This cooler will keep things cold for up to 10 days without ice!

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NEWS – QOOL Box is no ordinary cooler, my friends. This Germany engineered cooler will keep its contents at a constant temperature for up to 10 days without ice or power! How does it work? It uses special sealed vacuum insulation panels made of a Phase Change Material (PCM) that are installed in the walls, lid, and in the bottom of the cooler. The panels are available in 5 different temperature ranges from frozen (-25C/-13F) up to room temp (25C/77F) so that you are able to customize the temperature of the contents.

While this sounds like the ultimate cooler for your next outdoor adventure, there is one issue and that’s the price. A QOOL Box cooler is going to set you back a cool $475 and there are currently no US retailers. Still interested? Head over to and read more about them.

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3 thoughts on “This cooler will keep things cold for up to 10 days without ice!”

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  2. Of course, Ice is just a phase-change material with a phase-change temperature at the freezing point.

    1. They give you 5 phase change temps to choose from. I’ll bet the 25°C version is the one that will keep its temp for 10 days.

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