Your Nokia phone can keep track of your treasures


With Nokia Treasure Tags, your Nokia phone will notify you before you leave behind your keys, wallet, or whatever you’ve tagged.  The Treasure Tags use Bluetooth 4.0 (with Proximity Profile (PXP), Object Push profile (OPP) 1.1, Find Me Profile (FMP)) to pair with your phone to notify you before you leave something behind.  It has a Bluetooth range of 130 feet.  If you do manage to lose something, the Treasure Tag app can show you where it was located when you lost contact with it.  You can pair up to four Treasure Tags with your phone, and each Treasure Tag can operate up to four months on a single, replaceable coin battery.  It measures 1.2″ X 1.2″ X 0.4″ and weighs just under half an ounces, so you’ll hardly notice its presence, unless it ever needs to notify you that you’re leaving it behind.  The Treasure Tags aren’t available yet, but you can read more about them at the above link.

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