These sticky notes use witchcraft instead of adhesive to stick to things

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The evolutionary cycle of the Post-It note has remained pretty stagnant since they rolled out to the public back in 1979. Other than the addition of different sizes and colors, the sticky notes haven’t changed much in the past 37 years. Tesla Amazing’s Magnetic Notes are the next step in sticky notes because they don’t use the low-tack adhesive that Post-It notes use. The Magnetic Notes use static to stick to any dry smooth surface and they aren’t even made of paper. They are made of polypropylene film. Magnet Notes are double-sided. The colored side has a normal writing surface, and the back side is dry erasable like a whiteboard. Ok here comes the bummer… Magnet Notes aren’t available in here in the US. At least not yet. Right now you can only find them in Singapore with prices start at S$4.50 (about $3.30 US) for a pack of 100 sheets. For more info visit

Update, they are available on Amazon for $3.49 – $8.80 depending on the color.

3 thoughts on “These sticky notes use witchcraft instead of adhesive to stick to things”

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  2. I HATE post-it-notes….
    Why? Because for almost the entire time they’ve been around, I’ve had to unjam them, clean the residue from the glass of photocopy machines that I’ve been repairing for 36 years. You’d be surprised the places those things go! Only thing worse are those “sign here” sticky notes they put on legal documents.
    (yes, this was sarcasm). I would die in my world if I didn’t have a pack of those things above the sun visor in my car. The older you get, the less you remember.

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