Distil Union Wally Wallet iPhone 6/6s Plus case review

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The iPhone 6/6s Plus, the largest of Apple’s iconic smartphone, has gotten a bit of a raw deal in the case market. Time and again, Julie has sent out review product notices, and they will be for every iPhone on the market – except the iPhone 6/6s Plus. Well, the artisans at Distil Union have heard our plight, and have recently released the Wally case, a case for iPhones of all sizes that includes a wallet for storage. Let’s hear it for being inclusive! ?

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The Wally case is a soft silicone case, with a leather piece attached to the back. Within that leather, there is a “secret stash” that will hold about 3 credit/ID cards. It comes in three color combinations: a brown/tan leather with frosted silicone (as in the pictures), the frosted silicone with a grey leather, or black silicone with black leather for pure stealth mode.

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The case itself is probably one of the nicest molded cases I’ve seen in a while – and that’s saying a lot. It is firm, but not brittle or hard. It holds its shape, yet you can bend it to remove or replace your phone easily. The bottom has enough room for my DXO One camera attachment to plug in without removing the phone from the case. Not sure if you can use a docking stand, since I don’t have one on hand, but it may fit. Any Lightning cable will fit with ease, as will any AUX plug for your headphones/speakers.

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The leather sits in an indented section of the back panel of the case, so the raw edges neither show nor suffer from wear-and-tear. The stitching which defines the card holder area is even and smooth, and shows no sign of wear, either. To make retrieval of cards easy, the designers placed a ribbon across the space, so that when the cards are inserted, they push the ribbon down. When you pull the ribbon up, the cards slide up with ease, and you can pull out whichever one you need.

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The literature on the packaging and the website tries to make the wallet feature seem like a “top secret” feature, (“Doesn’t look like a wallet!”) but the red ribbon and the suspicious credit-card-shaped bulge on the back of the case pretty much says “There’s stuff in here!” Nonetheless, the materials and workmanship are top-notch, and the feel is nice in your hand. Some cases with plastic frames have rough edges or hard textures, but this one feels fine, whether you’re holding it up to talk, or just holding it while walking or accessing data on the phone. Although three cards and maybe a few bills is not enough to replace that George Kastanza bulge in your back pocket, it’ll be fine to drive to the store or to dash out for a quick lunch without having to remember the whole thing.

Source: The sample for this review was provided by Distil Union. Please visit for more info and Amazon to order.


Product Information

Price:$49.99 MSRP
Manufacturer:Distil Union
  • iPhone 6/6s or iPhone 6 Plus/6s Plus
  • Well made from quality materials
  • Molded case has no rough edges - feels good in hand
  • Holds ID/credit card easily
  • None

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  2. With these type of wallets you just need to be careful not to cram too many cards in, as once they are stretched there is no going back!

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