Office Star Space REVV 86 Series SpaceFlex manager’s chair review

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Choosing the perfect office chair can be as difficult as choosing the perfect pair of sneakers, jeans, mattress or car. Everyone has their own criteria of what feels good to them. That’s probably why I’ve had the same office chair for the last 20 or more years. Wow, I didn’t even realize I’ve had the same chair that long until now. I think I spent over $600 for the chair back then, which was a crazy amount of money to spend on a chair. Although it’s held up great and I have no real complaints about it, I was happy to accept an offer from to review one of their office chairs. They gave me a choice of several chairs and I chose the Office Star Space REVV 86 Series SpaceFlex manager’s chair because I liked the look of it. Let’s see if I liked the feel of it too.

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Package Contents

Dissembled chair parts
Bolts and washers with allen wrench


The chair comes disassembled, but includes everything you need to assemble it, including bolts, washers and an allen wrench. All the hardware is neatly packaged and marked so that there will be no questions as to what goes where.

The step by step assembly instructions were clear and easy to understand. The first step was to insert the 5 casters into the base.


The casters that come with this particular chair are designed to be used on carpet, so I asked Quill to send me another set of casters for hardwood floors. In the image above, the original caster is the one on the left and the caster for hardwood floors is the one on right.


They are both made of tough black plastic with a steel post that fits into the base of the chair. The only difference that I found was that the hardwood caster wheels are slick hard plastic edge to edge, while the original casters have a textured dome on the outside of each wheel that would possibly make contact with the floor and cause scuffs and scratches. This is something to be aware of when buying chairs. Quill sells the hardwood casters separately for $59.99 a set.

After inserting the casters into the base, I attached the arm rests to the bottom of the seat cushion, then attached the chair mechanism to the bottom and finally the back support to the mechanism. I was able to do all but the last step on my own. The last step requires you to set the assembled chair on the base. Since the base has wheels, it was tough to hold it in place while also trying to line up the seat over the pneumatic cylinder. I had Jeanne help with the final step. All in all, it probably took me about 30 minutes to assemble all the parts. It wasn’t difficult or challenging.


The assembled chair is very sturdy and attractive. I was sent the green version, but this same model comes in a variety of other colors including good old black.

Seat Size : 18 1/4″ – 22 1/2″ H x 19 1/4″ W x 19 1/2″ D
Back Size : 19″ H x 21″ W
Seat height: ~ 15.5 inches at lowest setting and 19 inches at tallest setting. I measured from floor to the bottom edge of the seat


The back support is made of thick plastic which you might think would feel really hard and uncomfortable, but it’s actually not bad at all. The slots help keep you cool and the plastic flexes slightly for comfort. When sitting with my rear fully to the back of the seat, the back support cushions my lumbar area and feels very comfortable.


The arm rests are also comfortable. They are made of a hard black molded foam material.


There’s a spring loaded button on the side that can be pressed to allow the arm rests to be raised or lowered.


The padded seat cushion is attached to a plastic base which adds a lot of stability. The comfort of the seat is good, but it isn’t as comfortable as other chairs I’ve used including my current office chair. I found it to be a little firmer than what I like. I also found the seat to be a little larger than what I’m used to. After an hour or so of sitting on the chair, the front edge bothered the backs of my thighs.


Despite the $300 + price tag, the REVV chair only has 2 adjustments. Using the levers on the bottom of the seat, you can adjust the seat height and the back support angle. One adjustment that is missing is the ability to adjust the seat angle. I think that would make it more comfortable for smaller people like myself.


I love the look of the chair and how smooth it swivels and glides across the floor. I do wish that the seat part was more comfortable though for extended sitting.

The Office Star Space REVV 86 Series SpaceFlex office chair is available from Quill starting at $300.99 – $346.99 depending on the color.

Updates 06/17/15

I started using this chair full time a few months ago. Although it’s not as comfortable as my previous office chair, it rolls smoothly across the floor and is a better height for use with my Ergo Desktop Kangaroo Pro standing desk when it’s in the lowered / seated position.

Source: The sample for this review was provided by Quill. Please visit their site for more info.


Product Information

Price:$300.99 - $346.99
Manufacturer:Office Star
  • Easy to assemble
  • Attractive
  • Sturdy
  • Seat is a little too firm for my comfort
  • Seat angle can not be adjusted

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  2. Adding $60 for hardwood casters is too much. Quill should offer the chair in both versions, or provide both sets in one package.

    Having said that, I’ve been using carpet-designed casters on a hardwood floor with no scratching. However, my floors are about 100 years old (no kidding) and pretty well scratched up already.

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