Keep an eye on your kids in the backseat without looking over your shoulder

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We have reviewed quite a few surveillance cameras for your home like the DropCam, but this is the first camera I’ve seen that has been designed especially for use inside your car. No, the InfantTech Always in View Baby Monitor is not a dashcam which points outside your windshield to record your driving adventures, this camera is for viewing the interior of your car, specifically your kids in the back seat. Parents know that their little ones must be secured in the back seat of the car for safety reasons, but how can you keep an eye on your kids when you’re supposed to be keeping your eyes on the road? The InfantTech Always in View Baby Monitor is a stuffed animal with a video camera for a nose that wraps around the headrest of the seat so it points towards the child. A wireless 3.5″ LCD monitor goes up front on the dash with mom or dad so that they can easily see baby in the back without looking over their shoulder while driving. The monitor is available in three styles which include a puppy, giraffe, and a monkey. The built in camera even has night vision. Both the camera and the monitor have rechargeable batteries, so the whole setup is completely wireless. All three versions of the InfantTech Always in View Baby Monitor are available at Amazon for $130.99 up to 190.51.

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4 thoughts on “Keep an eye on your kids in the backseat without looking over your shoulder”

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  2. Might be impractical in real life no? Unless you strap the stuffed animal on the back of the driver’s seat facing the baby…otherwise if the kids are throwing the animal around it might look like Cloverfield on your screen haha

  3. For the obsessives among us!! Babies in back seats are usually either asleep or moving and making noise. It’s just as easy to sit up and look in your rear mirror ocassionally I think, at least that is what we did…without any accidents! Also it’s another product up on the dash to go with the GPS/Cellphone! Too much clutter.

  4. I am glad I don’t see the need for one. Life would be so much more complicated once you start down that road.

    Anyway, the most important view when you are driving is ahead, not behind you.

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