Gear lust alert: titanium wedding bands with mechanical latches

Do you remember the Kinekt Design’s Gear Ring with the tiny rotating gears? I thought that ring was the ultimate geek ring, but I just found a collection of rings from McWhinney Designs to nominate for that award. 

Designed by Jeff McWhinney of California, who has a background in making hardware for yachts, racing sailboats, and bicycles, his unique mechanical wedding bands are created for active men – but dang it, I want one too!

Jeff offers a variety of rings that are made of titanium, stainless steel, and even yellow gold. They all feature a one of a kind opening mechanism that is both geek chic and functional.

For guys that have big knuckles or problems with their hands swelling, I can see how these rings would be a lot easier to remove at the end of a long day.

The rings start at $825 and go up to $4125. To see all of the designs and for more info visit

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  • Andy Jacobs October 8, 2017, 7:38 pm

    As a mechanical engineer, I like the look and those cool locking mechanisms. But I suspect you better be sure about your size, or the first time you latch it down, you might get a bit more of pinch than you expect! Also, the prices are pretty crazy, but it IS a wedding band, after all.

  • Ross October 9, 2017, 8:54 am

    Those are so cool! I’m sort of glad I didn’t know about them when wedding ring shopping, or else I would have spent a LOT more money on my wedding band. Or perhaps maybe I’ll talk my wife into an “upgrade” for my 15th anniversary next year?

  • RainyDayInterns October 9, 2017, 12:50 pm

    OK…these are the coolest band we’ve ever seen 🙂

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