Put your phone front and center with this steering wheel mount

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If you like to use your phone’s GPS capabilities to help you navigate to your destinations, here’s a universal steering wheel mount from Allputer.com that looks easy to use. This mount uses a rubber strap that wraps around your steering wheel and offers a clip with jaws that open a max of 75mm, allowing it to work with a wide variety of phones from the iPhone to larger phones like the Samsung Galaxy S5.

I’m always a little leery of posting news and reviews for phone accessories that strap to your vehicle’s steering wheel. It seems like whenever I do, at least one or more people will throw up their hands and run around screaming that it’s a horrible location to strap something. But, I figure that if you’re old enough to drive a car, you’re old enough to make your own decisions. Just don’t blame me if your phone ends up smacking you in the head if you get into a collision.

The Universal Car Steering Wheel Mount / Holder is priced at a very reasonable $2.95. For more info about this product, visit Allputer.com.

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9 thoughts on “Put your phone front and center with this steering wheel mount”

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  2. I can’t think of a more dangerous location for a phone. The reasons go on forever: Airbags, impairing the ability to quickly steer in an emergency, that fact that it is likely illegal in almost every state, etc. What the hell were they thinking?!

  3. It’s not much different from having an extra spoke on steering wheel, so I don’t think it’s will get in the way of my steering. However, in my car, with the steering wheel top below the dashboard, I would have to look down to view the screen, so would mean more eye time away from the road which is not ideal.

    Sure, the speedometer forces me to look away from the road as well, but it would be a familiar glance as opposed to a phone app, which takes a lot more time to deal with.

  4. ACK, I prefer voice directions, this is a lawsuit waiting to happen. DAMN SWIPE caused me to crash

  5. Dumbest idea ever! Like everything, some will use this thing responsibly. But too many will watch videos and do other distracting things, causing a hazard to themselves and others. Dumb!

  6. And what happens if you have to make a very curvy turn?

    Will the GPS feature wind up in your lap?

  7. This reminds me of scene from a movie in which a beauty contestant sings in the talent competition. As she sings with the microphone in her hand, she makes a broad gesture in which she opens her arms wide while singing–with the mike in her outstretched hand. Of course her voice fades from audibility each time. Yet she does this repeatedly through her song. It makes about as much sense as this steering wheel mount. I can’t believe they kept developing it after the initial idea.

  8. Just watch…the government will get word of this, and quickly create a new law prohibiting the placement of anything on the steering wheel, other than a steering wheel cover.
    Granted, this thing is about the STUPIDEST thing I’ve seen lately.

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