Control your child’s access to games and apps on their device from your device

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If your child has his or her own Android phone or tablet, you might want to set some limits on exactly when they can access the apps on the device.  Using the DinnerTime parental controls app, you can set times during which the child cannot use any app on the tablet.  There’s a Dinner Time period so that your meals won’t be interrupted by Junior continuing to play a game or message with a friend.  You can also set a Bed Time start and stop time, so you know your child won’t be up all night playing games instead of sleeping.  You can also set a Take a Break period of up to 24 hours, which might be more useful as a punishment than sending the kid to his room (where all the toys are) for a timeout period.  You pair one or two parents’ phones (either Android or iOS, but it must be a phone) with up to two children’s devices (either a phone or tablet, but child’s device must be Android), and either parent can control the kids’ devices.  During a break period, the child can’t use any feature of the tablet or phone, but can accept incoming calls on a phone.  I wouldn’t like my child’s phone to be blocked from making a call, because the reason my daughter has had a phone is so she can call me if she needs me.  I’d prefer the app block all incoming and outgoing calls to numbers not found on the list that the parent’s device sets up for the child – maybe that will be in a later release…  Both the Android and the iOS versions of the DinnerTime apps are free.  If you have more than two kids, you can purchase the $1.99 upgrade to DinnerTime Plus to control up to five kid’s devices.  DinnerTime Plus is available only for Android phones at the moment.

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  2. My friend needs this immediately, but her child’s device is iOS.

    DinnerTime people: If you’re reading this, please make it available as soon as possible.

  3. I wanted to use this app but it is not available on Windows. This is like phone racism. It should not be available only for android and iOS but for Windows too.

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