Tame the nest of cables under your desk

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Are you almost afraid to put your feet under your desk because it looks like a snake’s den of cables under there?  With the Plug Hub from Quirky, you’ll be able to tame that cable mess.  The Plug Hub is a 10.5″ L x 3.5″ W x 9.5″ H black plastic box with a tray at the bottom to hold a surge protector strip.  The top has three openings to thread your power cables through.  Open the front of the Plug Hub to find the cord anchors to wrap the excess cable length around, and then just plug it into the power strip.  You can put the Plug Hub on the floor under your desk, mount it to the wall to keep cables easily in reach, or even mount it to the bottom of your desk’s top.  The Plug Hub is only $9.99 at Quirky.

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