Keep your gear Ready 2Go with these organizer bags


These Ready 2Go organizer bags from Neatnix will keep your cables, chargers, flash drives, and other small gadgets organized and easy to find in your bigger gear bag.  Both bags are made of black nylon fabric and both have removable boards inside with organizer straps and more organizer pockets in the bottom of the bag.  The large bag is 5.5″ x 11.5″ x 2.5″; the removable board has six straps on each side to hold cables, chargers, and even mice.  The small bag is 5.5” x 7” x 2.5”, and its removable board has three straps on each side.  The small Ready 2Go bag is $11.00 and the large Ready 2Go is $16.50 at Neatnix.

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