Disney introduces a second-screen app to complement the return of The Little Mermaid to theaters

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Firmly in the “what in heck were they thinking camp”, Disney has released a second-screen app that complements The Little Mermaid.  You may be wondering what’s so bad about that, after all, lots of TV shows have second-screen apps to increase your involvement with their shows.  Well, this Second Screen Live: The Little Mermaid app isn’t for home use.  You bring your iPad to select theaters and use it to “compete with the audience as you play games, sing-along, and collect hidden treasure” as you watch the movie.  I would think it is a fine idea for home use, but I can’t imagine how horrible it would be for the kids without an iPad in that theater, or for their parents who have to try to explain why they can’t play along, too.  My daughter understands that we have more than some people and less than others, and all kids need to understand that life isn’t always (ever?) fair.  I’m just not sure that sitting in a theater, unable to enjoy the movie like the kid sitting beside you with an iPad, is the place for a hard life lesson.

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  2. Maybe it’s the childless crank in me talking, but I’m more in the “what are they thinking by encouraging incredibly obnoxious, bright electronic devices let alone the sound-driven app to be allowed in a movie theater” camp. I wonder how the Alamo Drafthouse is going to handle this little announcement. ..

  3. We already know kids have a vanishing attention span, this will go a long way to help them learn to concentrate … not so much.

  4. Yet another reason I’ll be avoiding movie theaters in the future. I’m sure they will tack on an extra $3-$4 for the experience as well. Movies here are already pushing $18+ a ticket for 3D.

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