Check the time on your device charger. No, charge your device with your clock. Two great tastes that taste great together!

oregon-scientific-time-and-charging-stationsIf your night table is cluttered with your alarm clock and some device as it charges, the Time & Wireless Charging Stations from Oregon Scientific could clear things up for you.  The standard model (right) also displays the indoor temperature and outdoor temp from one outdoor sensor (included).  It’s also equipped with a non-magnetic charging pad that uses “Qi Inductive wireless charging for Qi-enabled devices or devices with Qi-enabled charging accessories”.  The charging pad can provide up to 5W, and it has “high load protection and high temperature detection” features.  The Time & Wireless Charging Station+ (left) has a 5-channel outdoor weather display (one outdoor sensor is included), has a weather forecast image, and projects the time onto your ceiling.  Both models have radio-controlled clocks and alarms and a snooze bar.  They don’t come with a charging accessory.  I don’t see them for sale in the US yet, but the Oregon Scientific site in Hong Kong has the standard model for about $170.  Hopefully they’ll soon be available here.

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