This cup is full of music


There’s no question of whether the cup is half full or half empty.  The speeCup is full of music and full of features.  It looks like a travel mug and fits perfectly in your car’s cup holder, but it is a 8″-tall, portable Bluetooth speaker / speaker phone that can be used in the car or at home.  It has plenty of power options; it’s rechargeable Li-ion battery can be recharged from your car’s DC outlet, from a USB AC charger, or from a USB port on your computer.  It has an audio-out jack so you can use the speeCup to wirelessly stream audio to your car’s speakers or your home sound system.  It also has a noise-reducing microphone for hands-free calling.   Use voice commands with Siri or S Voice, or you can use gestures to control music playback or phone calls.  The speeCup comes in black, white, or red for $129.95.

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