TaskOne case turns your iPhone into a Swiss Army knife

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When I first saw the TaskOne iPhone case, I was sure it was a joke. It looked exactly like something we’d see as a news posting on April Fools Day. It also reminded me of the the Swiss Army Handspring Visor module we wrote / joked about back in 1999. But guess what? The TaskOne is not a joke at all. It’s an Indiegogo project currently seeking $45,000 funding. The TaskOne is a case for your Phone 4, 4s or 5 that houses a 2.5” serrated knife, saw, screwdrivers, pliers and ten other tools. If you’ve dreamed of turning your iPhone into a multi-tool, you can pledge $75 to reserve your own TaskOne case. So what do you think? Goofy or useful?

13 thoughts on “TaskOne case turns your iPhone into a Swiss Army knife”

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  2. It may or may not be for you. The question you want to ask yourself before making this impulse purchase is this:

    If you need an anchor for your boat, and an iPhone, and there is a case that combine the two, would you buy it?

  3. Sorry, not for me. I don’t see myself trying to saw a tree limb with my iPhone case, ever. Interesting idea, but not something I’d spend my money on or feel like I had a need to have.

  4. Absolutely not going to sell. It’s ridiculous. Prior posts have said it better but I’ll pile on anyway. Think of all those close calls with a regular pen knife and picture them now in a form factor as unwieldy as this ding-dong device.

  5. Surely a ‘wish I have one’ when during plane crash in the middle of Amazon.

    Otherwise…. keep the bottle opener, lose the rest, lower the price to $40, sell it to some fraternity students. U’ll be the talk of the town

  6. Hi Gadgeteer fans, thanks for the feedback. I am one of the developers of this case and thought I would answer a few of your most common questions: First about weight. The iPhone 5 TaskOne case weights in at 96g. Not featherlight, but compare that to an Otterbox Defender case which is 114g – so not quite the boat-anchor you might think! The knife is removable in a few seconds with no tools, and we provide replacements for the cost of shipping if you loose the knife at an airport. Hope that helps dispell a few myths, but thanks for the feedback! See the Indiegogo site for more information and specs if you are interested.

  7. @Addison – the “boat anchor” comments had nothing to do with the weight of the case at all. It had more to do with combining things into a phone case that should not be mixed with electronics. The analogy was a boat anchor, which combined with a phone case would be useless as you wouldn’t throw your iPhone into the ocean to anchor a boat. It was not related to the weight of the case in any way.

    I would not use a knife near my iPhone, nor a saw or bottle opener or anything like that. Those things, IMHO, do not mix well with portable electronics and again, IMO, should be kept as far away from my iPhone as possible. Therefore, putting those things into a phone case does not appeal to me in any way, shape or form. It would not be useful to me, nor would I feel comfortable having sharp metal near my phone.

    I have no doubt that other people feel differently, and will feel that this case offers them a benefit. For me, if I use a case with extra features, I would like those features to have something to actually benefit my device, like additional battery power, camera features or something similar.

    That being said, again I’m sure that there are people out there who will think this is the best thing since Wonder Bread, and will jump at the chance to have one, and I wish you the very best in your endeavor and hope you have great success.

  8. Hi Deni,
    Thanks for the response, I very much appreciate all of the feedback from you and the greater community. It is the only way I can make my product better!


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