Ikea’s line of Qi chargers are available now


Earlier in the year, we told you that Ikea had announced a line of Qi wireless chargers, some of which would be incorporated into their lamps and furniture.  Those chargers are available for purchase now.  They have some stand-alone chargers, like the single Nordmarke (above, left, $28) and the triple Nordmarke (lower left, $65).  They also have several lamps ($80-$120) and some nightstands ($60-110) with the Qi chargers built in.  If you already have a piece of furniture you want to convert to a wireless charger, they have the Jyssen (middle top, $30), which works with some of Ikea’s furniture and can be used with your own furniture, and the Morik (middle bottom, $30) for Ikea’s SELJE or NORDLI  nightstands.  If your phone doesn’t support wireless charging, Ikea also has several charging backs for iPhone (4, 5/5s, and 6) and Samsung Galaxy (S3, S4, and S5) for $15-$25.00.  See all of Ikea‘s Qi charging options here.

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