Turn your iPhone 5 into a rugged sports camera with the Optrix XD5 case

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You always have your iPhone 5 with you to take photos under normal conditions, so why should you invest in another camera to take action photos?  With the protective XD5 for iPhone 5 case from Optrix, you’ll get a rugged, waterproof case to protect your iPhone in extreme conditions.  Optrix says they use the same “monocoque” design approach used in Formula 1 car design.  The XD5 promises no damage with occur to your iPhone 5 when dropped from up to 15 feet.  It’s also waterproof at depths up to 15 feet.  You can still charge your iPhone, use the headphone jack or take a call while it’s wearing the XD5, because Optrix designed a doors into the case – of course, it’s not waterproof while the doors are open.  The XD5 includes a 3-element, all-glass wide-angle lens that Optrix says “Tadds context to your action by framing in a little bit of helmet, the handlebars of the bike, or the interior of a car.”  Finally, no action camera worth its salt comes without a mounting system, and the XD5 is no exception.  The rail mounting system allows you to attach your iPhone 5 to just about anything.  Simply pop the case out of the mounting system and use the phone in its rugged case for full-time protection.  The Optrix XD5 is $129.95.

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