Havok Watch is classic rugged style, lightweight case and won’t break the bank

elliothavok-havokwatchI’m a fan of watches, and of the crowdfunding site Kickstarter. Over the past several years, there have been many great-looking watches on Kickstarter, from burly dive watches to complex smartwatches. Now Elliot Havok, who has run several successful Kickstarter campaigns including the Quarter Century Belt and three versions of the Dash Wallet, have launched their Havok Watch on Kickstarter. Its classically-style dial and thin, lightweight case give it a ruggedly elegant look, but its pricing may be the real head-turner. Available in Premium Midnight and Oxford Premium (pictured) for $79 each and Classic Black and Classic Brown for $69 each. The Kickstarter campaign, currently smashing through its stretch goals (including a new Rose Gold Minimalist design), ends March 7, 2015. Check out the Havok Watch Kickstarter page for additional details.


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