You can charge up to 60 USB gadgets with this mega charging station


I have a few devices that have to be charged with a USB cable. There’s my Fitbit Charge HR, my LG G3 and my Samsung Galaxy S Tab 2 10.5. That makes three devices that I charge on a regular basis. That’s nowhere in the same league as the people who can fill up the 60-Port Super USB Charge Station from Allputer. This charger is for the hard core USB gadget fanatic. It features what appears to be a metal  housing with 60 USB 2.0 ports that have 5V 0.5A ~ 2.0A (Total Output: 60A shared by all the ports). The case has a built-in fan with built-in fused protection circuit and a power switch. The Super USB Charge Station is available in 110V or 220V with either US, UK or a EU style power cord and in 20, 40 or 60-port versions. Prices range from $61.65 for the 20-port version and go up to $129.65 for the 60-port version. Visit Allputer for more info.

9 thoughts on “You can charge up to 60 USB gadgets with this mega charging station”

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  2. Hmm – maybe I should look into the 20-port one, as I’ve already exceeded the 6-port one I got for my night stand (Fitbit Charge, Pebble, Spire, Kindle, BT headset, iPad, Scanadu Scout, and another item). But if it has a fan I probably don’t want it on the shelf behind my pillow!

  3. I think this is really made for IT departments that need to charge 20 iphones and 15 tablets from various employees.

    1. Ah, Sandee, you’ve never seen the Cloninger household’s collection of USB-chargeable devices. I’m thinking about getting three of these – one for each of us! *just kidding – I think…* 😉

  4. This is a bit overkill for the average home (Average Not Julie’s or Janets) but would be great for schools, or warehouses that use a ton of tablets or scanner units.

  5. Just back from the Alps

    I just say Alpine Huts and Camping grounds! You should see the connected hikers fight for a few minutes of charging on the handful of wallplugs. Seems to be more valued than some inches of mattress space 😉

  6. When I travel, I take one of those things that convert a single power outlet into three outlets.

    There is almost no one who doesn’t mind if I add my plug if they don’t have to give up their power.

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