Handy pick Holder – Daycraft’s custom day planner system


Daycraft is a Hong Kong based stationary shop which offers a unique selection of notebooks, diaries, sketchbooks and accessories. We have featured them in the past and are happy to let you know about one of their latest products. Daycraft has partnered with DAIGO to create the  Handy pick Holder is a day planner / organizer system which gives you complete control over the components. First you choose a cover which is available in 2 sizes and 9 colors.  The covers are made of Fine Italian PU, They feel like soft leather, but are actually made of Polyurethane. Then you can add different components like weekly and monthly planners, notebooks with lines and grids, sketchbooks, rulers and card holders. The Handy pick Holder system is kind of like an upscale Midori Traveler’s Notebook. The covers range in price from HK$189 – HK$219 ($24.37 – $28.25 US) and the components are priced from HK$46 – HK$69 ($5.93 – $8.90 US). Although based in Hong Kong, all prices include free worldwide shipping.

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