Colonel Littleton No. 6 Pocket for Small Tablets and No. 20 Tablet Portfolio review

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It has got to be a challenge for accessory manufacturers to keep up with the ever-changing world of personal technology. Now, I am sure it is a very profitable game of cat & mouse, but 99% of the form-fitted cases become 100% obsolete as quickly as the smart devices they are protecting do. The folks at Colonel Littleton design their cases to not only withstand the test of time but the evolution of products as well. In this review, I will be looking at the Colonel’s No.6 Pocket for Small Tablets and No.20 Tablet Portfolio. Both are sized to transport and protect the multitude of small tablets on the market today and those inevitably to be introduced in the future.

No. 6 Pocket for Small Tablets


The No. 6 Pocket for Small Tablets is a vertical slipper case created from a single piece of Colonel Littleton’s soft, thick, breathable Roadster leather. The leather is finely finished and edge stitched for strength and the timeless look the Colonel is known for. The back of the Pocket is monogrammed with the Colonel Littleton logo, and the model name and number.


The No. 6 Pocket is held closed by a narrow strap of leather and ball stud closure. Along with edge stitching, the pocket is re-enforced with two nickel rivets adding strength and good looks to its design. The Pocket’s inside dimensions are 5 .5”W x 8”T x 0.5”D which will, according to the Col. Littleton website, accommodate the iPad Mini, Nook HD, Nexus 7 2, or Kindle Fire HD. My iPad mini slides in and out of the sleeve easily and does not rattle or slide around when the flap is closed.


As you can see, the leather folds up to meet the front to create the sides of the pocket. As with all their products, the fit and finish Colonel Littleton’s artisans put on the leather is second to none.


The base and top of the Pocket extend from the back, folding over to meet the edge flaps, creating the bottom and top closure.

The No. 6 Pocket is a wonderful design and an incredibly well-made accessory to protect your tablet. I have had more than a few “offers” to “take it off my hands” when I am done with this review. I think not.

No. 20 Tablet Portfolio


Like the No. 6 Pocket, the No. 20 Tablet Portfolio holds your small tablet during transport but not during use. The key differences between the two is that the No. 20 is multifunctional and made from slightly softer leather.


Not only does the No. 20 securely hold your smart-device, but as its name implies, has a small pad of Colonel Littleton’s memorandum paper.  The inside tablet pocket dimensions are 6”W x 9 1/8”T, which should be able to accommodate the iPad Mini, the Nook HD, Nexus 7 2, and Kindle Fire.


Like its larger sibling (No. 23 iPad Portfolio), the No. 20 contains a very well done, excellent quality, and replaceable memo pad.


The Colonel uses dry-milled, vegetable-tanned American steer hide that is tumbled in large wooden barrels to achieve the desired finish and softness for his leathers. This portfolio is made of the softest leather I have received from the Colonel’s workshop thus far. The portfolio body is made of their Carriage leather for softness and trimmed in their more durable Roadster leather.


The No. 20 Tablet Portfolio is held closed by a simple, yet effective leather strap that is stitched onto the main body of the leather case. Even though the No. 20 is made of the softer carriage leather, the stitching and edge finishing is very nice. Outside portfolio dimensions are 6 ½”W x 9 ½”T.


The No. 6 Pocket is smaller and more fitted than the No. 20 Portfolio. The later is thicker and heavier due to the notepad and extra layer of leather. It really boils down to the look and function you need/want. Both look and feel exceedingly nice, with exceptional material and build quality. Bottom line is that I love how the Colonel designs his creations to stand the test of time and evolution of technologies:

“In my way of thinking, hardshells are only for bugs,” says the Colonel. In a rubber-coated, plastic, synthetic, polycarbonate, silicone world, words like ‘homegrown’ and ‘handcrafted’ seem to resonate.”

Both of these handcrafted cases do just that – they resonate quality, longevity, and true pride in workmanship. Considering this and the fact that they will long outlast your iPad Mini 4 and Nexus 7 6 while looking just as gorgeous and timeless as they do now, I would recommend them to any and all looking for a case to protect their small tablets.


Product Information

Price:No. 6 ($126) / No. 20 ($132)
Manufacturer:Colonel Littleton
  • - Small Tablet (iPad Mini, Nook HD, Nexus 7, & Kindle Fire)
  • - Incredible craftsmanship
  • - Universal design
  • - Soft, thick leather
  • - Well edged and finished
  • - Nice feel to carry
  • - Comfortable to carry
  • - Great warranty
  • - Does not protect device while in use

4 thoughts on “Colonel Littleton No. 6 Pocket for Small Tablets and No. 20 Tablet Portfolio review”

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  2. I sure would like to see a shot of the inside of the No. 6. I’d especially like to see the inside near the rivets. Is there any risk of screen scratching from the rivets?

  3. @Chris

    That is a very good question and topic I should have mentioned in my review. I will add a pic soon. The rivets are covered by small patches of what I believe is moleskin. There is little to no chance of them impacting your device.


  4. Tablets and phones are seldom if ever in transport. Most of the damage comes when the user takes it out for use and oops there it goes. These products does provide that protection, in fact it actually increases the possibility of you dropping something.

    Consider this. While standing, remove the tablet from the Col Littleton case. You have the case in one hand and the tablet the other. The case goes under the armpit and you fumble with the tablet.

    This thing needs a loop. Oh wait the weight of the case dropping free is going to jerk your hands and there goes …. … .. ..

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