Julie’s gadget diary – I am finally replacing my Nexus 6P

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I’ve been using the same phone for a year and a half which is like a decade in Gadgeteer years. The phone I’ve been using is the Nexus 6P and for the most part, it’s been a rock solid performer. So much so, that even after trying other newer phones like the iPhone 7, Google Pixel XL, and Samsung Galaxy S8, that I haven’t wanted to switch. I guess I should say that it’s not that I haven’t wanted a new phone, but it’s that I haven’t wanted to spend money on a new phone when my Nexus 6P is still working just fine. But I finally caved in last night and ordered a new phone without really spending any out of pocket money to do it. 

Yesterday morning Ryan from Colorado emailed me asking if I still had a Saddleback Leather bag that I had reviewed almost 10 years ago. I looked in my closet of unused bags and sure enough, it was still there along with another SB bag. Both bags were in pristine condition and he was happy to get a very good deal on the pair of them considering how much those same bags are selling for today on SB’s site.

I turned around later that night and ordered a new phone. Which one did I order? My choice was between a Google Pixel XL, Samsung Galaxy S8, and the LG G6. I decided to go with the LG G6 because it’s the least expensive of the three phones, has wireless charging and doesn’t have curved screen sides.

My first choice of the three was the Google Pixel XL but it is also the most expensive. The main reason that it was my first choice is that I’d get to run Android O (v8.0) as soon as it rolls out instead of having to wait for the phone manufacturer to roll it out. I also like that photos back up to Google at full resolution.

But I decided to go with the LG G6 though because it’s the least expensive of the three phones, has wireless charging and doesn’t have curved screen sides which I don’t really care for.

I also decided to get the platinum version of the G6 instead of the black one just to be a little different. I plan to put a Dbrand skin on the back of the phone to protect it from scratches, so it doesn’t really matter what color it is.

I ordered an unlocked version of the LG G6 from B&H Photo where it’s currently selling for $549.99 with free shipping and no tax if you live outside NY, NJ. It arrives Wednesday. 🙂

If you want to buy an LG G6 at an even better price you can get one for $529.99 through Amazon. The only catch is that it’s the international version of the G6, so it doesn’t have a US warranty and it also doesn’t have wireless charging.

I have been waiting to buying a new phone because I’ve been waiting to see what new features the Google Pixel 2 (and even the iPhone 8) will have to offer. But since I don’t hold out much hope that Google will price their next Pixel phones at a more affordable price than the current version or that they will offer wireless charging again, so I decided not to continue waiting.

Time will tell if the LG G6 lasts as long as the Nexus 6P has for me before I update again, but I really couldn’t pass up the good deal on the unlocked LG G6 from B&H Photo.

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  2. Loved the it was the least expensive, and didn’t have curved sides.
    I thought I was the only one that doesn’t get the curved edges of screens.
    The other thing, that I’ve noticed over the years, is how the price of good
    phones has been creeping up to the $1,000.00 mark.
    I’ve been around electronics, since the early 70’s as a teenager, and have noticed that as consumer electronics grow,age,improve or whatever you want to call it, the quality/performance continues to improve, but the price stabilizes or declines.
    Not so much with cell phones.

  3. I’ll be interested to see how you like the G6 and the LG skin since you’ve been used to stock Android for awhile. I love the Nexus 5X for the size and would consider the G6 but I don’t know if I want to go back to manufacturer skins and never knowing when I might get the next update (when Pixel/Nexus users have had it for months before usually.)
    Did you have any second thoughts about buying an LG product in regards to the bootloop issues the 5X and the LG G6 have been suffering from?

    1. I haven’t heard about the bootloop issues. I had a G6 for about a month when I was working on a review last month. I didn’t have any issues then so I hope I won’t with the one I just purchased.

      I do agree that getting updates quick is a huge deal for me because I like to be on the cutting edge. I might have to get back into loading custom ROMs.

      1. I figured it you had reviewed it in depth that you were probably pretty happy with it! The bootloop issue is apocalyptic if you look on Reddit, but that can be taken with a grain of salt!
        I previously had service from Google’s Project Fi so my only options were Nexus and Pixel, but now that I’m back with Verizon, i have more choices in front of me.

        The Moto G5 Plus has been getting amazing reviews for a phone at it’s price point. It is one of the few phones that represents technology getting better and more affordable as Rusty had mentioned in his comment. I’m going to consider that too when I’m ready for my next phone. And hopefully the G6’s price continues to fall. (Or the Pixel 2 might blow me away and I’ll cave and get that!)

  4. Daniel Wendell

    You should have held out for the OnePlus 5 which is 2 weeks away. I just got the OnePlus 3T to replace my 6P, which is having battery issues. The 3T is great and only cost about $400. The 5 is likely to be less than $500.

  5. Hi Julie,
    I’ve gone over 3 years without a new phone and broke down to buy the G6 on the day it was released. I only wish the wireless charging was fast-charge but, it doesn’t matter since I charge it by the bed overnight.

    If you would like to preserve the beauty of the Platinum color, you should consider one the clear cases that are out. I bought the Spigen Ultra Hybrid ($12 on Amazon) and have no complaints.

    The only “issue” I’ve seen with the phone is that it reports more bars than the strength of the signal actually is. I’d be curious to see if you see the same (I’m on Verizon too). That said, I’ve never had a problem losing the signal (other than in places where it is expected.

    I think you’ll be really happy with the phone.

  6. The one thing I never see in phone reviews–which all comment on style and color– is how they work as, you know, phones. I live in mountainous rural area and reception on my note4 is fine in part of my house. but on my porch i get no reception at all and have to rely on skype calling. Sooooo, my question is: Which phones get good reception, have good antennae or other factors that influence their practicality as PHONES?

    1. I always include a section my reviews that talk about how the phone does as a phone for calls. Admittedly, that section is usually very brief because I almost always review phones on the Verizon network because that’s what I use and coverage in my area is exceptional.

      It would be tough to do complete testing on how well a particular phone works in all types of environments because reception depends on the carrier’s coverage and many other factors.

  7. This story is super familiar to me. I’ve also had a 6P for over a year and though I was waiting for the 2nd set of pixel phones I’ve just had to replace the 6P, for me it was because of battery issues. Fortunately, my carrier is doing a one-time out of warranty replacement (I was one day out of warranty when I originally called them). So, for a measly $35 I’m picking up a Pixel XL.

    I’ll miss the front facing speakers, and I do wish I could use my various wireless charging stands again, but for me stock Android and timely updates are key. Hopefully Google’s plans to get updates out to future Android phones will work out, but for now I can’t wrap my head around non-stock Android phones that rarely get updated.

    My new Pixel XL is arriving today. Looking forward to the cheap upgrade!

    1. Only slightly. It looks cool and I hope to get the opportunity to try one, but I also just read that it’s only coming to Sprint which makes me wonder if it will even work on the Verizon network.

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