Cord Commander cord and charger organizer review

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We all love our gadgets, but until the day comes when the can all recharge wirelessly, we need charging adapters and charging cables. Keeping the adapters and cables together and neatly organized isn’t an easy task unless you have help like the Cord Commander. Let’s check it out.

What is it?

The Cord Commander is a simple product that has been designed and made in the USA to help manage cable clutter for Apple and Samsung charging adapters.

What’s in the box?

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Each box has one Cord Commander and a sheet of simple instructions.

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Made of tough but flexible plastic, the Cord Commander is available in two versions. There’s a version that’s compatible with Apple iPhone and iPad style chargers and another version that works with Samsung phone and tablet chargers.

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The folks at Cord Commander sent me one of each style. The Apple Cord Commander is shown above on the left and the Samsung version is on the right.

cord commander 6

The Cord Commander has a “shelf” with slots in it for the prongs on the adapter and two “wings” on the back that are designed to wind excess cord.

cord commander 4

It’s important to pay attention to the orientation of the power adapter when you insert it into the Cord Commander.

cord commander 5

If it’s turned the wrong way, it won’t sit flat on the “shelf”.

cord commander 3

But once inserted correctly and with the cable wrapped around the wings, the combo is neat and tidy, making it less of a mess in a drawer, gear bag, etc.

cord commander 2

There are four cord catch notches on the top edge of the Cord Commander that are used to lock the loose end of the cable in place. Two of the cord catches are larger to accommodate larger diameter cords.

Note that even the larger cord catches might not allow extra thick cables to snap in place as is the case with a Choetech cable TYPE-C charging cable that I use with a Samsung adapter.

Final thoughts

The Cord Commander is more convenient to use than a twist tie or a rubber band because everything you need is right there without any separate parts.

If you have been looking for an easy way to keep your Apple or Samsung adapters and cables more organized, the Cord Commander is a good solution. It’s easy to use and requires no modification to the adapter or existing cable.

Source: The sample for this review was provided by Cord Commander. Please visit their site for more info and order through eBay.


Product Information

Manufacturer:Cord Commander
  • Easy to use
  • Keeps adapters and cords neat and together
  • Some cables are too thick to snap into the cord catches

5 thoughts on “Cord Commander cord and charger organizer review”

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  2. Does the initial turn through the winder from the charger and the subsequent winding around the housing stress the lightning cable for the iPhone? I always worry about stress on the factory Apple cables as they don’t seem very durable.

  3. Am I wrong but is the picture on the product package actually the WRONG way to wind the cable? You can see the stress on the cable as it’s being bent to fit the winder. Your pictures seem to make much more sense and the cable has a couple of inches before it gets to the winder.

    Actually very nice product at a good price. I hope they come out with one for the new Apple USB C charger as well.

      1. Their website is loaded with pictures of cables being stressed by how they have the wound around their device. Very strange.

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