WolffePack Metro backpack review

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As a collector of all things gadget, I often find myself in need of a great backpack to help organize my devices while on the go. Recently, I was given the opportunity to review an extremely unique backpack, the WolffePack Metro. What sets the Metro apart from other backpacks is its ability to temporarily detach from the shoulder harnesses, and be swung around so you can access its compartments. I was eager to find out whether this was just a useless gimmick or a useful feature.


The Metro is constructed from high performance, water resistant materials including Kevlar and carbon fiber. Running your hand across the backpack, the material feels durable, but not rough or irritating. The zippers are thick and metallic, which will provide better security if you find the need to secure the compartments with a lock. It also has a handle with thick padding at the top for convenience.

The Metro measures 18.11″ x 12.2″ x 5.9″ and weighs approximately 3 lbs. It is only available in black with red accents.

The Metro is clearly designed with organization in mind. It features a large main compartment, a smaller secondary compartment, a lower pouch, and a side water bottle pocket.

Both the main and secondary compartments contain a zippered pouch and several various sized sleeves to keep you organized.

Each of the compartments has enough room to store and organize several different gadgets. I was able to store my Chromebook, tablet, DSLR camera, several power cords, portable power banks, and pair of jeans for a recent trip to New York City. Even then, there was still room if I wanted to store my passport, my wallet, keys, etc.


The shoulder straps and back of the Metro both have thick padding attached. The padding on the back of the Metro will prevent objects like a computer from digging into your back; while the padding in the shoulder straps keep the Metro from digging into your shoulders when it’s weighed down with gadgets.

What really sets the Metro apart from other backpacks is its expetoSystem. The expetoSystem allows you to remove the backpack from the shoulder straps and swing it around for easy access to the compartments.

Using the expetoSystem is extremely easy. First, you pull down on the handle to remove it from its magnetic clip. Next, you release the lock by pressing the red button on the handle. Once unlocked, you pull down on the handle until you hear a click. Now you can lower the bag by slowly raising the handle until it stops. The Metro can now be swung around to access its compartments. Once you are done, you pull down on the handle to raise the Metro back into place. Once the bag is raised, the magnetic handle will snap back into its clip.

WolffePack states the cords that raise and lower the backpack can hold 300 kg (661 lbs). I think it’s pretty safe to say no one is going to be able to load that much weight into the Metro.

The system is extremely easy to use once you get used it. Several times while in New York, I was able to lower the Metro and access it while on the move. I even managed to impress a few people; I overheard one couple saying how cool it was that it swung around, and a security guard at the World Trade Center said how much she liked it.

Like I said, it did take some getting used to. The first few times I tried to raise the backpack back into place, it got caught on the harness; however, once I got used to using it, I didn’t have any issues.

The Metro also has some useful security features. The backpack has a removable chest strap to keep it secure on your body. The chest strap can be raised or lowered by attaching it to any of the loops on the shoulder straps. It also has two straps which can attach to the shoulder straps, locking the backpack onto the front of your chest; although, you can also use the straps to lock the Metro into place and prevent it from being lowered.

I found the Metro very comfortable to wear. When I first saw the Metro, I was worried the handle would get in the way; however, after an entire day walking through New York, I can say it never once got in the way. In fact, the Metro was so comfortable, I practically forgot I was wearing it.

By the time I left New York, I was quite fond of the Metro; it was unbelievably convenient. Every time my wife and I purchased something, I could just lower the bag and toss the item in. Whenever we used public transportation, I could just lower the bag and rest it on my lap instead of constantly taking it on and off.

The Metro also adds some theft protection to your belongings. If you have to remove your backpack and place it on the floor or on your lap, someone can easily grab your bag and run off with it. However, if you are using the Metro, its high strength cords are going to keep any criminal from getting far with your belongings if they do try to grab it.

Admittedly, the Metro is pretty expensive at 99.95 British Pounds ($153.13 based on today’s rates), but I think it’s worth it. If you are in the market for a backpack and you can afford it, the Metro is a must buy.

Source: The sample for this review was provided by WolffePack. Please visit their site for more information.


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Price:£99.95 ($153.13)
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  • Backpack detaches for easy access to compartments
  • Comfortable
  • Several compartments and sleeves for organization
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  2. Do-it-yourself Woffepack? Fascinated by the concept, but put off by the contraption and weight, I realized that a lot of the utility came from hands free access in front of your body. I’ve attached a loop of paracord to the handle of my day pack about the length of the pack which can easily be slipped over my head after I’ve un-shouldered the pack. This provides hands free access. The loop can just hang down out of sight next to your back for instant access or threaded through a water bladder access hole if available to be out of sight. I usually carry a pack slung over one shoulder so this home brew solution is fast for me.

  3. I purchased this backpack for a long trip to Italy and was amazingly disappointed as it looked like a great idea. Unfortunately, this product is overly complicated for the value received. I also had a bad experience in Frankfurt, Germany when going through security. I was stopped for a half hour because the officer was concerned I had a bomb in the release mechanism. Really not a good product and the company doesn’t’t stand behind the product. Don’t waste your money and don’t buy!

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