Your iPhone is about to get even more “Tidy”


Last year I reported on a project running through Kickstarter called TidyTilt–an earbud cord wrap, mountable frame, and kickstand for the iPhone 4.  It was successfully funded and then some, leading the creators to launch a second Kickstarter for their latest projects: TidyTilt+ and Just Mount.

TidyTilt+ is a streamlined and enhanced version of the original TidyTilt, but created specifically for the iPhone5.  It’s now a full protective case (rather than a frame) with a magnetized panel available in nonslip fabric or leather in a variety of colors.  The case provides easy access to all the ports, buttons, and the camera, while offering top notch protection and organization.

Just Mount is a mountable magnetized cube intended to be used in conjunction with TidyTilt.  It includes both adhesives as well as screws for mounting on just about any flat surface.  The mount can hold an iPhone in either orientation, as well as keys, pens, charging cables, kitchen knives, etc.  With the two products together, the iPhone can be placed just about anywhere for hands-free talking or storage.

This project has already met and exceeded its goal, with still over two weeks left on the campaign.  If you want to become a backer and get these products before they’re available to the public (and at a reduced cost), $19 will get you a JustMount magnetic mounting cube, $29/$39 will snag you a TidyTilt+ with fabric or leather case respectively, $45/$55 backers will get both the TidyTilt+ and the JustMount cube, and for the power backers $300 can get a customized TidyTilt+ case and JustMount cube with your name and/or logo printed on the front.

Head on  over to either Kickstarter or TT Design Labs to learn more and preorder.

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