You won’t worry about your child wrecking this car because they are playing with the iPad

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CTA Digital has Dora the Explorer and SpongeBob SquarePants inflatable cars designed for children.  (Although it’s for kids, it’s sturdy enough to support up to 230 pounds.)  The iPad fits into a cradle in the steering wheel, so your child can enjoy hours of pretend racing while playing iPad motion-controlled apps and games.   The car inflates to 45″ X 28″, and it comes with a foot pump to make inflating it easier.  The steering wheel cradle holds the iPad 2 or the New iPad, so it’s perfect for the iPad your child has inherited when you updated.  Both the Dora the Explorer and the SpongeBob SquarePants Inflatable Sports Car for iPad by CTA Digital are at Bed Bath & Beyond for $49.95 each.

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3 thoughts on “You won’t worry about your child wrecking this car because they are playing with the iPad”

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  2. ” (Although it’s for kids, it’s sturdy enough to support up to 230 pounds.)”

    This is why we have kids that are 230 lbs. I’m sorry but I’ll stick with my kid peddling around the yard in a real (toy) car, powered not by wifi, but with imagination. Tablets, video games and electric toys have their place, but I believe in extreme moderation.

    1. I think with the Dora and SpongeBob designs, they are aiming these cars at younger kids. I think the high weight limit was in case Dad might want to play, too. And there is nothing wrong with kids playing with tablets, so long as they have plenty of other activities, too. It’s no different, activity-wise, than reading a book. That’s what my child is doing right now. She’s reading her new books on her iPad as she recovers from having her wisdom teeth removed yesterday.

      1. That would be the moderation part. I unfortunately see way too many parents using a tablet as a replacement for parenting and interaction with their kids. Or as a alternative to having to discipline them. Why bother teaching them proper behavior in a restaurant when you can just toss a tablet at them. I may also be partially jaded in this regards too. Being a same sex couple (married) our decision to have children was a long and rough one. We really wanted kids and had to work very hard to have one. I spend every moment I can interacting with our son, teaching him and playing, getting on the floor, running around the yard, making a mess on the counter. This also falls to the un-fun and difficult punishment and discipline too. It hurts and sometimes angers me to see parents that don’t want to spend or invest in their child. All too often I see tablets, games and phones used as a replacement for interacting and spending time with your child. Maybe I’m more sensitive to this because of the desire and fight we had to endure, and seeing others who had a much easier time having children take it for granted.

        Reading is a good use for a tablet I think, however in reality most children are playing 7 straight hours of angry birds instead. 😀 Hope you child feels better soon.

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