Ladies, these boots are made for walking – and for holding your gear

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The PURSE N’ BOOTS – EUROPEAN knee-high boots from Elizabeth Anne shoes are made of luxurious cowhide, and although they are made in a riding boot style, you can wear them for most any activity.  They are available in brown or black, in sizes from 5-12, and in slim, regular, and wide calf widths.  What sets them apart from every other boot on the market is that they have built-in pockets to carry your gear – a phone, a passport, credit or ID cards, makeup, house key, or cash.  The first run of these boots for winter 2014 have already sold out, but Elizabeth Anne is taking pre-orders for a new run that will ship in December 2014.  The boots are normally $399.99, but they are available for pre-sale for $309.99.  If you place your pre-order quickly, Elizabeth Anne will give you another $50 off the PURSE N’ BOOTS – EUROPEAN if you enter the discount code PNB069 when you place your order.  And if this particular style of boot doesn’t suit your fancy, Elizabeth Anne offers several other styles of the “purse for your feet” boots, including a cowboy style and a military style.  You can use the discount code for these boots, too.

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9 thoughts on “Ladies, these boots are made for walking – and for holding your gear”

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  2. Complete SCAM!!!!!! Plenty of people have ordered from this company and no one has received their order. The phone number provided just rings and rings with no answer. Email responses consist of apologies and excuses. I ordered in November 2014 with a delivery date of mid to late Decemebe because of (shipping issues, back orders, manufacturer problems…..). Cancelled my order in Feb 2015 and to this day I haven’t received a refund. DO NOT BUY FROM ELIZABETH ANNE shoe company. They should take down their website and stop taking people’s money.

  3. Filed a complaint thru my Visa card today regarding my purchase in early October (which is apparently not all that long). I requested a refund from Elizabeth Ann February 5th and after offers of money off it was agreed they would process a refund February 10th….yet to receive it 🙁 I really do sympathize with the company if it is out of their control conditions which lead to the delays in shipment however this does not excuse their poor customer service. Has anyone actually been able to talk to customer service (Gina) on the phone. I have received multiple excuses and form letter email returns which at least should make my claim thru visa easy to process. I would have loved to at least get to try these boots on, seemed like such a great product from a Canadian
    company it is really dissappointing.

  4. As the other reviewer said, this company is shambolic. There operating practice of taking payment before delivery, and apparently before they even have product, is borderline on acceptable practice. But it is their cusomter service which really rankles. They claim in their responses on the complaints page that they do everything to satisfy their customers and you can cancel anytime. Before they allow you to cancel though they send you a lengthy series of emails explaining why they don’t have the product, how the product will be coming soon, how you should give them another chance. It isn’t good customer service, it isn’t responsive. It is just an excuse to avoid refunding your money. Despite the fact my August order has now been cancelled for non-delivery for nearly two months, I still haven’t received a refund. My letter to the CEO has gone unanswered, they do not respond on social media. I am a long time supporter of new business and of women owned businesses but this company will not only not be receiving my custom ever again, they have put me off ordering new products entirely.

  5. Vicki Schauffler

    This company is so bad and dishonest, it’s almost impossible to describe. I ordered boots in July 2014 and my credit card was immediately charged. Excuse after excuse about the non-delivery until I asked for my refund on 2/15/15 was told I would receive it “promptly”…it’s now May 3…no refund, I’ve been blocked from commenting on their incessant ads on FB and I receive no reply on any other media. DO NOT BUY…it’s a nightmare!!!

  6. Kimberly Babiy

    I too have been scammed by what I thought was a promising Canadian company with what seemed to be a great product. After 2 months of waiting for my boots to be delivered, I emailed only to be told the order could not be fulfilled. I requested a refund and was subjected to the same incentive pitches as other unsatisfied customers – $50 off a different pair, lengthy emails regarding the health of their CEO (if she even really exists), lengthy emails regarding trouble with suppliers etc. I have not been able to speak with anyone in person despite numerous calls. I really do not ever expect to see my refund. A complete scam and they should be put out of business. DO NOT BUY FROM ELIZABETH ANNE!!!!!!!

  7. This company has scammed thousands of people. Do an internet search and read reviews. They have had my money for 10 months now. I have asked every two weeks for a refund and get the same excuses as everyone else. Sounds like we need a class action suit against them. They totally suck!

  8. Yes I too am a victim and what is very puzzling is the fact that they have gotten away with this and no legal action has taken place…
    No attorney out there to represent?

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