Add some zombies to your workout routine

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If you are into fitness, you’ve no doubt heard of kettlebells, the cast iron cannonball sized weights with a single looped handle on top. This traditional Russian piece of exercise equipment has been around since the 1700’s and provides a wider range of motion than dumbbells. Standard kettlebells will get the job done, but kettlebells shaped like zombie heads have to be even better, right? Made of chip-resistant iron, Zombie Bells from Onnit are available in 18, 36, 54, and 72 pound versions. Each one has a different zombie head design and name: Brain Goblin, Staple Head, Ghostface Thrilla, and Mega Dead. By allowing both swinging and lifting exercises, Zombie Bells help build strength and endurance so you’ll be able to survive the coming zombie apocalypse. Prices start at $42.95 for the 18lb version and goes all the way up to $169.95 for the 72lb version. Zombies not your thing? Onnit also sells Primal Bells which are shaped like monkey and orangutan heads. 

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