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A few weeks ago I suggested that everyone on The Gadgeteer team should post an update to their EDC. We’ve already posted several updates (see related posts links at the bottom of the page) and now it’s my turn. Click through to see a list of all the items that I carry with me to and from my day job every day.  
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My current gear bag of choice is the Peak Designs Everyday Messenger bag. I really like this bag and have been carrying it for almost a year, but I am currently looking for a new bag because I like to change things up every year or two.

Leuchtturm1917 A5 notebook – I use a very simplified Bullet Journal style system to keep track of things I need to get done.

Big Idea Design Ti Arto pen – I love love love this pen because it will accept almost any refill that I try with it including my favorite Pilot G2 refill.

Comb, Uniball Jetstream backup pen, Fischer Space Pen that I put in my pocket if I know I’m going to be away from my desk for awhile, Carmex lip balm, Cummins employee badge.

Waterfield Designs Finn wallet – I use this one to hold case and cards that I rarely need. It lives in my bag. The wallet that I carry with me when I’m shopping is the Identity wallet. I like the Identity wallet because it’s no bigger than a small stack of credit cards and fits easily into my pants pocket.

An old Altoids tin holds the following small tech bits:

  • microSD card holder – I love this little credit card sized holder because it keeps me from losing microSD cards
  • OTG adapter – I don’t even use this anymore because my Nexus 6P doesn’t have a micro USB port
  • Plastic holder with a SIM tray tool and a Tmobile SIM that’s probably expired
  • mini binder clip and a large paper clip
  • Tiny USB flash drive with The Gadgeteer logo
  • USB Type-C OTG flash drive
  • Kingston USB microSD card reader
  • Lexar 64GB flash drive
  • micro USB cable

Waterfield zippered pouch holds a few larger tech bits:

  • Apple lightning cable
  • Apple USB adapter
  • Generic micro and mini USB cable
  • Screen cloth in a plastic holder
  • EyeFi SD card reader

Timbuk2 Dimebag pouch holds some health bits:

  • Kleenex
  • Artificial tears vials and bottle
  • Fingernail clippers
  • Small Altoids tin filled with Ibuprofen
  • Stevia sweetener packets

DUNU Titan 1 earbuds – I’m still searching for my favorite pair of wireless earbuds, but until I find them, these wired buds are my faves.

Leatherman Squirt – Everyone needs a multi-tool and this one is super small but has all the tools I need including scissors and pliers.

Quiet Carry Bandit knife – I either use the Leatherman or this little guy to cut open oranges for snacks at work.

Photon X-Light Micro – Keychain flashlight that’s very bright for its size.

Nexus 6P smartphone

Not shown: I often carry my lunch in the bag along with snacks, a fork or spoon, Lifesavers, a folded up plastic grocery bag, and other random items.

Total weight as shown: 6 lbs.

Items I can remove: OTG adapter, extra (orange) micro USB cable or the mini/micro USB cable, lightning cable

Items I want to add: USB Type-C cable, wireless earbuds

Items I want to replace: The gear bag and my smartphone

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    1. If you want to use all the features of the BuJo system, the actual Bullet Journal would probably be your best choice. My BuJo system should just be called JuJo for Julie Journal because I only use boxed lists with X’s when I finish something and arrows to tell me to move to the next day if I didn’t complete it.

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