarTool 2600mAh Cordless Lithium Hot Glue Gun review – It’s a game changer!

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REVIEW – OK, so I know most people come to the Gadgeteer to read about super high-tech stuff that will revolutionize your life, but as a crafter, this cordless glue gun sets you free!  No longer do you have to huddle by a power outlet or string extension cords through your house (hello, tripping hazard!) just to get your project completed.  I don’t know why it took so long for a manufacturer to cut the cord so that we can hot glue the universe, but the 5StarTool 2600mAh Cordless Lithium Hot Glue Gun is finally making it happen in my house.

What is it?

The 5StarTool 2600mAh Cordless Lithium Hot Glue Gun is a glue gun that you can charge with a micro USB.

Five Star Tool 2600mAh Cordless Lithium Hot Glue Gun

What’s in the box?

The 5StarTool 2600mAh Cordless Lithium Hot Glue Gun, a micro USB cable, 30 glue sticks and a couple of papers with what I assume is Chinese writing.


After charging the 5StarTool 2600mAh Cordless Lithium Hot Glue Gun works like every other glue gun I’ve ever used:  you jam a glue stick in the back and turn it on and wait for it to heat up.  In about 3 minutes, you can start pressing the trigger and applying glue to things.  The handle base is a stand and there is a charging port on the back.


First, a little background:  Once it became clear that I would not be in my office for an extended period, I realized I’d have to come up with a creative outlet to avoid becoming crazier than I already am.  Thus I started an elaborate Cricut floral project that was abruptly halted when my Cricut died one day.  Now that I have my replacement Cricut (it was under warranty) and we are close to going back to work (well, most people are.  I just got word that I’ll be back “in the office” in Spring of 2022), I figured I should hop back on that project.  Thus my need for a cordless glue gun. Yeah, I have corded glue guns.  Yeah, I’ve bought them at the dollar store.  Yeah, those things are huge safety hazards.  First of all, the cords are about a foot long and the molten lava that comes out of them has almost required skin grafts to most of my fingers (I’m pretty sure it’s why biometric fingerprint gadgets never work for me).

So as I said, this is a pretty straightforward glue gun.  You basically pull the trigger and glue comes out.  There is an indicator light on the back that tells you whether the gun is on or if it’s run out of battery and turned off.  The website said you should get about 60 to 90 minutes of work of it, and that’s in line with my experience.  It takes about three hours to charge, which is kind of a drag but I don’t really know anyone who is going on a two or three hour nonstop glue gun rampage.  I think if you just charge it on your breaks, you won’t notice the charge time holding you back.

It’s the little things that are really cool about this tool.  First of all, it has a really nice base that keeps it upright.  All my other glue guns have wobbly wire stands and the slightest bump makes them fall over.  It also doesn’t drip, which is great because half the time when I’m gluing a project I’m also developing a sizeable glue puddle on whatever surface I’m working on. I usually have to pry up the globs on my work surface afterwards, and with this one I don’t have that cleanup.

If I had to make improvements to the 5StarTool 2600mAh Cordless Lithium Hot Glue Gun, I would add a little LED light on the front.  One of my other glue guns has that, and it’s nice to get just a smidge of extra light on the area that you’re gluing.  I would also like to have a few more facts about the gun.  I don’t think anyone needs a manual, but it would be good to know if this is a hot or low melt gun so you know what kind of glue sticks to get.  I am pretty sure it’s a low melt gun because the glue doesn’t fry my skin off when I touch it, but people might like to know before they purchase if it matches the glue sticks they have on hand.

What I like

  • Cord free = freedom, baby!
  • I didn’t lose any skin to liquid hot magma glue.
  • Rock solid stand.
  • No drips!

What I’d change

  • Maybe a few more facts about the gun
  • A light on the front

Final thoughts

I feel like the 5StarTool 2600mAh Cordless Lithium Hot Glue Gun is what I’ve been waiting for and when my friends ask to borrow from my glue gun collection, they’ll get the dollar store ones.  This one is mine — all mine!

Price:  $25.99 (free shipping!)
Where to buy:  5StarTool (10% off code: gadgeteer)
Source:  The sample for this review was provided by 5StarTool.

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  2. I would definitely include “Micro USB” in the “What I’d change” column and instead hope for USB C. Otherwise, a handy little glue gun!

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